I am my own horse.
— Swift Wind presenting himself to Glimmer and Bow.

Swift Wind, formerly known as Horsey, is She-Ra/Adora's alicorn and her animal companion during her adventures.



As Horsey, he had light brown skin with light beige muzzle, with brown hooves. The steed had maple-colored mane with a pretty fringe. It's short tail had three gold ring-like fasteners, which are decorated, and the horse had brown eyes. His name was almost certainly not Horsey, though that is the name Adora stated upon their meeting.

Swift Wind

As Swift Wind, he has yellowish white coat, with pink-orange hooves, wings of yellow, orange, shock, navy blue, purple, light purple, blue and turquoise colors. The beautiful horse also has a yellow and yellow-orange horn, a mane with rosy orange, orange and light orange highlights and blue-purple eyes. He is also noticeably thinner and less bulky than his original self as a normal horse.


When first encountered, Horsey is just a tame horse used for farming and travel with no real personality other than being a relaxed and domesticated horse.

After becoming Swift Wind, he was initially alarmed by his transformation, leading to him panicking and running wild. Later on, Madame Razz implied there was more to Swift Wind than meets the eye with the implication that Swift Wind could talk even though he didn't at first.

Upon revealing his ability to talk (first to Bow and Glimmer), Swift Wind displayed courage and determination to save Adora, whom he sensed was in danger.

In time, Swift Wind revealed himself to confident and brash though grounded (somewhat) by his unbending loyalty to Adora, and is unafraid of speaking his mind. He very bluntly told Adora that he thought the idea of "letting go" Light Hope told her was stupid.

Swift Wind also has a strong sense of individualism, proclaiming that he is no one's horse but his own and he even named himself. At one point he considered freeing the other horses and starting a horse uprising.

Swift Wind's known to show off and present himself as some kind of epic hero, often stepping in and asking if someone said his name in a dramatic tone and poise what often irritate other members of The Rebellion (even if no one actually did mention his name). Despite his boasting, Swift Wind is however a very heroic and dedicated ally to The Rebellion and the Princess Alliance.



At first, Swift Wind was a normal horse known as Horsey until Adora was trying to master her powers as She-Ra and unintentionally transformed him into a winged unicorn with the ability to talk and later learn he had become the steed of She-Ra. Initially, he was shaken by what had become of him but quickly came to appreciate it and care about Adora, thankful to her for giving him this gift and honor.

Adora however at one point felt bad for accidentally forcing this responsibility upon Swift Wind until he assured her he was proud to be her steed and happy to be her friend.

When Adora left Etheria to rescue Glimmer Swift Wind struggled with whether or not to go with her, he eventually decided to stay on Etheria as he could do more good there. They were joyously reunited upon her return and worked together to defeat Prime.

Madam Razz

After being transformed Swift Wind went to or accidentally met up with Razz who, presumably discussed his newly found self awareness and powers. After he spends a lot of time with Razz as he reminds Adora that you need to check up on the elderly who live alone.

Queen Angella

Angella met Swift Wind early in Season One after a Bright Moon guard brought him into the castle. He tried to offer the Queen several suggestions but was dragged away from the royal presence by the BFS. After Swift Wind joined the war council and began providing intelligence on Horde activity, he asked for a chair. Angella politely said that Bright Moon would be glad to accommodate him.


Bow first met Swift Wind as Horsey. After his transformation the two became good friends, they went on several missions together through the series. They had a raucous Boys Night Out with Sea Hawk. They defended Etheria from the Horde and later Horde Prime.

Light Hope

Light Hope summoned Swift Wind to help She-Ra with her training and to help them forge a sacred bond. She sent them on a mission to repair the Watchtower, in which the formed their bond.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight - Swift Wind is able to fly via his wings
  • Speech - After his transformation, Swift Wind gained the ability to talk
  • Detecting First Ones' tech - After his transformation, Swift Wind gained the ability to sense and detect First Ones' tech. In the episode Light Hope he uses his horn to open the door to the Crystal Castle.
  • Magical connection with Adora - As Adora aka She-Ra used her powers to transform him, Swift Wind became her steed and thus they share a magical connection that allows them to sense each other and even know if the other is in danger.



Horsey was an ordinary horse that lived in the civilian town of Thaymor.

