Starla is one of the Star Siblings. She has an older brother Jewelstar and an older sister Tallstar, being all of them survivors of Horde Prime's destruction. She appears in Season Five episode, "Stranded".


She has curly blond hair tied with a red bandanna. She wears a white, gold, and orange suit that has a golden star on the chest.


Starla is bubbly and welcoming. She freely shared her meal with Adora, once they stopped fighting. She's quick to smile, laugh, and trust in contrast to her more serious siblings.


  • Knife throwing
  • Falconry



Her home was destroyed by Horde Prime. She lived by planet-hopping, scavenging to live.

Season Five

She and her family met Adora while mining thulite crystals which fuel their starship. She, along with her siblings helped gather the thulite crystals which they shared with the Rebels.


  • She has a pet owl named Glory.


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