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Posting Guide

General Information

A discussions thread is this. It is also sometimes called the "community blog." When you open the page of a thread, you see a big post at the top. The post at the very top of the page is called the Main Post. When you make posts under it, those posts are called replies. A thread is a chain of posts, meaning, the page that the series of posts are on. A discussion thread is the thing we’re posting on right now, message wall threads are threads on message walls.


It would be helpful if the title of posts were something clear about what the post is form. Like, if the title of your post is, "AND ALSO SO LIKE OMG LOOK AT THIS LOLOLOLOL," and you're posting fan-art, that does not tell us what your post is about. It would be much appreciated if everyone could make titles that give a better idea of what your post is talking about. It makes things more organized and easier to sort through.

Message Walls

Message wall notifications disappear when you go into a discussions page. Sometimes they glitch and disappear completely, after a while. Off-topic conversation is more welcome on message walls, however, you are always welcome to join the official Off-Topic Thread where we just talk about random subjects.
In the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), where it says, "?threadId=(number)", that number is the link to the thread itself, or the main post. The number after the # is the part of the URL that goes to a specific reply.


To upvote a reply, click the heart on the left side of any post. It should turn bright pink, indicating that you have successfully upvoted. You upvote to show that you like what the person posted, or agree, or think it's funny, something along those lines. You get notifications when people upvote your posts. To see who upvotes your posts, go here. Click the keys CTRL and F on your hard keyboard, then search for "upvote". Unfortunately, searching for words on a page does not work on mobile devices, only desktop ones. You can still find who upvotes your replies, however, you have to look for the text rather than use your computer search to find it. Look for ","causedBy":".

Modifying Your Notifications

To dispose of notifications for upvotes, go to your common.js page. Create the page if you need to, and/or directly copy and paste the content below to the edit box. Then, hit save. For more information , see this article.

    type: 'script',
    articles: [

window.andrewds1021.ignore_notifications.filters = [
        types: [

You can also get a more organized version of your notifications to make them easier to go through as well as less glitchy. Also go to your common css page. Create the page if you need to, and/or directly copy and paste the content below into the edit box. Then, hit save.

@import "/load.php?mode=articles&articles=u:dev:MediaWiki:OrganizedNotifs.css&only=styles";


An analysis of what the categories are for:

"General" is basically like "miscellaneous". Anything that does not really belong in any of other the categories belongs there. If there are too many posts in this category that are pretty similar topics, making a new category for that would be considered. Right now, it looks like it is not necessary, and it is all pretty organized, but if you think a new category is needed for a topic that a lot of posts are about, feel free to post your idea.

"Informative Updates" is quite self-explanatory. Examples include: if today is a certain celebration for the wiki or She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, a certain event, something new gets released, a character's birthday perhaps, or the anniversary of the She-Ra release date. Official changes being made to the wiki are also posted there. To summarise, any update or piece of information that is found will belong here.

"Fan Creation/Project" is anything made by a fan, like artwork, writing or a roleplay, to name a few examples. Creative works that are posted here should have proper crediting if they were not created by you. For example, if you post artwork, the username of the creator should be stated as well as a link to the source, if possible. If you cannot find even the username of the creator, you should just not post it at all.

"Game/Entertainment" is also good to put roleplays in, or any kind of chain thread or poll. A fan activity, like a She-Ra quiz would be interesting. It is the humor section, but less random and has more of a complex concept.

"Community" It has been noticed that people like to introduce themselves when they join the wiki, so this would be GREAT for that. Anything that has to do with our community-someone's birthday, a holiday, appreciation posts for people, random questions to get to know people better, and the like.

"Opinions" This is for debate or questions, like here is a perfect place to put your thoughts if you want to. Why or why not? You tell me in the opinions post.

"Analysis/Theories" If you notice some kind of cool pattern in She-Ra, or an interesting possibility is discovered and you want to write a theory, this is the place.

"Humor" should include anything to laugh at, including jokes, memes, anything involving humor.

