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The Battle of Bright Moon

November 13, 2018

The Battle of Bright Moon (episode) is the thirteenth and final episode of Season One from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

It was released on Netflix with the rest of Season One on November 13, 2018.


Entrapta's plan to draw power from the Black Garnet by drawing power from the other runestones allows Catra and Scorpia to attack Bright Moon, but Adora and her friends are ready to fight back.


With Glimmer's connection to The Moonstone damaged, causing her to glitch and the Black Garnet disrupting the other Runestone's connections with each other; the Horde army assaulted Bright Moon.

The break in the connection between the Runestones caused the Whispering Woods to freeze. This may have happened first to the Whispering Woods because of its proximity to the The Fright Zone; it may have been just the first step in what could have been the total destruction of Etheria.

Queen Angella tried to keep The Moonstone safe while She-Ra, Glimmer, Bow, Netossa, and Spinnerella lead the defense of the Kingdom. Using new weapons developed by Entrapta, the Horde forces led by Catra and Scorpia look set to conquer the kingdom until reinforcements arrive in the shape of Frosta, Perfuma, Mermista, and Sea Hawk who turn the tide of battle and save Bright Moon.

In the end, the battle was turned by the Princesses working in unity with the Sword of Protection. The Princesses working cooperatively created a rainbow wave of magic, this is what repulsed the Horde and reconnected Glimmer to the Moonstone which ended her glitching.








  • When The Best Friends Squad escaped on Swift Wind at the end of the previous episode (Light Hope), She-Ra was positioned in the front, Glimmer was in the middle, and Bow was in the back. At the start of this episode She-Ra is now sitting in the back, with Glimmer in front and Bow in the middle.
  • Just after Adora transforms into She-Ra, she is staring at the Horde army with Glimmer and Bow. The animators neglected to draw the outline of Glimmer's shorts on one side of her staff and the entire section is given a flesh color.
  • When Angella is hugging She-Ra, Glimmer, Bow and Swift Wind she manages to wrap her wings around all of them. But Swift Wind, who's wings should be even bigger in size, has lost them in this shot.


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