Adora: [Grunting] [Mimics Gunshots] [Grunting]. Hey, princess. You looking at me? [Shouts]

Woman over PA: All squadrons, report to training area immediately for evaluation.

  • Scene change

Adora: [Whispers] Psst. Anyone seen Catra?

Lonnie: [Mumbles]

Adora: [Scoffs] Not again.

Unknown Blue Horde Member: At attention, cadets. Your simulation is about to begin. Here's your scenario. You'll be passing through the treacherous Whispering Woods to reach the heart of the rebel insurgency, Bright Moon.

Kyle: [Whimpers]

Unknown Blue Horde Member: Your mission is to defeat the Queen of the Princesses and liberate Bright Moon in Lord Hordak's name. Where's Catra?

Adora: She will be here. I promise.

Unknown Blue Horde Member: Mm-hmm. The Whispering Woods is full of princesses.  Vicious, violent instigators.They will take you out if given the chance. Don't give it to them. Good luck, recruits.

  • Scene change

Adora: Watch out!

Kyle: Oh, no, no, no, no, no!


Adora: Come on, this way.

Catra: [Growls]

Kyle: [Sreams] Aw, dang it.

Adora: Seriously, Kyle?

Lonnie: Bra-vo.


Lonnie: Seriously, Kyle?

Adora: Run!

Lonnie: Adora!

[Alarm Beeping]

Adora: [Gasps] [Yells]

[Alarm Beeping]

Adora: [Yells]

Catra: Hey, Adora. How's it hanging?

Adora: Catra. Did you really show up late and let us do all the hard parts? That is low, even for you.

Catra: Aw. You know nothing's too low for me. [Laughing]. Now come on, you look stupid hanging down there.

Woman over PA: Training exercise successfully completed.

  • Scene change

Catra: [Laughing].  You should've seen your face. You were like, "Aah, no! Betrayal."

Adora: [Scoffs] Come on, Catra. We're senior cadets now. I can't believe you're still pulling such childish, immature-- Is that a mouse?!

Catra: What!? Where!?

Adora: [Laughing]. Are you ever going to not fall for that?

Catra: I don't know. Are you ever going to let it go? That was one time.

Adora: I know, but for some reason it's always funny. 

Shadow Weaver: Adora.

Adora: Shadow Weaver.

Shadow Weaver: You have done well. You've completed your training course in record time.

Adora: Uh, well, that wasn't just me. You know, Catra did, too.

Shadow Weaver: Ah, yes. How someone as unmotivated as you completed the course in that time, I'll never know.

Catra: Always serving up those pep talks, huh, Shadow Weaver?

Shadow Weaver: Silence. Do not be flippant with me, cadet.

Catra: Sorry Shadow Weaver.

Shadow Weaver: Adora, walk with me... Adora.

  • Scene change

Shadow Weaver: Lord Hordak has been watching you. He thinks you are a fine candidate for Force Captain.

Adora: Really? Force Captain? Lord Hordak said that about me?

Shadow Weaver: Oh yes. He sees great promise in you. In fact, he has elected you the honor of leading a squadron in the invasion of the rebel Fortress of Thaymor. 

Adora: Thaymor? You mean we're finally seeing active duty? 

Shadow Weaver: You are seeing active duty.

Adora: But I'll be able to bring my team along, right?

Shadow Weaver: Your team is not ready. They'll only slow you down.

Adora: Shadow Weaver, with respect, they've been training hard for this, too. And Catra, all she wants is to get out there and prove herself.

Shadow Weaver: Then she should have worked harder to prove herself to me. This is what I raised you for, Adora. Now is your chance to prove yourself. I saw talent in you the moment I found you as an orphan child and took you in. Is this not what you've wanted since you were old enough to want anything?

Adora: Yes.

Shadow Weaver: With you at the forefront, we will crush the Bright Moon Rebellion once and for all. Do not disappoint me.

  • Scene change

Angella: Send her in.

Glimmer: Your Majesty.