Season One

Horsey was a horse that lived in Thaymor. Later during an attack on the town, She-Ra stops the attack and Horsey is taken to Bright Moon by Glimmer, Bow and Adora. After Adora settles down at the Bright Moon castle before her introduction to Queen Angella, the former servant of the Horde walks up to the horse and tries to impress him with her transformation into She-Ra. But she can not, and Horsey then turns around without interest in the girl. Then Adora tries and tries, until the Sword of Protection shines and begins to release rays on all sides. One of them ends up hitting the steed, and there are lightning strikes, then Horsey gains a new colored mane, two beautiful wings and a horn of unicorn, thus becoming a new being.

We can assume that since the Sword of Protection gave Swift Wind his intelligence and powers that he was enhanced by the First Ones tech in the sword. This gives him the ability to detect Adora, She-Ra and First Ones' tech.

At some point, he would come across Madame Razz and assuredly told the woman that he wished to go by Swift Wind instead of Horsey, Adora's mediocre name for him.

Eventually sensing Adora in trouble, Swift Wind traveled to Bright Moon to seek the aid of Bow and Glimmer, who were astounded by his powers of speech. After giving them a moment to freak out, he explained Adora's current predicament and asked if they would help save her. Glimmer was the first to volunteer despite her powers glitching. Just as they were about to sneak out, Queen Angella arrives, having just learned of her guard allowing a horse into Glimmer's room; Swift Wind interjected that he considered him a role model for all horses before realizing how awkward he was making the situation. Nonetheless, Angella gave the group her blessing to rescue Adora. As they were leaving, Swift Wind doubled back to remind Angella that he intended to speak to her about freeing all the horses in her stables, forcing a nervous Bow to usher him out.

Season Two

In this season, Light Hope summons Swift Wind and Adora/She-Ra to form a magical bond of friendship after repairing the Watchtower. He later accompanied Glimmer, Bow and Adora to Alwyn to investigate why they lost contact with that farming community. Swift Wind senses something 'weird' about the village, which turns out to be a signal from the communications tower in the city that became active and began broadcasting holograms from the long absent First Ones. She-Ra turns the signal tower off so that the frightened villagers can return home.

Season Four

Swift Wind was present at Glimmer's coronation and contributed in his unique way.

Bow, Adora, and Swift Wind had just finished liberating Elberon, who proceed to throw a party for them in gratitude. There Flutterina introduces herself to Adora, claiming to be a huge fan of hers, and Adora and Bow decide to enjoy the party. Later, a Horde robot is spotted by Elberon scouts, so Adora and Swift Wind set out to destroy it, convincing the townspeople not to retreat.

Later, despondent over the princesses fighting, Bow agreed to a "Boys' Night Out" with Sea Hawk and Swift Wind. In Seaworthy, Sea Hawk manages to get Bow to reluctantly join in on a catchy shanty with him and Swift Wind, rejoicing in friendship, until several men that Sea Hawk hired arrive and capture them. The trio awaken in the middle of the ocean, tied to the mainmast of their captors' ship. Bow and Sea Hawk have Swift Wind try to contact Adora through their "sacred bond", but as Adora is arguing with Glimmer again, she "hangs up" on Swift Wind. After the girls realize the boys are in trouble and rescue them, he then kicks some Horde butt along with the other heroes and returns to Bright Moon.

While Adora asks Razz about a weapon that Mara had mentioned in her holograms, getting no answers. Swift Wind then arrives, apparently a friend of Razz's, and Razz leaves in search of sugar and berries. As time switches between the past and present Adora and Swift Wind, who had fallen asleep, follow Razz as she rushes through the forest.

Back in Bright Moon, Adora and Bow sneak out of the castle on Swift Wind, Frosta chose to let them escape without reporting anything. They land outside Mara's Ship, and after some difficulty with takeoff, manage to direct the autopilot to fly to Beast Island, which the autopilot identifies as "Hazardous Materials Disposal Site". Near the end of their trip, Swift Wind hears a strange noise and Mara's Ship plummets from the sky. After crash landing in the water outside Beast Island, Adora, Swift Wind, and Bow trekked ashore. Swift Wind continued to hear strange noises that his companions could not detect, but they forged ahead until they came across an insectoid, metallic monster.  

After finding King Micah, Swift Wind asks him where Entrapta went, Micah is shocked that a horse is talking to him. After composing himself, he explains that the sound Swift Wind heard was "the signal", from a piece of First Ones' tech that still works, degrading your resolve. Unfortunately, while he stopped to question Adora, they became entirely surrounded by pookas. The pookas force them close to the signal, where Swift Wind and Bow rapidly succumb to its depressive effects. She-Ra, blasting away the vines that had ensnared them and combating the signal's effects for everyone. They prepare to fight the pookas, but suddenly they all flee, and a larger mechanical monster arrives. From within, Entrapta emerges, saying that she saved them. Entrapta transports Adora, Micah, Bow, and Swift Wind to the island's center. After escaping the island everyone piles into Mara's ship, returning to Bright Moon even as Glimmer teleported away with Scorpia.

