Seahawk whenever he's going on trip or a fight with friends.
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
Seahawk is a sea captain who joins the Rebellion, and a main character in the series. He makes his debut in The Sea Gate.


Seahawk is a fair, well-built man with dark tousled hair (held back by a black headband) and a "naturally shiny" handlebar mustache. He wears a white shirt with a square collar and triangular cutout, a red neckerchief, a blue jacket with gold accents, brown bracers with gold accents, dark grey pants, a brown belt with a holster, and thigh-high cuffed boots.


Gregarious, charming, and braggadocious, Seahawk is a big presence with quite a lot to say (and sometimes, to sing--often to the others' chagrin). He's gung-ho for adventure, and loves telling others about the many he's had. However, he's also got a sensitive streak (especially for Mermista) and a strong desire to be liked, stemming from being quite far from home.


Mermista Edit

Mermista and he have romantic history, and he still harbors deep feelings for her--even though he's ruined quite a few of their dates with his antics, and she'll (seemingly) have nothing to do with him.

Powers and Abilities

Seahawk, unlike most of the heroes besides Bow, has no magical powers to speak of. However, he is quite strong and agile. He also utilizes the tactic of fire-based combat by setting all his boats on fire.


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