Angella: I'm told you disobeyed orders and led the Rebellion into a dangerous combat situation after you were ordered to retreat.

Glimmer: I was trying to protect a village from falling into The Horde's grasp.

Angella: You were reckless and put yourself and the other rebels in danger.

Glimmer: Fighting is supposed to be dangerous! How are we going to hold our own against The Horde if we keep retreating? Pretty soon, we won't have anything left to defend.

Angella: I'm growing tired of your back-talking, Commander Glimmer.

Glimmer: Why did you even make me a commander if you won't let me fight?

Angella: That's enough! You're grounded!

Glimmer: [Scoffs] Mom!

Angella: You heard me!

Glimmer: You never let me do anything!

Angella: We are not having this discussion tonight. You are embarrassing me in front of my royal court.

Glimmer: Oh, I'm embarrassing you?

Angella: Go to your room!

Glimmer: I'm going!

Angella: [Sighs]

  • Scene change

Adora: [Grunts]

Catra: What'd she say? Hey, what's this?

Adora: Hey! Give it back.

Catra: No way. You've been promoted?

Adora: Well, kind of. I mean, yeah, I guess. Heh. But it's not a big deal.

Catra: Are you kidding? That is awesome. We're gonna see the world and conquer it. Adora, I need to blow something up. [Purring]

Adora: Umm..

Catra: What?

Adora: Shadow Weaver says you're not coming.

Catra: What? My time was just as good as yours today. What is her problem with me?

Adora: I mean, you are kind of disrespectful.

Catra: Why should I respect her? She's just bitter that she doesn't have any real power that doesn't come from Hordak and everyone knows it. I guess it sure must be easy being a people pleaser like you.

Adora: I am not a pe-- Catra, wait. [Sighs]

  • Scene change

Adora: Look, I'm sorry. I didn't even think you wanted to be a Force Captain.

Catra: I don't. Here, take your stupid badge.

Adora: Come on, Catra. This is what I have been working for my entire life. I was hoping you could be, I don't know, happy for me.

Catra: Ugh, whatever. It's not like I even care. I just wanna get out of this dump at some point before I die of boredom. I wonder what's even outside the Fright Zone anyway.

Adora: Why don't we go find out?

  • Scene change

Catra: I take it all back. You're officially awesome. I can't believe you actually stole a skiff.

Adora: Borrowed. Please don't make me regret this.

Catra: I've always wanted to drive one of these things. Here, gimme.

Adora: Whoa, there. Save us enough fuel to get back.

Catra: That's a problem for future Adora and Catra.

Catra and Adora: I'm driving. I want it.

Catra: Can't have it! [Screams]

[Both shouting]

Catra: Let me.

Adora: Give me. I'm doing it.

Catra: Adora. I want it.

Adora: No, I've got it.


Adora: Catra!

  • Scene change

Catra: What is it?

Adora: I think this must be the Whispering Woods. They say there are strange, old monsters in there, an- and the trees move when you're not looking. Every Horde squadron they've sent in there has never come out again.

Catra: Let's go in.

Adora: Wait, what? [Yells]

Catra: Woo-hoo! [Shouting] [Laughs]

[Both screaming]

Adora: Catra, slow down! Catra, tree! Tree! [Grunts]

Catra: Adora!

Adora: [Yells] [Grunts]

  • Scene change


Adora: Catra? Huh? Whoa. Cool.

[Flashing light]

Adora: [Gasps]

Female voice: Balance must be restored. Etheria must seek a hero.

[Baby crying]

Female voice: Adora, Adora.

Catra: Hey, Adora? Adora!

Adora: Catra? What happened?

Catra: You fell out of the skiff after you drove it into a tree.

Adora: No, you drove it into a tree.

Catra: Ah, up for debate. Come on, let's go.

Adora: Wait. Where is it? Where'd it go?

Catra: What?

Adora: Ther- There was a sword. It was right here. I tried to touch it, but it got really bright.

Catra: Are you brain damaged? Don't be brain damaged. Oh, Shadow Weaver's gonna kill me.

