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She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: Island of Magical Creatures is a book for children that belongs to a collection written by Tracey West and published by Scholastic Inc. It is the second in release in the collection. It is preceded by Origin of a Hero and followed by She-Ra: Song of the Sea Witch.


The iconic heroine She-Ra's back! An all-new original chapter book set in the world of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power on Netflix.

Her mission is to protect Etheria, but she can't do it alone. After The Battle of Bright Moon, the Horde army has retreated. But Adora knows they'll soon be back. Now the Princess Council is searching for a way to make The Rebellion stronger. Then they discover a First Ones' mural that shows an island full of animals with magical powers. Are these magical creatures real― and will they help out The Rebellion? Adora and her friends are set out on a quest to investigate. But they aren't the only ones on Etheria looking to strengthen their cause...
Fans of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power will be thrilled with this original story set in the world of the She-Ra's series from Dreamworks on Netflix! With illustrations throughout, and packed full of humor, magic, and friendship, these chapter books are the perfect way for a whole new generation of She-Ra fans to get to know the Princess of Power and her band of heroic friends!


What is the Horde doing, and why?

How can Adora and Swift Wind bridge the gap between them?

This story takes place in the days and weeks after the Battle of Bright Moon.

  1. "Into the Woods": Swift Wind and Adora spot something suspicious.
  2. "The Princess Council": How can the heroes respond to this? Everyone's got an idea.
  3. '"An Ancient Mural": Adora's ability to read First Ones comes in handy.
  4. "Eyes in the Darkness": Is someone paranoid or is that...
  5. "Across the Ice Bridge": Frosta saves the day
  6. "Battle on the Gorge": Is that an elemental?
  7. "Arcana Island": How do you cross a body of water, ideas anyone?
  8. "Twinkles the Mighty": Are these friends or foes?
  9. "Following Treeleaf": Do sloths have magic?
  10. "Catra's Back": Sorry, I said you were paranoid.
  11. "Decisions": "... stay here and protect this place."
  12. '"A Bond at Last?": "I'm not jealous! YOU'RE jealous!"



  • Twinkles: Hedgehog, leader of the creatures; spins quickly to change size
  • Lily: Skunk; sprays pretty scents
  • Mehira: Mountain Lion; runs blindingly fast
  • Winda: Porcupine; skilled in hand-to-hand combat and quill throwing
  • Tajana: White Fox; becomes invisible
  • Treeleaf: Deer, the most beautiful of all the creatures; can glow and change colors
  • Felix: Sloth; can hover off the ground