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This article is about She-Ra's magical sword in the fictional Etherian universe. You may be looking for other things.

The Sword of Protection is entrusted to the current incarnation and keeper of She-Ra's power, allowing her to transform into She-Ra at will. It channeled the magic of Etheria to She-Ra. It is a major weapon that appears in nearly every episode, until it was shattered by Adora. In season five, Adora was shown to have been able to transform into She-Ra without the sword, the sword materializing and disappearing as she transformed back and forth into and out of She-Ra.


It is a piece of powerful technology and magic crafted by the First Ones, in order to empower the She-Ra power chosen one to be connected to the Heart of Etheria. In doing so, they hoped that Mara would use the sword and be their primal weapon to protect them from their enemies.


The sword created by The First Ones has a golden hilt with the Runestone, a turquoise-colored opal, embedded in it. The blade is light blue with First Ones' markings running down it.

The new sword looks similar to the previous one, except that it does not have any First Ones' markings.


Current Owner Last known owner of the past


It was a unique combination of First Ones' Technology and Etherian runestone magic, as well as magic craft taken from Melog's planet. The hilt contained the portable Runestone of the champion princess. With the blending of tech and magic, the sword could harness and control the power of She-Ra and use it for the Heart of Etheria Project. Possessing the sword makes the person an "honorary princess" of Etheria.

The Runestone in the Sword is, in fact, an elemental piece. This is what makes She-Ra one of the Elemental Princesses, the most powerful one, even. The First Ones called She-Ra the key to opening Etheria's magic in their project. In seasons 1-4, She-Ra used it mostly to defend Etheria from the Horde. However, when all the runestones were connected to those who beared them, the sword surged with power, so much that Adora had to destroy it in order to prevent excessive damage.

The current bearer of the sword is Adora. Before her, Mara had been its previous possessor. As of the "Destiny Part 2", its blade is broken after Adora stopped Light Hope from using the Heart of Etheria.

Since "Save the Cat", Adora has obtained a new She-Ra form, with a new and more stylized sword, which gleams even more than before and is made of her own heart desires when she's ready to help or to combat. Rather than the sword summoning She-Ra as it had done previously, Adora could transform into She-Ra by herself and attain the sword in the process. After Adora was able to control her new She-Ra form, she was able to make disappear and reappear the Sword at will, not carrying it with her anymore during her journeys.

Powers and abilities

The Sword of Protection grants its wielder variety of powers. However, it is designed so it could only be used by a First One.

  • Transformation: The Sword is capable of transforming its current legitimate wielder into the legendary warrior She-Ra by announcing "For the Honor of Grayskull!"
  • Animal Transformation: With the energy that emanates from the Sword's Runestone, it is possible to mutate animals and living creatures, specifically transforming a horse into She-Ra's loyal steed and friend, Swift Wind. The only known instances of this was accidental and resulted in a common horse becoming intelligent as well as giving it wings and a magical connection to Adora and a lizard gaining wings and a horn.
  • Energy blasts: The Sword can fire a destructive blast of energy, which emits a multicolored beam.
  • Energy recharging/Healing: She-Ra uses the sword to recharge and heal the Sea-Gate in Salineas. In "The Price of Power", Shadow Weaver taught Adora to use the Sword's healing powers, which saved the sorcerer's life. Later Adora is capable of healing without the need of the sword but using her She-Ra form to do so in order to save Catra.
  • Shape-shifting: The previous Sword is able to shift into various other weapons. So far it has changed into a shield, a flail, a rope/whip, a pitcher, a flute, a mug, and a musical instrument.
  • Hydrokinesis: In the episode "Razz," She-Ra swung the sword and caused the snow to rapidly shape itself into ice blades/wall that knocked down Horde soldiers.
  • Sword-fighting: Putting its various magical abilities aside, the Sword is capable of being used as a regular weapon. With it, She-Ra is able to decimate legions of warriors on her own, as she demonstrated with The Horde and Prime's Clone Army.
  • Materialization: The user can create or make appear the original sword at will from her inner magic.
  • Controlling the Heart of Etheria: The previous Sword was what controlled the Heart of Etheria, a massive weapon within the planet of Etheria created by the First Ones.
  • Portal Empowerment: In the episode The Portal (episode), Entrapta says that the sword was centered around She-Ra because She-Ra controlled the sword, which powered The Portal along with other bits of First Ones technology.


  • Virus corruption: Being ancient First Ones' tech, the First Ones Sword could be corrupted by the ancient artifact that Entrapta calls a "Data Disk". It is unknown if the original sword has this same weakness.


  • In Season Four, the sword (at least the one created by The First Ones) was revealed to not be the source of She-Ra's powers, but instead a piece of technology designed to control She-Ra.