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Season Two is the second season of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It premiered on April 26, 2019.


After the successful defense of Bright Moon, Adora is now positioned as a leader of the Princess Rebellion. She continues to learn more about her past - and her future as She-Ra.

In this season full of self-discovery, Adora continues to learn the secrets of She-Ra's legacy - and the mysterious fate of the She-Ra that came before her, Mara. She continues to question why Mara stopped working for Light Hope, and believes that it was because she was too selfish and afraid to fight.

Along with Glimmer and Bow, Adora teams up with the other Princesses of Power to keep The Horde at bay. Meanwhile, Catra is finding she’s really good at being bad as she rises in the ranks of the evil Horde and becomes even more determined and driven to defeat her former best friend, Adora. With the help of Scorpia and now Entrapta, she rises the a power beyond anything she could have ever hoped for, going as far as Shadow Weaver. She can have anything she wants now, and is happy with all her success... right?


NO. Episode name Originally released
1 "The Frozen Forest" April 26, 2019
2 "Ties That Bind"
3 "Signals"
4 "Roll With It"
5 "White Out"
6 "Light Spinner"
7 "Reunion"



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Season 2 was summarized by showrunner ND Stevenson in the form of a number of emojis on Twitter, as shown by this image.