The Fright Zone was the kingdom where the Evil Horde established its base and it is one of the main seven Kingdoms of Etheria.


It is located next to the Whispering Woods which acts as a barrier, preventing the Horde from invading Bright Moon. Since the Horde was defeated the status of the kingdom is unknown.


The Fright Zone exists within a barren wasteland. It is full of broken-down machines and pollution. It is comprised mainly of aging technology, pipes, and piles of discarded junk situated within what appears to be a large crater with spiked raised edges. Leading out of the Fright Zone, a large canyon filled with machinery opens up to a field of flowers before approaching the Whispering Woods. At the center of The Fright Zone, there's a large tower or ship with jagged edges that resembles a giant insect. Based on what Hordak says about him being from another planet, this may be part of his ship from when he crash landed.

After Adora freed the magic stored in the Heart of Etheria, the land and even the buildings in The Fright Zone have been all covered in vegetation making it so beautiful that it's barely recognizable from its former appearance.


Scorpia's people lived in The Fright Zone, presumably for generations. They had possession of an elemental rune stone - the Black Garnet which was given to Hordak after he invaded. Horror Hall was the court of the kingdom, and it was presided over by Scorpia's royal family. Once Hordak assumed control over The Fright Zone, it remained the base of operations for The Horde on Etheria.


Most inhabitants stopped to be part of The Fright Zone in the epilogue of the series finale.

(formerly; deserted)
(formerly; deserted)
(formerly; deserted)
(formerly; deserted)
(formerly; deserted)
(formerly; exiled)
Octavia Grizzlor Shadow Weaver
(formerly; exiled)
Horde Soldiers Imp (formerly) Huntara (formerly; deserted)


  • This is the first kingdom to be shown within the series.
  • The Fright Zone is where Adora and Catra grew up as kids, being taken care of by Shadow Weaver.


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