— Sea Hawk whenever he's going on trip or a fight with friends.

Sea Hawk is the presummably highly experienced sea captain of the Dragon's Daughters' I-VI who joined The Rebellion in Season One.


Sea Hawk is a fair, well-built man with dark burgundy tousled hair (held back by a black headband), black eyes, and a "naturally shiny" handlebar mustache. He wears a white shirt with a square collar and a triangular cutout, a red neckerchief, a blue jacket with gold accents, brown bracers with gold accents, dark grey pants, a brown belt with a holster and golden buckle, gold trapezoid-like earrings, and thigh-high cuffed leather boots with golden tips on the sole.


Gregarious, char
  • Seahawk seems to be discussing or watching something with Bow.
  • Seahawk is enjoying his time with his girlfriend Mermista.
  • Seahawk is apparently admiring himself in this photo.
  • Seahawk seems to be saying something, or shaking his fist as shown.
  • This is the original seahawk icon, which is also used as his profile for this article.
ming, egotistical, and sometimes a little narcissistic, Sea Hawk is a big presence with quite a lot to say (and sometimes, to sing - often to the others' chagrin). He's gung-ho for adventure, and loves telling others about the many he's had. However, he's also got a sensitive streak (especially for Mermista) and a strong desire to be liked, stemming from being quite far from home.



Sea Hawk and Mermista have some romantic history. He still harbors deep feelings for her - even though he's ruined quite a few of their dates with his antics, and she'll (seemingly) have nothing to do with him. She did, however, allow him to give her a ride to the Princess Prom, and let him think he was her "plus one".

In Season Two, Sea Hawk complains that Mermista doesn't want him around her other friends and seems genuinely sad at being left out.

In Season Five, Sea Hawk confesses his love to Mermista while she is chipped by Horde Prime. In the finale, his feelings are implied to be requited with a blushing Mermista and Sea Hawk in an embrace.


Sea Hawk and Bow became "instant besties" after being introduced to one another. Their fighting styles complement each other, as do their musical talents. Each has a deep admiration for the other and both genuinely cherish their friendship.


Sea Hawk and Scorpia bond over their inability to get close to the people that matter most to them. They seem to form an awkward but sincere friendship.


Both Adora and Sea Hawk are very competitive by nature. They two often play arm wrestling But Adora is clearly stronger because she always wins. To Sea Hawk it's shame to admit it so he just "lets her win to boost her confidence".

Powers and Abilities

Sea Hawk, unlike most of the heroes besides Bow, has no magical powers to speak of. However, that doesn't mean he's useless:

  • Agility: Sea Hawk is quite strong and agile.
  • Arm wrestling: Sea Hawk is considered a decent arm wrestler.
  • Singing: Sea Hawk is a good shanty singer. Much to Mermista's chagrin.
  • Fire-based tactics: Sea Hawk utilizes the tactic of fire-based combat by setting all his boats on fire and ramming them into the enemy.
  • Sword-fighting: As shown in "Roll With It" and "White Out", Sea Hawk is a skilled swordsman. He use a golden pirate cutlass(short saber), cavalry saber, or Sea Hawk's energy sword.

Sea Hawk also has the ability to inspire everyone around him, by yelling "Adventure!".



His past is a bit of a mystery. We know he sailed the Straits of Serpentine, set ships ablaze, courted Mermista, and had many adventures.

Season One

Sea Hawk is first introduced in "The Sea Gate". He offers to give Adora, Bow and Glimmer a ride to Salineas aboard his ship The Dragon's Daughter III. After Glimmer sees how much it would cost, Adora makes a deal with Sea Hawk. To have an arm-wrestling challenge. If Sea Hawk won, the squad would leave him alone. If Adora won, Sea Hawk would give them a free ride to Salineas. Adora won the arm wrestle so Sea Hawk gave them the ride to Salineas.

The Trio and Captain Sea Hawk sail to Salineas via the Straits of Serpentine on Sea Hawk's boat Dragon's Daughter, III. He tells the crew that he has a habit of setting his ships on fire as his signature battle move. The Trio has excellent ship board skills that impress the Captain, Bow is star-struck when the Captain praises his knot tying abilities. The Captain entertains the crew with sea shanties, which everyone loves, especially Bow. Glimmer finds out that the Captain purposefully brought them out of the way to experience an adventure with a giant sea-serpent, causing much consternation. But She-Ra easily defeats the monster and they move on.

The heroes arrive in Salineas to find that the kingdom is woefully under staffed and in jeopardy of falling to the Horde. And that many residents have fled because the Sea Gate is falling apart. Glimmer offers to help if Salineas joins the Alliance. Mermista and Sea Hawk trade jabs over him getting her kicked out of the Dolphin Social for challenging a doorman to a duel and the time he set their gondola alight in the Tunnel of Love, presumably on a date gone horribly wrong. Sea Hawk retreats to his boat and tries to run away, sulking. He tells Glimmer he's lonely for home and the two bond.