"Suggestion Box" What do you think we should change to improve the wiki? It could have to do with new guidelines, restrictions, wiki articles/content, formatting maybe, any ideas you have are welcome there.

Creating Posts

Creating posts: if you go to the discussions page, you can see that near the top it says, "What's on your mind, 1?". On the right side of that you can see two icons, one with a bunch of lines, and another that's a little data-measuring icon. The lines one you can click on to create posts, the data one you can click on to create polls. A little pop-up box should appear for you to create your post.

After you type a title and body text for it, you can hit "next" on the bottom right of the little box. Here, there is a dropdown menu in which you can choose the category in which your post belongs. If you scroll down a bit on the box, you can see that you can also add tags. Any topic that your post is relevant to and has an article on the wiki, you can add a tag for.

Below those two options for poll and post, you can see a dropdown menu that says "view." with an icon that's a bunch of switches. Click on that and you can see the options "standard" and "condensed", which are two different formats of the way the posts are arranged. Above that you can see two options too, "hot" and "new". You can change both to suit your preference.

On the left side of that same bar, you can see a deopdown menu. If you click on that dropdown menu, it opens all the different categories. You can see posts made in a particular category by clicking on the name of the category.


There is a maximum of # options you can put on a poll. You can also add images. If you look on the right side of each option on a poll when you create it, you can see that there is a little image icon with a mountain and sun behind it. Click that and you can upload images from your device. You can also see who votes for which option: after you vote, you can click on any of the options of the poll, and it will tell you who voted for that option. This may or may not work on certain mobile or desktop devices, and it can also depend on whether the app or website is used.

Once you reply on a thread, you automatically follow it, meaning you get notifications for it whenever new replies are created. To stop the coming of notifications, click on the three dots located at the top right corner of the main post. Then, there are two options: report the post, if it's against rules, which a mod will handle, and the second option is to unfollow it. Click that to stop getting notifications from the thread.


For some basic roleplay guidelines, check this out. There isn't a separate category for this because it's really more for the Fanon Wiki.
But if you wanted to make one, it would probably go into the Game/Activity category.

Basically, in a roleplay, you put in a character (or more than one if you want), and narrate their actions to create a story. Usually you can make up your own characters.

You are also welcome to create your own roleplays. Make a story base, get some friends and boom! You're all set.

The person who creates the roleplay, called the "owner" of it, gets to decide the big changes and the plot, but if they allow others to, they can make up bigger parts of the story too.

Technically, the owner pretty much gets to decide everything about the roleplay, like the amount of characters you can put in and what they do, but the whole thing is pretty loose since it's mostly just for fun.

One thing you can definitely and always control your character's actions, thoughts, small details about them and the story and how it all ties together, and what they say. You narrate your character in the third person limited point of view, about what they say/do/think, and when everyone does this for their own character, it goes together to becomes a story. You may not, however, control other characters and narrate them doing/saying/thinking things, as this is called powerplaying and makes things unorganized and unfair for the person who is supposed to narrate that character. UNLESS the character is NP, which means that anyone can play them.

Sometimes the entire plot is already planned out by the owner, and the members of the roleplay conduct the story with their small amounts of narration. Other times they or everyone just make it up along the way.

The owner of the roleplay should describe the story in their main post. You can also ask people who are in it for a re-cap if you want, to get a sense of what's going on. Owners of the roleplay can assign co-owners to do things that they would normally do, when they're unavailable. The idea is that everyone can decide a part of the story: their own, and how that links to the rest of the story.

To enter an already begun roleplay, you can just ask people if the roleplay is open. If it is, you can just kind of slide your character in and start narrating them right away, probably by introducing them to the other characters in the story. They should probably enter by meeting the others somehow, like maybe if the characters in the story are in a particular place and your character is from that place, that would be a good part to introduce your character.
Different roleplays can vary, though. In the She-Ra Fanon Wiki, most of them are not so strict with rules.