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The Frozen Forest
April 26, 2019

The Frozen Forest is the first and premiere episode of Season Two, being the fourteenth episode overall of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

This episode was first released together with Season Two on April 26, 2019.


The Horde's bots attack the Whispering Woods, but the Princesses can't capture one intact. Though Glimmer struggles with leadership, Catra has no such problems while they are fighting the bots who shoots strong EMP waves.


A month has passed since The Battle of Bright Moon. Now, there are Horde Robots swarming in the Whispering Woods as it healed from being frozen. Both the Princesses and Bow manage to destroy a bunch of Hord Robots. Then, Adora is doing her training as She-Ra within the The Crystal Castle under the guidance of Light Hope. So, She-Ra practiced transforming the Sword of Protection against a simulation of Catra. Light Hope warned She-Ra not to repeat the mistakes that Mara made.

Meanwhile, in The Fright Zone, the Horde soldiers trained in their battle simulator under Catra's supervision. We find that Entrapta had all of her stuff from Dryl sent to the Fright Zone. Catra, Scorpia and Entrapta watched live feeds of bots fighting and losing to the Princesses and Bow.

On the other hand, The Princess Alliance held a war council in the premises of Bright Moon. Where they find out that Thaymor is back under The Princess Alliance control. Bow proposed a change in tactics; he planned to capture a bot so that he could study if for weaknesses. Queen Angella sent them into the Whispering Woods where they encountered some enhanced bots that behaved differently that the normal bots.

Entrapta has introduced new Horde Technology made during this time: EKS, Emily's kid sister, and three other enhanced bots. The enhanced bots then went on a mission to get First Ones' Technology from The Beacon, which is where they fought Bow and the Princesses. Then, the Heroes destroyed three enhanced bots and captured one for study. The Princesses activated their collected powers by working cooperatively. This enhanced the healing of the Whispering Woods.

Later on, Catra went to a Horde cell and visited Shadow Weaver, who was locked there and they quarreled. Bow found First Ones' Technology inside the enhanced bot, proving that Entrapta was indeed alive and currently working together with the Horde.


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