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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Song of the Sea Witch is a book for children which belongs to a collection written by Tracey West and published by Scholastic Inc. It's the second graphic novel in release in the collection, preceded by Island of Magical Creatures and followed by She-Ra: Legend of the Fire Princess.


The iconic heroine She-Ra is back! An all new original chapter book set in the world of She-Ra, just in time for the reboot of the series on Netflix.
Fans of the Princess of Power will be thrilled with this original story set in the world of the She-Ra's series from Dreamworks on Netflix! With illustrations throughout and packed full of humor, magic, and friendship, these chapter books are the perfect way for a whole new generation of She-Ra fans to get to know the Princess of Power and her band of heroic friends.
In this book, Adora and her friends work together to track down some powerful First Ones' tech that the heros hope can help The Rebellion. But they aren't the only ones who want the tech... can She-Ra and her crew outsmart the Horde and come out on top?


Chapter Description Pages
Chapter 1: The World of Etheria These are the heroes. 1–6
Chapter 2: A Mysterious Message There's a new what in Salineas? 7–21
Chapter 3: A Surprise in Salineas This is not good. 21–32
Chapter 4: Catra's Plan Of course the Horde's involved. 33–40
Chapter 5: Captured! Didn't see that coming. 41–52
Chapter 6: The Story of the Sea Sorceress Oh. Well, that's actually understandable. 53–64
Chapter 7: Monster Trouble Not this one again. 65–72
Chapter 8: The Sound of Victory The way to defeat a sorceress. 73–80
Chapter 9: What Did We Forget...? Did Sea Hawk save the day? 81–84
Chapter 10: Hey, Adora! Of course she's here, with friends. 85–94
Chapter 11: Trust On to a better freindship 95–104