She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Origin of a Hero is a book for kids belonging to a collection written by Tracey West and published by Scholastic Inc. It expands upon the plot from the first two episodes[1] of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It tells more stories of Adora's and Catra's life in the Horde that is not discussed in the show. It also defines some canon and is followed by She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Island of Magical Creatures.

Origin of a Hero is now available for sale through online booksellers and at bookstores.


She doesn't need a hero, she is a hero. On a planet called Etheria, two forces battle for control. The Horde, with its skillfully trained soldiers and advanced technology, has one goal: to conquer all of Etheria in the name of Hordak. The other force, the Rebellion, is made up of princesses and has been fighting to maintain harmony and freedom for all of Etheria's people.

Hidden among them all is a hero to be. Her destiny was written by the First Ones a thousand years ago. Now she is about to rise again.

Discover the origin of a hero in this first chapter book in the series! This book expands on the plotlines of the first two episodes, giving readers a deeper glimpse into their favorite hero's backstory. With illustrations in each chapter, these books are packed full of friendship, humor, and heart!


Table of contents
Chapter titlePages
Chapter 1: Adora and Catra 5-14
Chapter 2: Princess Glimmer Breaks the Rules 15-26
Chapter 3: Snake! 27-34
Chapter 4: Commander's Pet 35-40
Chapter 5: Evaluation Day 41-48
Chapter 6: A Bittersweet Reward 49-54
Chapter 7: Back in Bright Moon 55-58
Chapter 8: Into the Whispering Woods 59-68
Chapter 9: Bow's Plan 69-74
Chapter 10: Adora's Vision 75-84
Chapter 11: Light Hope's Challenge 85-94
Chapter 12: For the Honor of Grayskull! 95-100
Chapter 13: The First Ones 101-112
Chapter 14: Adora's Choice 113-121


  1. The Sword: Part 1 and The Sword: Part 2
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