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I am brave, strong, loyal, and give great hugs. And I am going to be the best friend that I CAN BE!
— Scorpia, to herself in episode "Princess Scorpia"

Scorpia is one of the Elemental Princesses, a former member of the Horde, and a current member of the Rebellion.


Her family was the rulers of the Fright Zone prior to the arrival of Hordak. She is the former quaternary antagonist of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. She is introduced as a force captain of the Horde who frequently works alongside Catra, but she later left for the Princess Alliance due to emotional and moral changes. She later connected with the Black Garnet Runestone and obtained control and powers over electricity as a result.


Scorpia appears human-like with added physiological features of a scorpion, including a long stinging tail and strong broad pincers, further detailed with some sections of hard carapace. She is tall, with a strong, rather endomorphic physique. Her lips are black,[2], and her hair is white with a simple short undercut. She's most often seen in her Horde uniform: a red sleeveless shirt or vest, marked with a Horde emblem on the back and a Force Captain badge near her collar, and simple burgandy pants or tights. After joining the Princess Alliance, she discards all her Horde emblems, including her badge.

During "Princess Prom", Scorpia styled her hair slicked back and wore a black dress. She wore the dress again in the episode "Perils of Peekablue".


Scorpia, although from the Horde, is a very caring and steadfast friend, in addition to being a determined Force Captain, barely showing a hint of true malice or sadism compared to the others. When in battle, her incompetence and her innocent nature can hinder her progress, but she makes up for it with her dedication to the Horde. She is not very serious or competent but does get the job done. However, Scorpia is naive and often makes petty mistakes. She fights for the Horde ardently, despite her cordial disposition, and it is stated that her family values a sense of loyalty. She acts chiefly on behalf of her loyalty, shown in Perils of Peekablue, when she stays behind so that everyone else could leave. By then, she'd switched to fighting for the Rebellion.

She was the one who suggested that they attack during the events of "Princess Prom" and carry it out. She was able to effectively lie to Catra in Season Four, and when she saw Shadow Weaver with the Princess Alliance, she realized why Catra had been acting the way she was. In "The Perils of Peekablue", she was the one who figured out Peekablue was actually Double Trouble in disguise, giving her some knowledge of deduction.

Scorpia has a fear of lightning, which is ironic given her Runestone. She is very chatty and energetic, sometimes to the point of annoying others, but her upbeat spirits are always there to keep things lively. She is a people pleaser and will do anything for others even when it is wrong.

She has described herself as a "hugger" and loves to make friends. Making friends as well as protecting her friends seems to be her main motivation.

Her morning to-do list includes waking up, looking sharp, breathing in the new day, making her bed, feeding Emily, and last of all, pushing down doubts and insecurities.

Scorpia can be too self-conscious and hard on herself, but copes and hides her insecurities and doubt well; her mantra is "I am brave, strong, loyal, and I give great hugs. And I am going to be the best friend I can be!" ("Princess Scorpia"). She has mentioned that the other Princesses were made uncomfortable by her and she feels judged by them.

Powers and abilities

Scorpia is one of the most powerful individuals in the series, and her power seems to grow as her character develops. She is physically able to hold her own against She-Ra and able to fling people a great distance with her tail.


Scorpia empowered by her Runestone.

Black Garnet connection: Despite being one of the Elemental Princesses, Scorpia was never shown to have a connection with her Runestone prior to the events of "Destiny Part 2". After the Horde took the Black Garnet from her family, it was believed that Scorpia lost all possible relation with it. However, with the help of Glimmer, Scorpia was finally able to form a connection with the Black Garnet.

  • Electrokinesis: After she linked to the Black Garnet, Scorpia gained the ability to generate and manipulate what looks like red lightning. However, the bolts she throws don't behave anything like lightning or even electricity - for example, they can amplify kinetic force, and they are able to travel through earth. Overall, her energy bolts seem to embody chaotic, destructive energy or force.
  • Floating/Hovering: It can be assumed that the power to float or hover stems from Scorpia's control over electricity, as it was shown in "Return to the Fright Zone" while she used her previously mentioned power.
  • Aura generation: When united with the other princesses, Scorpia can generate an aura that greatly amplifies her powers. Her aura glow is purple.


  • High Authority: As a Force Captain, she had a high degree of authority over the Horde Soldiers ranked below her, but she gave that up after her desertion.
  • Super Strength: Scorpia is extremely strong (strong enough to overpower She-Ra in terms of pure might, and can lift Lonnie, Kyle, and Rogelio off their feet at the same time for a group hug). She is also extraordinarily durable, as shown by her ability to take the full brunt of Glimmer's staff strike (which can destroy Horde robots) while barely noticing.
  • Strong Pincers: Her pincers are shown to be good for crushing and cutting, used various times in battle. In Fractures, she notes that they are good for "general pincing" and "cutting through basically everything."
  • Skilled Singer and Hugger: She is also very good at singing and giving hugs.
  • Poisonous Tail Stinger: Scorpia has a tail stinger that injects venom into the victim. Various responses to the sting are shown, including temporary paralysis and completely losing consciousness.


