The Library is a giant multi-floor residence, museum and library where Bow grew up with his parents and 12 siblings. Bow has a room there and a little corner where he played pretend historian as a little boy.

Bow was supposed to take over it, but left to work for the Rebellion instead. It's located in the Whispering Woods and has a large staircase, a piano, a grand collection of books, and a fire place.

Lance and George show the Best Friends Squad First Ones artefacts

It was where the Best Research Squad started.

The Library is full of First Ones' tech, including the Colonia Pitcher, a tablet dates back over two millenia, a runestone shard, and a vase with She-Ra riding a dragon on it. The oldest part of their collection is a shard from an ancient, defunct runestone. If it wasn't of historical value, that thing would be long gone.

George and Lance are sad to keep a reminder of the Princesses and their war here, however, they seem to be in better spirit after learning of Bow's fighting in the Rebellion. A bit of damage was done due to the accidental releasing of a First Ones creature, however, thanks to the library's curators, George and Lance, it appears to be remaining in well condition.

The library first appears in Reunion and makes its second appearance in Return to the Fright Zone.

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