Shadow Weaver, formerly known as Light Spinner, was the second-in-command of the Horde. She a sorceress of dark magic and runs and oversees the operations of the army. She is also the one who raised both Adora and Catra as her wards. Later, due to the loss of her runestone, her position went to Catra and she is currently a prisoner.


Her face is heavily disfingured in some way and she keeps it concealed behind her red mask. She has long and flowing black hair that follows after her like a sinister shadow. She is cloaked in a red and dark maroon with a little pink colour dress.


She is cunning, manipulative, and cruel.


Adora Edit

Adora would later compare Shadow Weaver to a mother, but she wasn't a very kind one. While Adora was her favorite and she seemingly cared deeply for her, she was also very cruel and manipulative. At times she can be very twistedly affectionate with Adora, caressing her face and crooning over her abilities.

Catra Edit

Shadow Weaver despised Catra, viewing the girl as lazy and incompentant. She hated the girl for seemingly dragging Adora down to her level, but she tolerated her presence because Adora was fond of Catra. At the end of the first season, she would remark that it was she who made Catra strong, implying that it was Shadow Weaver's goal all along to build a strong soldier from honed neglect.


Powers and Abilities

Her powers and Abilities are Sorcery and magic. She gets it from the Runestone of ( princess ) Scorpia - The Black Garnet.


Past Edit

Shadow Weaver was known as Light Spinner. She was one of the most powerful sorceresses. Light Spinner was expelled from the group of sorcerers for wanting the whole power for herself. Some people took advantage of this event to create a story that she had not left the group, instead said she was waiting for her revenge. She meets Lord Hordak, and he makes her a sorceress of the shadows, and the second-in-command of The Horde. He also gave her the force captain (princess) Scorpia's family's runestone: The Black Garnet.

Season 1 Edit


  • Her names (titles) are antonyms of each other: Light and Shadow, which are opposites. Spinner and Weaver are both synonyms, implying that she equally controlled light as she now does darkness that is shadow.


Since the conclusion of season 1, the She-Ra community has unearthed a multitude of theories about the direction and future of this character. While they cannot be confirmed nor denied, these theories and ideas are integral to the design of this character and how they are perceived in the series.

Season 1 Edit

  • We are never graced with Shadow Weaver's face, and therefore her identity is concealed from us. However, it is speculated that she is indeed Mara, the original She-Ra. We know that Shadow Weaver was a sorceress from Mistacor named Light Spinner who fell from grace and reinvented herself into that of Shadow Weaver. This can be said the same of Mara, who became unstable and compromised, putting Etheria in danger, and then seemingly disappeared for 1000 years. Viewers have tumultuously explained that Mara, after becoming compromised by her power as both She-Ra and Light Spinner, fell from grace and hid in the Fright Zone, reinventing herself in hopes of gaining a new form of power that could rival that of She-Ra. Additionally, she was so invested in Adora due to her preconceptions Adora becoming She-Ra, and therefore watched the girl in hopes of one day surpassing her strength.
  • Expanding further on the idea of Shadow Weaver as Mara, it is said that she joined the Horde to access their Runestone, and therefore gain abilities through it. They say only princesses can harness the power of a runestone and turn it into tangible abilities, and since Mara was She-Ra, she is technically of royal She-Ra lineage and can, therefore, access the power. If Shadow Weaver were not a princess of some degree, logically it would've been impossible to use the Black Garnet's power.



Shadow Weaver in Mystacor