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April 26, 2019

Signals is the third episode of Season Two and sixteenth episode overall of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It was released on Netflix with the rest of the second season on April 26, 2019.


The Best Friends Quad heads to Alwyn, The Rebellion's breadbasket. No one has heard from its inhabitants, and there are rumors that it's haunted! Entrapta sneaks into Hordak's sanctum and finds an unlikely lab partner.


Hordak tests his portal machine and it fails, again.

In the Whispering Woods, Bow reminds Glimmer and Adora that Entrapta was the only one who came close to combining First Ones' tech and magic. Swift Wind joins the trio as they head toward Alwyn, Etheria's farming and orchard hub. Alwyn had stopped all contact and the four heroes go to find out what happened.

In the Fright Zone, Catra drops in on Hordak unexpectedly and Hordak rebukes her for getting caught by Bow and Glimmer and wasting time and materials on the attack on Bright Moon. He uses his tech to remove Etheria's atmosphere which causes Catra to choke. She asks for another chance to prove herself and Hordak allows her to try again.

As the heroes continue, things start getting weird as they get closer to the village. The village was suddenly and without explanation abandoned by the farmers, Swift Wind senses something strange and Bow's Tracker Pad fails. Adora tells some scary stories she learned while in the Horde.

Catra and Scorpia struggle with armor requests and paperwork. Entrapta goes looking for a six-sided hex driver and sneaks into Hordak's lab, against Catra's orders. There she watches Hordak test his portal machine and fail, again. She figures out that one of the problems was that he was using un-insulated cables, which she replaces.

When Hordak fires up the portal machine, it works. Hordak then explains portal powers and tells Entrapta that there are other planets, which is news to her. Catra visits Shadow Weaver in her cell. The two alternately share information and insults. Catra and Scorpia interrupt Hordak and Entrapta's portal work, Hordak said that he prefers working with Entrapta, starting their friendship.

Back in Alwyn, after seeing some ghostly apparitions, the heroes hear a strange high-pitched whine and ghostly voices. They eventually figure out that the apparitions were left over First Ones' holograms powered by the First Ones' tower in the village. Bow summarizes that the tower was activated when Entrapta hooked up the Black Garnet to the planet via the First Ones' tech hub. She-Ra deactivates the tower with her touch. Bow sends a message to the farmers that all was well. Then Bow's tracker pad begins displaying the strange First Ones' signal again and in another part of the planet, a piece of First Ones' tech begins sending signals.





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  • At the end of the episode we see a shot of a dust storm and a large gray object, which turns out to be Mara's ship being uncovered.
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