[Theme Plays]

Bow: Glimmer?

Glimmer: Yeah, I see her, Bow.

Bow: Okay. I wanted to make sure it wasn't just me.

Adora: [Screams] [Panting] Huh?

[Both Grunting]

Glimmer: Stay where you are!

Adora: What did you do to me?

Glimmer: What do you mean what did 'I' do to you?

Adora: I didn't know being a princess was contagious!

Bow: Okay, okay, everyone, calm down! Wanna tell us how you did that?

Adora: I didn't do anything. All I did was pick up the sword, and then, woosh, I'm in a tiara!

Glimmer: I don't care how she did it. We just have to make sure she never does it again!


[All Shouting]


Bow: Do it again! Do it again!

Glimmer: [Sighs] Bow!

Bow: Do what you did before.

Adora: I don't know what I did before!

Glimmer: No time. We have to go.

[All Grunting and Shouting]

[All Groaning]

Adora: What is this place?

Bow: No idea, but in there's gotta be better than out here. [Grunting]

Glimmer: Everyone, grab on, I can get us in there!

Bow: Glimmer, no! You've never teleported three people before.

Glimmer: Do you have a better idea?

[Both Gasp]

Adora: What's written on this door? It looks like some kind of password.

Bow: You can read that?

Adora: You can't?

Bow: What's it say?

Adora: Uh, "Eternia."

Glimmer: Oh, come on!

  • Scene change

Bow: So, Horde soldier, have you always been able to read First Onnes writing?

Glimmer: Wanna tell us what exactly is going on here?

Adora: I told you I don't know I just read the word on the door.

Glimmer: Right... [Chuckles] You read a word in a language that no one's spoken for a thousand years, and the door just opened into a mysterious ancient ruin. Sure.

Adora: You think I did this on purpose? You think I wanted to be a princess? Princesses are monsters.

Glimmer: Monsters? You're the monster!

Bow: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Glimmer, she did save us.

Glimmer: I don't care! We can't just trust her, Bow. Or have you forgotten everything The Horde's done to us? The people we're lost. [Sobbing] We need to find another way out of here and get her back to Bright Moon as soon as possible. My mother will know what to do with her.

Bow: Hey, so, thanks for saving us from that bug thing back there when you could've escaped instead.

Adora: Okay, well I didn't save you. I just wanted to get the sword, okay?

Bow: Are you sure it's not because you secretly like us?

Adora: [Chuckles] Wh--? I don't like you. You're my captors.

Bow: Sure.

  • Scene change

Bow: Thanks for saving us anyway. I'm Bow, by the way.

Adora: Adora.

Bow: "Adora." Ah. Weird name for a Horde soldier.

Adora: Is it?

Glimmer: [Whispers] For the honor of Grayskull.

Bow: What are we doing?

Glimmer: Nothing! I mean, uhh.. Look at these carvings. I think this might be a First Ones ruin.

Adora: What's a First One?

Glimmer: You've never heard of the First Ones?

Bow: The First Ones are the original settlers of Etheria. They disappeared a thousand year ago, but they left behind a lot of old ruins and technology. Like this place.

Adora: So, what happened to them?

Bow: No one knows. They just disappeared. The Horde didn't tell you about them?

Adora: Seems like there's a lot The Horde didn't tell me.

Glimmer: Ugh. How do we get out of here?

Bow: [Sighs] It'll take forever to find a way out at this rate. [Gasps] Hey! Wanna turn on some lights, Adora?

Adora: I don't know how to do that.

Bow: Maybe there's a magic word. Ooh, what's the First Ones' word for "lights"?

Adora: I don't know. I'm not magic.

Glimmer: Obviously. Everyone, stand back.

Bow: Uh, Glimmer? Maybe you should take it easy. We're a long way from Bright Moon. It'll be awhile until you can recharge.

Glimmer: Bow!

Adora: You have to recharge your powers?

Glimmer: Can we not talk about this in front of The Horde soldier? Now, stand back. [Grunting] [Shouting]

Adora: Whoa. [Gasps]

Glimmer: [Groans]

Bow: Wow. Are you okay?

Glimmer: I'm fine, Bow.

Bow: Oh hey! That's you!

Adora: What? That doesn't look anything like me.

Bow: No, I mean, the other you. The scary one in the cape.

Adora: That was me?

Bow: You can read that inscription, right? What's it say?

Adora: It says... "She-Ra."

[All Shouting]

Light Hope: Greetings, administrator.

Adora: What is this thing?

Light Hope: What is your query?

Bow: I think it's some kind of ancient hologram.

Light Hope: What is your query?

Bow: Uh... Hi. What is this place? How do we get out of here?

Light Hope: What is your query?

Bow: Welp. She's broken.

Glimmer: She's old. I'm surprised any of this stuff still works at all.

Light Hope: Administrator not detected. Lockdown initiated.

Glimmer: I didn't do it!

Bow: No. No. No lockdown! No lockdown! Adora, you gotta get it to stop!

Adora: What makes you think I can?

Light Hope: Query not recognized.

Bow: There's gotta be a password or something!

Adora: Uh, stop it! Uh, Eternia! Eternia! Give me the sword!

Glimmer: What? No!

Adora: We need the scary lady in the cape. I don't know how, but she's the key to this place, so maybe she can get us out.

Glimmer: You're a Horde soldier. I'm not giving you the sword.


Adora: Eternia! Uh, cape! Uh... She-Ra!

Glimmer: Hold on!

Bow: Glimmer, no!

  • Scene change


Bow: Glimmer!


Bow: Glimmer? Glimmer!

Glimmer: [Groans] Did it work?

Bow: [Chuckles] Yeah, it worked. Barely. Are you alright?

Glimmer: I'm fine. [Groans] I think I used too much power getting us out of there.

Bow: I don't know who could've predicted that... Oh, right. Me.

Glimmer: Bow...

Bow: Like an hour ago.

Glimmer: Bow!

Bow: Sorry. I'm just glad you're okay. No more teleporting for awhile, okay. You could really hurt yourself.

Glimmer: I'm fine, okay? Let's just get back to Bright Moon so I can recharge already. Why are you still here?

Adora: What?

Glimmer: Bow and I are hardly a crack security team. You could've escaped at any time. Why didn't you?

Adora: I just-- I wanna figure out what's happening to me, and if I go back to the Fright Zone, then I'll never know. I never knew where I came from or who my family was. Shadow Weaver said it didn't matter who I was before, that-- that I was nothing before Hordak took me in. There's always been a part of me that I don't know anything about an-- and all of this, it feels familiar somehow. I don't know how else to explain it.

Bow: Glimmer's mom knows more about First Ones' tech than anyone. She'll know what's going on with you and the sword for sure. So, if you want your questions answered, stick with us?

Glimmer: Let's go. There should be a village a few mile from here. They'll be able to give us a ride back to Bight Moon. We've wasted too much time already.

  • Scene change

Shadow Weaver: For the last time, where is Adora?

Catra: For the last time, I don't know. You think I keep her on a leash?

Shadow Weaver: I know you're lying. You two are close. She would never depart without telling you.

Catra: Then I guess she let us both down, huh?

Shadow Weaver: Have it your way. I already know where she is. We've been tracking her.

Catra: Uh, then why did you ask me?

Shadow Weaver: Because you are going to bring her back.

Catra: I don't think so. [Grunting]

Shadow Weaver: Your insolence will not protect her. You will do as I ask.

Catra: Oh, yeah? Or what?

Shadow Weaver: Or you will suffer the consequences in her place.

  • Scene change