Adora: I'm not brain damaged. It was here, I saw it.

Catra: Well, there's nothing here now. So, come on, let's go.

  • Scene change

Glimmer: "Dear Mom, I know you'll never read this, but I have to say it somewhere. I feel like you... don't respect me. [Shrieks] [Groans] Watch it! You almost hit me!

Bow: Hey, Glimmer.

Glimmer: Shh! Bow, what are you doing here?

Bow: What did you say? Come down here.

Glimmer: I can't, I'm grounded.

Bow: What?

Glimmer: I'm grounded.

Bow: ...What?

Glimmer: I'm... grounded.

Bow: [Shouts]

Glimmer: [Sighs] I'm so mad at my mom.

Bow: Is this about the siege on Elberon?

Glimmer: I was just trying to defend another one our villages from falling into The Horde's Clutches. She stationed me all the way out here because it's too remote to ever get attacked, but then it did, and it was my one chance to prove that I can do this. But she acts like I can't do anything because I'm just a princess. [Grumbles]

Bow: That doesn't make any sense. Everyone here is a princess. I'm, like, the only one who's not a princess.

Glimmer: [Groans] Tell that to my mom.

Bow: Hey, where does this go?

Glimmer: Bottom drawer.

Bow: Anyway, your mom might have a point. Only reason you got out of there is because of your teleportation powers, and, let's face it, they don't always work that well.

Glimmer: Looking for support here, Bow!

Bow: I'm just saying, if you wanna prove yourself, it's gonna take more than running recklessly into any old battle. Luckily, I've got just the thing. Check this out. I detected a piece of First Ones tech in the Whispering Woods. A pretty powerful one, too, by the size of these readings. If you find this one and bring it back, your mom is bound to be impressed.

Glimmer: Did you forget I'm grounded?

[Knocking on door]

Angella: Glimmer? Are you in there?

Glimmer: Uh...

Bow: Ah!

Angella: Glimmer?

Bow: Everything's fine, Mom.

Angella: Is someone else in there? I heard voices.

Glimmer: No one else is in here. Can you please just leave me alone?

Angella: I don't appreciate your tone right now, young lady.

Glimmer: What tone?

Angella: That attitude of yours is never gonna help you know.

Glimmer: Mom, you always tell me what to do-

Angella: You cannot act that way!

Glimmer: -And that's not fair!

[Door slams]

Glimmer: I'm in.

  • Scene change

Adora: [Grunts]

Female Voice: Adora. Adora. Adora!

Adora: [Gasps]

Catra: Hey, where are you going?

Adora: Back to the woods. There's something I need to figure out.

Catra: What? You're not--

[Robot Beeping]

Catra: What is wrong with you? You've been acting weird since we got back. Are you sure you're not brain damaged?

Adora: Look Catra, I know I saw something out there. It's ju- I just need to get another look. It feels important somehow.

Catra: Sounds good. Let's go.

Adora: No. I don't want you getting in trouble on my behalf. Just cover for me okay? I'll be back before anyone knows I'm gone.

Catra: Adora! Adora!

  • Scene change

Bow: Come on! Come on!

Glimmer: Uh! Please tell me we're not lost!

Bow: No, this thing is just acting up. Looks like it's being overloaded by the tech's signal. We must be getting close!

Glimmer: Uhh... I think it's that way.

Bow: What makes you say that? Oh, yeah. That'll do it.

Adora: What are you doing out here, Adora? Catra's right, this is crazy. There's no sword, you just got hit on the head a little too hard. You should just go back home and forget about all of this.

Glimmer: Bow, just let me lead the way, okay?

Bow: The light came from the edge of the forest.

Glimmer: Yes, you saw the light. It's this way.

Bow: The trackpad says otherwise.

Glimmer: It's this way--

Bow and Glimmer: [Gasps]

Adora: [Gasps]

Glimmer: Horde soldier!

Bow: I see her!

Bow and Glimmer: [Yelling]

Adora: [Gasps] [Grunting]

Glimmer: Bow, catch.

