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Swift Wind Adventure Shorts are a series of short videos that tell stories of minor events involving Swift Wind and other main characters which are not shown in the main series but are meant to take place during the same time period. They were released after Season Two, but before Season Three.

This article is about the short scenes with minor subplots. You may be looking for show.

Title Gallery Synopsis Characters/Cast and Crew Link Release Date
Unicorn Warrior Training! [1] Sure, meditation might help someone become a great warrior in time... But have you tried horsey methods?
Written by : Laura Sreebny
Storyboard by : Roy Burdine
[2] June 12, 2019
Arm Wrestling Revenge! [3] Did someone say Swift Wind?! When Swift Wind finds Sea Hawk bluer than the sea, he takes matters into his own wings!
Written by : Katherine Nolfi
Storyboard by : Adam Henry
[4] June 19, 2019
A Princess Birthday Party! [5] The only one worse than Adora at coming up with birthday gift ideas is... Swift Wind. Thank goodness he's here to help?
Written by : Josie Campbell
Storyboard by : Aeri Yoon
[6] June 26, 2019
Grounded Glimmer Jailbreak! [7] Adora and Swift Wind are still learning about new things like... being grounded. They have no idea what that is. Luckily, they are both completely lost and confused together.
Written by : M. Willis
Storyboard by : Roy Burdine and Gus Corrales
[8] July 3, 2019
Horse Hero Transformation! [9] Swift Wind has been busy singing songs and righting wrongs. Now it's time for She-Ra to help him become the noble steed of his dreams! Should be easy. With enough apples.
Written by : Josie Campbell
Storyboard by : Aeri Yoon
[10] July 10, 2019


Developed for Television By: Noelle Stevenson
Written By: Katherine Nolfi
Storyboard By: Adam Henry
Directed By: Roy Burdine
Executive Producers: Noelle Stevenson, Chuckles Austen
Line Producer: Mathias Dougherty
Story Editor: Josie Campbell
Staff Writers: Laura Sreebny M. Willis
Cast: She-Ra: Aimee Carrero, Sea Hawk: Jordan Fisher, Mermista: Vella Lovell, Swift Wind: Adam Ray, Frosta: Merit Leighton, Glimmer: Karen Fukuhara, Bow: Marcus Scribner
Casting By: Ania O'Hare, CSA Cymbre Walk Sklar
Voice Director: Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Production Supervisor: Dave "Dubz" Wong
Production Coordinators: Tiffany Chiu Chelsea
Medic Script Coordinator: Shane Lynch
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Track Reading: Slightly Off
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Sound Services Provided by Atlas Oceanic Sound
Picture Supervising Sound Editors: Rob McIntyre Devon Bowman
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DreamWorks Animation Television Studio Management President, DWA Television: Marjorie Cohn EVP
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TV Production Finance: Sue Brunell-Edwards
Casting and Talent Relations: Malia Russell Mark Dreschke Katie Galvan
Production Accountant: Jim Cotton
Facilities: Anthony Fabrizio
Executive in Charge of Production: Gregg Goldin




  • Bright Moon
  • Plumeria
  • Whispering Woods
  • Crystal Castle
  • Seaworthy



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