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The Battle of Bright Moon was a conflict between the forces of the Horde and The Rebellion, taking place just outside Castle Bright Moon.


Background information

Entrapta's experiment

Former member of The Rebellion, Princess Entrapta, was granted access to the Black Garnet to enact an experiment to potentially draw power from the other Runestones to the Black Garnet. This was done with the intention of weakening the other elemental princesses.

Freezing the Whispering Woods

Entrapta's experiment successfully caused an imbalance to the elements. This resulted in a cloud of stormy darkness to begin to spread from the Fright Zone and cover Etheria. This darkness caused the climate of Etheria to become dramatically unstable including freezing over the only defence Bright Moon had against the Horde, the Whispering Woods.

When questioned, Entrapta replied that to make the power shift between the Runestones permanent, the destruction of another Runestone was necessary. This prompted Force Captains Catra and Scorpia to assemble a strike team to attack Bright Moon.

The Horde's arrival

While the Queen, She-Ra, Bow, Spinnerella, Netossa, Glimmer and Bright Moon guards stood to defend Bright Moon, the Horde arrived. After some initial posturing the Horde Tanks opened fire, but most of Bright Moon was protected by The Moonstone's protective magical shield.

Initial conflict

Catra led a fleet of tanks which began an energy blast assault on the castle. This was followed by a fleet of bots and soldiers on skiff's.

Confrontation between She-Ra and Catra

In a protracted one on one fight the two traded blows and insults. She-Ra was overcome by Catra and Horde Soldier's.

Assault on Angella

Angella, who had devoted her energies to keeping the battlefield lit and the darkness at bay, was confronted by a Horde bot. Whilst initially blasting the bot back before raising a shield, the division of her energies ultimately caused Angella to be knocked unconscious by the bot.

Glimmer charged towards The Moonstone spire to come to Angella's aid when she was confronted by Scorpia, a quick fight which Glimmer ended by using her "glitching" to blast back the Force Captain. Swift Wind arrived and flew Glimmer to the Runestone where she destroyed the bot that was attacking the Queen.

The Alliance's arrival

Mermista and Perfuma's arrival

As She-Ra, Bow, Spinnerella and Netossa hugged, accepting their defeat while protected under Netossa's net. Suddenly, the water the four were kneeling in began to levitate. A giant wave of water then entered the battlefield with Mermista and Sea Hawk riding a top it in a boat. Mermista then used the wave to force back the Horde whilst protecting her allies.

As Catra called for her team to engage once more, they and herself were tied up with vines. Perfuma ran onto the battlefield atop a massive vine, causing blossoms to grow as she did. The water and plant princesses' arrival causeed She-Ra's incandescent glow to return.

Frosta's arrival

Horde tanks got covered in frost and ice eruptions threw Horde bots. Frosta then braced the damaged Moonstone structure with ice. Then she slid into the battle on a path of ice.

Final attack

With the princesses united and the Alliance reformed She-Ra, Bow and the princesses began emitting colored auras. All of them held onto each other and She-Ra raised her Sword, unleashing a massive wave of rainbow-colored energy that swept back the Horde's forces and healed the Princesses' runestones and healed Glimmer's glitching. At this, Catra, Scorpia and the strike team quickly retreated as the princesses and company celebrated their victory.

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