Adora: Give me the sword.


Adora: Get off. Stand down. I don't wanna hurt you.

Glimmer: Since when do Horde soldiers not want to hurt anyone?

[All Grunting and shouting]

Adora: What?

Female voice: Hello, Adora.

Adora: Who are you? What's going on?

Female voice: My name is Light Hope. I have been waiting a long time for you, but I could not reach you until you forged your connection with the sword.

Adora: You sent the sword?

Light Hope: The sword is meant for you. Etheria has need of you, Adora. Will you answer its call? Will you fight for the honor of Grayskull?

Adora: What are you talking about? What-- What is-- What's Grayskull? You're not making any sense! I don't understand!

Light Hope: You will.

Adora: Wait!


Adora: [Groaning]

Bow: Hey! She's awake.

Adora: What happened?

Glimmer: Quiet, Horde spy, I ask the questions. How did you make it this far into the Whispering Woods?

Adora: I just walked in. And I'm not a spy.

Glimmer: Sure, sure. You just so happened to find yourself in the Whispering Woods, like you just so happened to try and steal our sword.

Adora: It's not yours. I found it first.

Glimmer: The Whispering Woods is under the Rebellion's protection. You were lucky to make it as far as you did. Come on, Bow. Let's get this spy back to Bright Moon where she can be interrogated properly. This is perfect. Not only do we First Ones tech for the rebellion, we've also captured a Horde spy. My mom's gonna be so impressed. Now come on, on your feet.

  • Scene change

Bow: You positive we're going the right way, Glimmer?

Glimmer: I know what I'm doing, Bow. Can you please just trust me for once?

Bow: You know I always trust you, but I'm starting to get a little freaked out. I mean, I pretty much grew up in these woods and I've never even seen this part of them. I've heard stories about weird stuff out here.

Glimmer: It's fine, okay? Just let me figure this out.

Bow: Okay! Touchy. Sorry about her. Usually she's really nice. Not much for talking, huh?

Adora: I prefer not to swap pleasantries with my captors.

Bow: Fair. Suit yourself.

Adora: You know she's a princess, right? How can you follow her? Princesses are a dangerous threat to everyone on Etheria.

Bow: Is that what Hordak told you?

Adora: Well I thought it was just common knowledge. They're violet instigators who don't even know how to control their powers.

Glimmer: [Shouting]

Bow: You've never actually met a princess, have you?

Adora: [Huff] Well, maybe not in person, but...

Glimmer: [Whimpering]

Adora: What happened to this place.

Glimmer: Don't play dumb with me. I bet you were part of the raiding party that did this.

Adora: What are you talking about? The Horde didn't do this.

Glimmer: Oh yeah? You're a heartless destroyer, just like all the rest of your people.

Adora: I'm not a destroyer. Hordak says we're doing what's best for Etheria. We're trying to make things better. More orderly.

Glimmer: This is what's best for Etheria? Ever since The Horde got here, they've been poisoning our land, burning our cities, destroying everything in their path. And you're a part of it! How's that for orderly?

Adora: This doesn't make any sense. The Horde would never do something like this.

Bow: Did you really not know any of this? I mean, your army is called the Evil Horde.

Adora: Who calls us that?

Bow: ...Everybody!

Adora: The Horde rescued me when I was a baby and gave me a home. They're my family. You-- you don't know them like I do.

Bow: Maybe you don't know them like you think you do.

Glimmer: [Shouting] There's something out there. Something big.

Bow: How big?

[Ground Rumbling] [Grunts]

Bow: So, pretty big then.


Bow: Watch out!

[Grunting and Shouting]

Glimmer: [Yelling]


Glimmer: [Yelling]

Adora: Hey, bug brain! Come on, Magic Sword. Oh, where's a blinding flash of light when you need one? [Screams]

Light Hope: Adora. Adora. Adora.

[Baby Crying]

Light Hope: Will you fight for the honor of Grayskull?

[Echoing]: .. honor of Grayskull?

Adora: For the honor of Grayskull!

  • Credits Roll*