The Heart-Blossom is one of the known Runestones in Etheria, owned by Plumeria. It lends power to princess Perfuma.


The Heart-Blossom is a large pink Runestone that is embedded in a massive tree. When the Heart-Blossom is lit, it glows in bright green.

Powers and abilities

Heart-Blossom from The Battle of Bright Moon 001


  • Heart-Blossom empowerment: The Heart-Blossom is able to provide power to whoever is connected to it, granting a variety of powers.
    • Chlorokinesis: The Heart-Blossom appears to primarily provide power over plant life. This allows the user to generate and manipulate plants and flowers. Perfuma primarily uses vines in combat.
      • Golem creation: The Heart-Blossom allows its user to create, a seemingly, partially sentient golem created out of plants. Perfuma has only been seen to do this once.


  • The term "Heart-Blossom" refers to both the actual Runestone and the tree it is housed in.
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