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This is why no one comes to game night anymore. Adora, tell her!
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Princess Spinnerella was a member of the original Princess Alliance as well as a member of the current Princess Alliance. Unlike most of the princesses shown widely in the show, she is not tied to a kingdom.

She is one of the Non-Elemental Princesses and the wife of Netossa.


Since Spinnerella is a wide-hipped woman, she has a larger build than most of the other female characters. She has blue eyes and light pink skin that contrasts with her regular long lavender purple hair which is held in a ponytail. She wears a dark magenta leotard over a light purple jumpsuit with swirl patterns as if to symbolize wind, as well as sandal-like boots and a light blue cape with a scalloped edge. She dons a silver choker around her neck with a blue star gem in the middle, matching Netossa's vambraces.


Spinnerella has a sweet, comforting, and empathetic personality that she showcases in the Season One finale when she comforts her wife.

In Season Four, she also appears to be quite competitive in a playful way, trying to earn more enemy take-downs than Netossa. The pair have some playful banter when fighting Horde bots.

She seems more maternal than Netossa, as shown when playing iceball with Frosta in Season Five. She seemed to know that Frosta needed cheering up.

During her date with Netossa, the two seemed aggrieved at being interrupted, showing that Spinerella may also have a temper.

Powers and abilities


  • Aerokinesis: Spinnerella is capable of manipulating air. During the Battle of Bright Moon she is shown to be able to generate massive winds and small tornadoes, seemingly with little effort. Spinnerella is not connected to a Runestone but was shown during Light Hope's lineup of the other princesses. It is not specified what kingdom she is affiliated with.
  • Air Travel: During The Battle of Bright Moon and in Season Four, she is seen arriving at a battle site with Netossa in a mini-tornado in which she can travel with a companion. It's unclear how far she can travel but it appears to be further than Glimmer could travel prior to Season Four.
  • Aura Generation: When united with other princesses, Spinnerella can generate an aura that greatly amplifies her powers. Her aura manifests in electric-purple.



Spinnerella is married to Princess Netossa and they share many scenes together. The only time they aren't together is during Season Five. They both call each other "darling" and have a very loving relationship. In Season Four, they fight the Horde side by side and have a friendly competition as to who destroyed more bots.

Queen Angella

The Queen had a longstanding alliance with Spinerella and her wife. The pair regularly attended planning meetings in Bright Moon to defend themselves from the Horde.

The Princess Alliance

Spinnerella is one of the two Princesses that have been consistently supportive of the Alliance, along with Netossa, despite the Alliance "not knowing what they actually do" to quote Bow.


Season One

In the days following Adora's arrival in Bright Moon, the Trio meets Spinnerella and Netossa at a war council to answer Perfuma's call for aid as Plumeria is under attack by the Horde.

In The Battle of Bright Moon she helps repulse Catra's assault using wind attacks to hurl objects at the Horde.

Season Four

Adora, Bow, Spinnerella, Netossa, and several other rebels attack what they think is a Horde transport carrying a special weapon. It turns out to be empty, and when several robots emerge to surround them it becomes clear that it is an ambush. They manage to make it out, but Spinnerella and Netossa are both seriously injured in the process.

Glimmer becomes distraught and believes her general (also Double Trouble in disguise) when she deceitfully suggests that the Horde is tracking Adora. Adora then sets out with Spinnerella and Netossa, and Double Trouble reports to Catra. Even as Adora, Spinnerella, and Netossa become bogged down in yet another ambush, Glimmer teleports to Catra's base and uses her newfound power and newly learned spells from Shadow Weaver to handily defeat her.

Glimmer then teleports to Adora's location, where they are beleaguered by numerous pulse bots and protected only by a weakening Netossa. Glimmer quickly dispatches the majority of the bots, with Spinnerella destroying one that nearly detonated in front of them, becoming injured in the process.

Season Five

Upon hearing that the Horde was spotted near Elberon, Frosta, Micah, Swift Wind, Netossa, and Spinnerella go to check things out. When they arrived, all the villagers were inside and acting strange. Netossa chided Spinnerella for leaving her alone at the "party," and Spinnerella complained that "something weird" just happened to her. The villagers then closed the doors and strongly suggested that the heroes stay and wait for the honored guest, Horde Prime. Then, when the villagers attacked, their eyes turned bright green, revealing that they've been chipped in the same way Catra was. They could only escape after Swift Wind felt his sacred connection to She-Ra. Then everyone returned home, but we see that Spinnerella was chipped by the villagers.

Sea Hawk formulated a plan to contact Prince Peekablue by sneaking into the Enchanted Grotto's underwater soiree. Outside the planning session, the chipped Spinnerella overheard the plan then went to Netossa to try and chip her, but she was too busy to be bothered. Both Netossa and Swift Wind commented on Spinny's strange behavior. Netossa found her wife having a secret discussion with an unnamed minotaur. Netossa confronted Spinnerella about her strange behavior as Spinerella called her "beloved", which the two never refer to each other as.

Netossa figured out that she was under Prime's control as was everyone else in the village. Spinnerella attacked Netossa and was joined by a chipped Micah who attacked Frosta and Swift Wind. Netossa threw a net over her attackers and fled, brokenhearted, with Frosta on Swift Wind.

Prime vowed to find a way to use the Heart of Etheria without She-Ra, he also sent word to the chipped Spinnerella. Spinnerella landed in the village and attacked the heroes. After trading blows and pleas to stop the attack, Netossa joined and began defending the town from Spinnerella. Rather than risking hurting their chipped friend, Glimmer teleported everyone away from the fight. Spinnerella continued to torment the villagers until Glimmer and the rest returned to Erelandia, and, using Wrong Hordak to draw out two clones, defeating them. Next, they began an assault on the enemies inside the village. She-Ra and Netossa attacked Spinnerella while the rest handled the bots. While fighting her wife, the conflict became too great for Spinnerella and the chip grew in strength and hurt her, so she fled. 

In the Fright Zone during an attempt to rescue Scorpia, Spinnerella joined in the attack on the heroes. On the roof, Netossa injured Spinnerella's ankle which was previously revealed to be twisted as a child, and thus damaged her chip using what she knew to be her wife's weakness. This, in turn, rendered Spinerella unconscious. Glimmer then teleported to Netossa's location and brought the pair back to their base, rejoining Catra and the rest.  


"Yes, darling, you have beautiful nets."

"There is nothing to win--"

"I could never be mad at you beloved."


  • She twisted her ankle when she was young, as stated by Netossa.
  • Spinnerella, along with Netossa, are the first confirmed LGBT characters in the series, followed by Bow's fathers.
  • Spinnerella and Netossa are rarely seen without the other onscreen until the events of Season Five.
  • Spinnerella is voiced by series creator and showrunner Noelle Stevenson.
  • Spinnerella is the first princess to be chipped by Horde Prime.
  • Shhe and Netossa appear in the Princess Prom episode dancing in the background as well as in 20:50 to 21:10 running from the ice.
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