The Pearl is one of the known Runestones in Etheria, owned by Salineas. It lends power to princess Mermista.


The Pearl is a small white pearl that is set in an arch over the Salinean throne. When The Pearl is lit, it glows in bright blue.

Powers and abilities


  • Pearl empowerment: The Pearl is able to provide power to whomever is connected to it, granting a variety of powers.
    • Hydrokinesis: The Pearl appears to primarily provide power over water. This allows the user to manipulate vast quantities of water.
    • Mermaid transformation: The Pearl grants the person connected to it the power to transform into a mermaid and back.



  • The Pearl appears to be the smallest Runestone.
  • In "The Sea Gate", Adora says that the Pearl provides power to the Salineas' Sea Gate, after reading First Ones' writing in Mermista's throne room.
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