Thaymor is a small, peaceful village in Etheria.


Season 1

The Horde led a siege on this civilian town, leading its armies to believe that it was a "heavily fortified rebel fortress", although it was not. Adora was supposed to be a part of the team that was to lead the attack. Since she was AWOL prior to the attack and did not participate because she was captured by Glimmer and Bow. As Adora entered Thaymor, a festival was taking place. She'd never been to a party, so this was her first leisurely experience. This was the place where Adora first time tried other food beside ration bars.

When the Horde landed in Thaymor, Adora attempted to halt the siege, and Catra was the soldier whom she ran into first. Upon understanding that the Horde lies to her about everything, Adora saves Thaymor by becoming She-Ra.

Season 2

In the episode The Frozen Forest, we learn that Thaymor is back under Alliance control, indicating that the village was taken by The Horde after being rescued by She-Ra, Glimmer and Bow in the show's premiere.


  • Swift Wind was a resident of Thaymor prior to becoming a sentient alicorn.
  • Thaymor is the first Etherian village we see in the show.
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