Adora sends Swift Wind and Bow to the Fright Zone to stop Glimmer and Scorpia. Light Hope transports Etheria back to normal space and the moment this happens, Swift Wind loses his ability to fly, and Bow crash lands with him and Entrapta. He then watches Horde Prime's invasion along with everyone else.

Season Five

Swift Wind and Scorpia shared a friendship moment where they talked about their love of singing. Then when Adora recklessly attacked three clones he had to help carry her while they retreated to save her life. After retreating from the three clones the group temporarily captured a single clone and tried to interrogate him without success. They abandoned the clone when their base was overrun and had to retreat to the deepest part of the Whispering Woods.

Swifty and Adora shared a heartfelt good-by before she boarded Mara's ship to go and save Glimmer. He wanted to go and Adora wanted him nearby but he decided his place was on Etheria.

Scorpia joined Swift Wind's night's watch. They shared a few friend moments, Scorpia let slip that Kyle had a crush on Rogelio, but that she's really good with secrets. Swifty told her that he's been trying to access his sacred bond with Adora, but to no avail. Later Swift Wind felt his connection to Adora when she momentarily transformed into She-Ra.

Frosta, Micah, Swift Wind, Netossa and Spinnerella went to check things out in Elberon when they heard that the Horde had been spotted nearby. When they arrived all the villagers were inside and acting really weird. Netossa chided Spinnerella for leaving her alone at the "party" and Spinnerella complained that "something weird" just happened to her. The villagers then closed the doors and strongly suggested the hero's stay and wait for the honored guest, Horde Prime. Then the villagers attacked their eyes turning green, revealing that they've been chipped in the same way Catra was. Swifty saved the day by knocking out the villagers with a blinding light when he felt his sacred connection to She-Ra. Then they all returned to base.

When Netossa confronted Spinnerella about her strange behaviour and Spinny responded by telling her beloved that she was under Prime's control as was everyone else in the village. Spinnerella attacked Netossa and was joined by a chipped Micah who attacked Frosta and Swift Wind. Netossa threw a net over her attackers and fled with Frosta on Swift Wind.

Swift Wind remained one of the few rebels to not be chipped and helped Entrapta find the signal pattern for Horde Prime's chips so she could find a way to deactivate them. When Entrapta encountered Hordak, Swift Wind pulled her away, not realizing Hordak didn't have hostile intentions toward her.

Like almost everyone else, he survived the final battle with the Horde.

Swift Wind Adventures Shorts

Swift Wind got a short little series of YouTube episodes written about what he does on his days off. Information about it can be found on the article.


"As your magnificent steed I am attuned to your emotions."-Ties That Bind

"Okay. I'm gonna do a few loop-de-loops."-Ties That Bind

"Oh, man. Third rhyme. Rough stuff."-Boys' Night Out

"I... I failed to save the day. Oh, for the dishonor of Grayskull!"-A Princess Birthday Party!

"Did someone say... Swift Wind?"-Swift Wind's opening line throughout the Swift Wind Adventures Shorts

"Singing songs and righting wrongs."-Another repeated line of his, throughout the Swift Wind Adventures Shorts

"I can fly! Did I mention that? Well, I just did."-Arm Wrestling Revenge!

"Do you need the help of a noble steed?"-Arm Wrestling Revenge!

Adora: "Who's in trouble?"
Swift Wind: "No one! I saved the day."
—Swift Wind and Adora after Swift Wind trains Plumerian warriors. Unicorn Warrior Training!, minute 3:29
Adora: "You said, no regrets!"
Swift Wind: "I didn't have any then! I do now."
Adora: "Well, we can't go back in time, so what's next?"
—Swift Wind and Adora after Swift Wind eats a lot of apples Swift Wind Adventures Shorts, minute 3:29


  • Swift Wind's flying unicorn race can be called winged unicorn, alicorn and pegacorn.
  • Swift Wind briefly tried to free all horses on Etheria and tried to form a collective to support the rights of all equines.
  • Interestingly, in that incarnation Horsey is not called that, but Spirit, yet the team at Dreamworks decided to remove that name, to avoid confusion with another fictional horse of the same name -despite the fact that they themselves own the rights to that other character's brand-, so to not mislead people into thinking that Dreamworks was merging both franchises.
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