• I live in a place down the street, maybe.
  • I was born on February 12
  • My occupation is Entrepreneur | Blogger
  • I am Female

She-Ra Netflix Parties are a thing! - check out my infographics at the bottom of the page to learn how to join - they’re a lot of fun :)

Be back soon!

My Favorite Episodes

My Favorite Wiki Pages!

I'm just going to leave this right here. You're Welcome.

Chipped Catra Normal Eyes


Amazing Catra Animatic - Watch and Give a Like!

I'll Be Good - She-Ra Animatic

I'll Be Good - She-Ra Animatic

Just a Dumb Comic That I Made

This Makes Me Happy

My Favorite adorable Idiot

Possibly My Soulmate

Seriously Underrated

Adora and Catra

Fun Facts About Me

  • I’m an Aquarius, like Entrapta
  • I have the same birthday as Abraham Lincoln
  • I studied biology and wanted to be a doctor, but started my own digital agency / studio instead
  • I love helping people, and I mentor soldiers and abuse victims with PTSD
  • I’m Questioning - like, really REALLY questioning...
  • I think that happy Catra and Catradora is life

Netflix Watch Party Instructions

If you're interested in joining us each Wednesday and Saturday at 6:00pm EST for a She-Ra Netflix party, I made some easy to follow info graphics! See you there!
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