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White Out

April 26, 2019

White Out is the fifth episode of Season Two and eighteenth episode overall of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It was released on Netflix with the rest of the second season on April 26, 2019.


Sea Hawk takes the Squad to the Northern Reach of Etheria to scout out strange readings. Catra and her crew are already there with Entrapta and her drill bots. It turns out that the First Ones' Data Crystal Entrapta can't let go of causes some damage.


The episode starts with Entrapta and Catra doing research, way up in the Northern Reach of Etheria. Entrapta had her drill bots dig for a large piece of First Ones' tech that Catra assumed was a weapon. At the same time Captain Sea Hawk sailed Glimmer, Bow and Adora to the Northern Reach aboard the Dragon's Daughter V.

While Scorpia tried to emotionally bond with Catra she accidentally unboxed the First Ones' Data Disk that that Entrapta brought with them, it initially cut off the computers access to the drill bots. Entrapta objected to Catra handling the disk, explaining that it took away She-Ra's powers; but this only reinforced Catra's desire to use the disk. Scorpia's removal of the disk from it's protective box seems to have allowed the disk to instantly disrupt the communication between their computers and all of the Drill bots. And when they went to check on the bots, Adora and the team engaged the villains in combat.

After She-Ra subdued Catra, the latter infected the Sword of Protection with the data disk. This in turn infected She-Ra, causing her to go berserk and attack everyone in attempts to kill, friend and foe. She-Ra separated herself from her friends by causing an avalanche then Scorpia incapacitated She-Ra, who transformed back to Adora when she dropped her sword. It was then that some Snow Monsters indigenous to the area became infected by the data disk (which means that the Snow Monsters are First Ones' tech).

The heroes made their way back to the drill site, dodging the infected Snow Monsters. Sea Hawk took cover inside where Scorpia was trying to keep Adora safe, who's mind was muddled by the infected sword. There Sea Hawk and Scorpia commiserated about how their friends seem to take advantage of them.

The first moment together of Catra and Scorpia.

In another part of the fortress, Catra, Glimmer and Bow fought each other and the infected monsters. Scorpia and Sea Hawk, with Adora in tow, joined in the attack on the Snow Monsters. The monsters seemed attracted to the disk and focused on Catra, who had the disk. During their attack Catra dropped the disk and Scorpia broke it after Glimmer and Sea Hawk encouraged her to.

With the disk broken, the snow creatures retreated and Adora returned to her normal self. Scorpia, Catra and Entrapta also retreated to their ship where Entrapta revealed the First Ones' tech she had discovered some time earlier. All parties returned to their respective fortresses.


Artifacts and Tech



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  • This is the second time Adora is infected with a virus. The first time was in "System Failure", with the same virus as this but it was accidental; the third time was in "Heart Part 1", but this virus had the capability of killing Adora. It is removed when Catra kisses her in "Heart Part 2".
  • This is the first of three times in the series that we see Catra wearing something that covers her feet. The second time is in Season Five, in episode "Shot in the Dark" when she’s wearing a spacesuit, and the third time is in Season Five, in episode "Heart Part 2" during Adora’s vision of her future perfect life.
  • Catra assumed she could make the infected Adora turn into a "berserk She-Ra" at will by having her hold the Sword, and Scorpia tackled the latter when she was about to pick it up. However, in "System Failure", Adora held the infected sword and nothing happened.
  • Catra was more scared of fighting infected Adora than ever seen before as normal Adora.
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