Sea Hawk saves Bow's life in a gallant and stunning rope swing save maneuver, which is totally adorable. Glimmer tells the captain to do his signature fire-ship attack on the Horde ship. Glimmer and the captain set his ship on fire and crash it into the Horde ship, causing Catra and crew to retreat. She-Ra completes her healing of the Sea Gate to Mermista's surprise. She then gives Sea Hawk a new ship, which he does not promise to not set on fire. Bow and Sea Hawk then entertain the hero's with a great sea shanty duet.

At the Princess Prom Adora notices how Sea Hawk is there, singing about his date ― Mermista. Of course, Mermista denies that he's anything but her ride, but her face turns red with embarrassment. Mermista then leaves to find a Kelp bar and Sea Hawk follows just as Bow and Perfuma arrive. After Bow and Glimmer are taken captive by The Horde, Mermista, Perfuma, Sea Hawk and Entrapta volunteered to rescue Glimmer and Bow with Adora and mounted a daring escape. After leaving Entrapta behind Sea Hawk drove everyone home on the Horde skiff.

During the Battle of Bright Moon Mermista and Sea Hawk help repulse Catra's attack alongside the rest of The Princess Alliance.

Season Two

Captain Sea Hawk sailed Glimmer, Bow and Adora to the Northern Reach aboard The Dragon's Daughter V. After the fighting was over and while hiding from the Snow Monsters, Sea Hawk and Scorpia commiserated about how their friends seem to take advantage of them. Scorpia and Sea Hawk, with Adora in tow, joined in the attack on the Snow Monsters. The monsters seemed attracted to the disk and focused on Catra, who had the disk. During their attack Catra dropped the disk and Scorpia broke it after Glimmer and Sea Hawk encouraged her to. Sea Hawk sailed the hero's back home.

Season Four

Sea Hawk took part in a disastrous attack on a Horde installation, and afterwards there is an accusation that someone is a spy. While Mermista investigated her spy theories she turned her attention to Sea Hawk, who cannot restrain himself from exaggerating his exploits in battle.

Despondent over the princesses fighting and the loss of Salinias, Bow agreed to a "boys' night out" with Sea Hawk and Swift Wind. In Seaworthy, Sea Hawk manages to get Bow to reluctantly join in on a catchy shanty with him and Swift Wind, rejoicing in friendship, until several men that Sea Hawk hired arrive and capture them. Sea Hawk explains that it's meant to be a ruse so that the Princesses would unite to save them, until he realizes that the people who captured them are not the ones he hired. The trio awaken in the middle of the ocean, tied to the mainmast of their captors' ship.

Sea Hawk then sends a seagull to Mermista to call for help, but Admiral Scurvy shows himself and has Sea Hawk walk the plank. Sea Hawk pleads with Scurvy, but Scurvy is angered about Sea Hawk burning down his ships. After Mermista gets the message and tells everyone, Glimmer teleports onto the ship with Mermista and Adora in tow. Adora transforms into She-Ra, bowling the Horde sailors over, and everyone works together to fight off the outpouring Horde sailors, singing together in glee.

Sea Hawk joined Mermista as the Heart of Etheria activated and held her when she collapsed. Then watched in horror as Prime's ships flew in the Etherian sky.

Season Five

Sea Hawk formulated a plan to contact Prince Peekablue by sneaking into the Enchanted Grotto's underwater soiree. He is hoping to get Peekablue to use his farsight to help the Rebellion. Mermista gave everyone secret aliases Scorpia is Lynda D'Ream, Perfuma is Tara. Sea Hawk and company bluffed their way into the soiree where they found out that most of the guests had a grudge against him, so he had to keep hiding, and binding up his "frenemies" with Mermista. Still hiding behind the bar with Sea Hawk Mermista reluctantly told the sailor that she may have set a boat on fire, just a tiny bit, to see what it felt like. His heart melted with happiness making Mermista irritable. When he found Scorpia had captured Double Trouble he escaped with them and Perfuma as the chipped Mermista tried to destroy the building they were in.


  • Sea Hawk had some romantic tension with Adora herself in the original 80's cartoon. His role as Adora's love interest has largely been replaced by Catra, while Adora's role as his love interest is replaced with Mermista.
  • He has a penchant to name his numerous sailing vessels - "the Dragon's Daughter", with a proceeding number. The numbers correspond to the latest model of ship, he hasn't burned down or destroyed in some way.
  • Enjoys singing shanties and yelling "Adventure!"
  • Also enjoys burning his ships down in spectacular fashion.
  • Has also burned many other ships down by accident.
  • His voice actor, Jordan Fisher recorded a version of "You're Welcome" - from Moana (2017). His version is in a similar pop style to that of the opening theme of "Warriors" by Aaliyah Rose. However, the in-movie version (by Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson), sounds similar to the shanties of Sea Hawk.
  • In "Perils of Peekablue", Sea Hawk and Mermista hide from a number of people that Sea Hawk has upset, implying to have set their ships on fire. Those people include Falcon (named in this tweet by Stevenson), Admiral Scurvy, Scurvy's crew (including Leech and his feline crew member), and one of the patrons we typically see at the Seaworthy bar.
  • Also In "Perils of Peekablue", Double Trouble called Sea Hawk "hot stuff", implying that there may be a casual attraction there.
  • Sea Hawk has dated at least one man, implying that he may be bisexual.
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