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[Camera blinks to life and shows a close up of Scorpia’s face.]

[Location: Somewhere in the Whispering Woods]

Scorpia: I got this back from Entrapta, just in time.

[Scorpia holds camera and shows Catra pushing aside a tree leaf-like-branch with Lonnie, Kyle and Rogelio following behind her and into the shot.]

Scorpia: ‘Cause we’re on a secret mission to ambush the princesses in the Whispering Woods!

Catra: The key to a secret ambush is keepin it secret. Which we can’t do, if you're yelling about it.

[As Catra speaks and raises her arms to exclaim her point, She-Ra gives out a yell stopping Catra.]

[The camera then shows the Rebellion starting from She-Ra, Glimmer, Bow, Mermista, Frosta, Perfuma, Spinnerella and Netossa jumping out from the sky and landing on the ground with She-Ra landing in front of the group last and with enough force to shake the ground they were standing on.]

[The camera then turns to Catra who speaks with tauntingly sweet and cute infused tone.]

Catra: Awww. You brought Sparkles and the whole crew.

She-Ra: You sure you want to pick a fight with us, Catra?

[Close up to She-Ra’s face.]

She-Ra: I mean… losing must be getting embarrassing for you.

[The camera blinks and shows clips of She-Ra defeating Catra and The Horde from Season 1 Episode 5, Season 1 Episode 13, one from Season 1 Episode 3 without Catra, one from Season 1 Episode 13 without The Horde, one from Season 1 Episode 5 as the last, with Catra sighing out of tiredness.]

[The camera faces back to Catra and The Horde]

Catra: You wanna talk embarrassing?Look who you’re with.

[The camera faces back to The Rebels.]

Catra: You seriously ditched me, for Princesses?

[The camera shows clips of Catra blaming Adora for leaving her from Season 1 Episode 5, Season 1 Episode 2]

[The camera then shows The Rebels and The Horde facing each other, ready to fight.]

She-Ra: Let’s just do this.

Catra: Fine by me.

[Catra faces Scorpia, holding the camera.]

Catra: Scorpia. Drop that thing and get them.

[Bow yells out to Scorpia too late.]

Bow: Do not drop that thing.

[Scorpia throws it aside. Glimmer teleports in front of the camera and holds it up.]

Glimmer: Don’t worry. I got it, Bow.

[Glimmer teleports with the camera and hands it to Bow, who stands away from the groups and films the fight.]

Glimmer: Make sure you get a good angle of us kicking Horde butt!

[The camera flips and shows clips of Glimmer and the Rebels defeating the Horde from Season 1 Episode 4, Season 1 Episode 13.]

[The camera shows the Princesses Alliance assuming their Runestones' magic harmonic pulse stance, in aura.]

She-Ra: Now let’s show Catra what the Princess Alliance can DO!

[She-Ra tosses her sword up in the air for all to see it, powering it up. It then lands in front of them creating a crash pulse rainbow wave hitting The Horde and pushing them back and onto the ground.]

[Bow then faces the camera at Scorpia zooms in.]

Scorpia: Uhg. Secret mission cancelled. We’re out of here.

[Scorpia then picks up Catra and puts her over her shoulder while Catra looks back and Lonnie, Kyle and Rogelio follows Scorpia’s lead.]

Catra: Wait, put me down.

[She-Ra then comes into the shot and she faces forward. Laughing is heard before she turns to the group and camera and raise her right hand victorious.]

She-Ra: We did it!

[Bow turns the camera to himself.]

Bow: This the last video for now. So join She-Ra and The Princesses of Power.

[She-Ra comes into the shot and adds:]

[But not before Glimmer teleports into the shot next to Bow, giggling.]

She-Ra: And we’ll see you in The Rebellion.

[She-Ra and The Princesses of Power logo comes in.]

[As for Credits Place, Entrapta appears on the camera and states.]

Entrapta: But if this works, it’ll change The Fright Zone forever!

[Entrapta then cackles with joy. Scorpia then comes into the shot and Entrapta instructs her:]

Entrapta: Get ready to pull that switch.

[The camera then goes to Scorpia who puts her claw on the switch ready to pull it.]

Entrapta: Quick Question: on a Scale of 1 to ZAAAAAPPP. How high is your level of electrical conductivity?

[Scorpia then lets go of the switch and backs away.]

Scorpia: Huh?

Entrapta: Ahaha. You’ll be fine. I’m an expert in humanoid physiology and behavior.