The Princess Alliance is a group of Princesses with magical powers in The Rebellion and are the titular protagonists of the series. The latest incarnation was founded by Adora, Queen Angella, and Glimmer.


At the beginning of the series, we learn the Princess alliance had a crushing defeat by the Horde many years ago. This caused the First Princess Alliance to disband. The only remaining members were Netossa, Spinnerella, Glimmer, and Angella. Adora joins after she defects from the Horde, becoming the alliance's lead warrior as the all-powerful She-Ra. During Season One, her main goal is to reform the Princess Alliance.

Throughout the first season, Adora manages to convince Perfuma, Mermista, and Entrapta to join the alliance after she helps them fight The Horde. In Entrapta's case, her loyalty is gained after Adora helps her defeat some of her rogue robots. Although she tries her best to gain Frosta's allegiance, her lack of respect and feuding with Catra during Frosta's Princess Prom reinforces Frosta's decision to reject the Alliance.

During a raid on the Fright Zone, Entrapta is left behind and thought to be dead, causing a separation between her and the Alliance. Although her loyalties are still not entirely clear, at the end of Season 1 she is fascinated by the Horde's tech and seems to hold more of an allegiance towards science, cementing her separation from the Princess Alliance. She returned to Bright Moon after her incarceration on Beast Island.

During the Battle of Bright Moon, Frosta changes her mind and decides to join the Princess Alliance.


Reformed members

  • She-Ra: She-Ra's Runestone is contained in the Sword of Protection. It has many powers that aren't known yet, but it allows her to transform into She-Ra, a woman with super strength and magical abilities. She can read First Ones' writing, interface with First Ones' technology, transform animals into magical beings, and heal others. While Adora used to be a member of the Horde, her psychic connection with her runestone and spending time with Glimmer and Bow put doubts into her mind. She defects after seeing that she's been lied to about the village of Thaymor, which she was told was a military outpost. Seeing the Horde's true, cruel nature, she joins Glimmer and Bow. After revealing herself as She-Ra to Queen Angella, the queen inducts her into the Princess Alliance. Adora does not have a kingdom of her own but instead is the honorary princess for the entire planet of Etheria.
  • Glimmer: Her runestone is the Moonstone, which she shared with her mother, Queen Angella. It gives her the ability to teleport, create light, and shoot magical beams. Glimmer has been a member of the alliance even when it was disbanded, as she is the daughter of Queen Angella, one of the few who remained loyal to the Alliance after their crushing defeat by the Horde. She was the princess of Bright Moon but now reigns as queen.
  • Perfuma: Perfuma's runestone is the Heart Blossom, which gives her the ability to control plants. While she is reluctant to fight back against the Horde, as Plumeria is peace-loving, Adora convinces her that they have to fight back. After Adora helps her defeat the Horde plaguing her kingdom, she agrees to join the alliance. She is the princess of Plumeria.
  • Mermista: Mermista's runestone is the Pearl, and it gives her control over water. Mermista is busy fortifying a wall to protect her kingdom from the Horde when She-Ra arrives. She is unimpressed by Sea Hawk and unwilling to join the alliance until she sees She-Ra's power for herself, and She-Ra helps her to defeat the Horde attacking her. And later helps lead a raid against the Horde. Mermista is the princess of Salineas.
  • Netossa: Netossa was one of the few princesses to stay with the Alliance after it was disbanded. Netossa's runestone and kingdom are not yet known, but she has the power to create and throw magical nets.
  • Spinnerella: Spinnerella was one of the few princesses to stay with the Alliance after it was disbanded. Spinnerella's runestone and kingdom are not yet known, but she has the power to control air.
  • Frosta: Frosta's runestone is the Fractal Flake. It gives her the ability to freeze things and control over ice and snow. Frosta encounters Adora first during the Princess Prom. Adora disrespects Frosta's young age and violates the pacifist nature of the Prom by antagonizing Catra, causing Frosta to doubt the Alliance. However, after the Horde attacks Bright Moon, Frosta decides to end her self-imposed isolation, and join forces with the other Princesses to help defend the kingdom. She is the princess of the Kingdom of Snows.
  • Entrapta: Entrapta is one of the few princesses to not have a runestone making her a rare non-elemental princess. While this means she has no superpowers like the other princesses, she is naturally a genius and very talented with technology. Entrapta is dealing with rogue AIs when She-Ra appears. She also has the power to control her hair. After She-Ra helps her, she is convinced to join the Alliance. She helps attack the Fright Zone, but gets trapped there. When Catra and Scorpia show her kindness, she defects to the Horde but later rejoins after being rescued from Beast Island. She is the princess of Dryl.
  • Scorpia: Scorpia's Runestone is the Black Garnet, which gives her power over electricity. She is the Princess of the Fright Zone that was taken over by the Horde before the start of the series. She was a Horde Force Captain but later defected to ask the Princess Alliance to help save Entapta. Glimmer helps her break into the Fright Zone so she can connect with her Runestone.


Original members

Princess not associated with the Princess Alliance

  • Peekablue
  • Star Siblings
  • Sweet Bee



The Princess Alliance was a princess group of Etheria, but later a battle and King Micah's presumed death, Queen Angella let the Princess Alliance break up and end.

Season 1

Powers and Abilities

Aura generation: When they work together, the Princess Alliance start to glow in their representative colors (Mermista: cyan, Perfuma: yellowish-green, She-Ra (often glowing): yellow/white, Glimmer: pink, Spinnerella: saturated lilac, Netossa: purple, Frosta: blue, Scorpia: purple). Entrapta does not aura glow as she is a non-elemental princess and is not connected to one of the runestones.


  • The Princess Alliance is a part of The Rebellion, which is a larger group and includes the non-princess heroes.
  • There are many princesses not introduced as of season 4, so many of them may join the Alliance.


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