Tallstar is one of the Star Siblings. She has one brother, Jewelstar,and one sister, Starla, who are all survivors of Horde Prime's destruction.


Tallstar is the tallest of her siblings. She has rose hair hidden in a lavender hood and a blue and white onesie. She has mechanical arms and legs, the loss of which was presumably from Horde Prime's army.


Tallstar is serious and straight-forward from the start, contrast to her sister's bubbly personality. She is more open when she teases her brother and sister, due to the strong connection between each other.



Her home was destroyed by Horde Prime. She survived by planet-hopping, scavenging to live.

Season Five

She and her family met Adora while mining thulite crystals which fuel their starship. She, along with her siblings helped gather the thulite crystals which they shared with the Rebels, joining their cause afterward.


  • Tallstar appears in season 5, episode 4, Stranded.
  • She shares the same voice actress, Ashley Eckstein, as Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars TV series, who is also part of a Rebellion.


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