Scorpia needs someone with hands.

  • Lack of Hands: She has one notable weakness: her hands (or lack thereof). Though not usually an issue, she has shown difficulty in holding files and using remotes due to the fact that she has scorpion claws as opposed to actual human hands with fingers. This is shown in Roll With It, when she can't click buttons on the remote control for the spy-bot, as well as in Signals, when the papers keep falling from her grasp.
  • Clouded Judgement: Scorpia's optimistic attitude, naivety, and misguided faith in others can also cloud her judgment, the most notable instance of this being her relationship with Catra. Despite being proven wrong multiple times (and even being told so by Catra), Scorpia allows her belief that she and Catra are best friends get in the way of rational decisions, such as letting her send Entrapta to Beast Island. It is not until Catra snaps at Scorpia for being unable to find Entrapta's recordings that she finally realizes Catra is a bad friend, eventually deciding to leave the Horde for good.


The Horde

As a force captain, Scorpia can only be believed to be dedicated to her work in the Horde. In "Princess Prom", Scorpia tells Catra that the Horde crash-landed in her back yard. This means that Scorpia's family is from whatever the Fright Zone was called before Hordak crashed there. And that her entire family joined the Horde after their kingdom was taken over. Her life with the Horde has been part of her everyday life since day one. She was willing though to stay in the Crimson Waste, showing that she'd choose Catra over her long time home, the Horde.

In Season Four, she begins seeing the Horde for what it truly is, and finally defects. After getting to know her fellow princesses and realizing that the Horde had lied to her for her entire life. She was still reluctant to fight them due to her past with them but after Glimmer's encouragement, she decides to fight for what is right.


Scorpia and Catra

Scorpia and Catra become reluctant friends while on missions for the Horde, even to the point of Scorpia inviting Catra to be her "plus one" at the Princess Ball. She seems to really want to be her friend and tries not to let her down. She admires Catra, the latter essentially being the first friend she has ever had, which contributes to her biases, and despite all her flaws thinks she is amazing, calling her on multiple occasions 'beautiful' and 'genius', and joyfully repeats how she considers Catra to be her 'best friend'. Scorpia's crush on Catra has become a topic of discussion quite often throughout the series.

Scorpia's friendship with her continues in Season Two to the point of asking Catra out on a date. The two also bond after a successful raid on First Ones' tech in the Northern Reach. During Season Three, however, she finally begins to see Catra's darker side, such as when she sent Entrapta to Beast Island and threatened to do the same to Scorpia if she stepped out of line. Scorpia is crushed by this and sinks to her knees in a heartbroken way. In Season Four she realizes that their relationship is detrimental, calling Catra a "bad friend"; this ultimately leads to Scorpia's desertion.

True friends at long last

Even after leaving the Horde, she still thinks there is some good in Catra and still cares for her well being. Unknown to Scorpia, she played a major role in Catra’s deteriorating sanity. Catra secretly did care about Scorpia, since she has been driven insane by Scorpia’s absence (due to her crippling mental stability caused by everyone she cared about abandoning her. (Adora, Shadow Weaver and now Scorpia) and became near-to obsessed with finding her, up to the point where she threw numerous, destructive tantrums at the mention of Scorpia and lost a great deal of rest, which only further added to her crippling sanity.

After Horde Prime was defeated she reunites with a reformed Catra; before Catra could say anything she hugs her as a sign of forgiveness.


Scorpia and Entrapta have a friendly working relationship, considering her part of her "Super Pal Trio". She was against sending Entrapta to Beast Island but did nothing out of fear. After realizing the error of her ways, she leaves the Horde to save her, realizing Entrapta is her first real friend.

Rogelio, Kyle, and Lonnie

Scorpia became close to them over the course of the series. She was elated when she learned that they defected from the Horde as well. Despite her kindness, Scorpia also likes to unfairly blame everything on Kyle. In the fourth episode of Seasom Two, "Roll With It", Kyle, Rogelio and Lonnie help her try to maintain a fortress Catra left Scorpia in charge of. Scorpia is desperate for everything to go smoothly in order to impress Catra, but in the end, the The Princess Alliance takes back the fortress, despite Scorpia's best efforts.


You two. Even when you're trying to kill each other, you can tell there's a real bond."
— Scorpia in White Out to Adora about her former friendship with Catra

Scorpia is jealous of Adora's past relationship with Catra. She seemed to dislike Adora, referring to her in White Out as "Catra's ex-BEST FRIEND". She is briefly seen being friendly towards Adora in "White Out", even hugging her. In "Remember", she was the first one to agree with Adora in that something was not right when they were in a false reality. Eventually, she turned to Adora and the rest of the Rebellion for help in rescuing Entrapta. They seem to have become developed a more secure bond since Scorpia joined the Princess Alliance.


Glimmer and Scorpia hug.

Although they started out as enemies, Glimmer helped her with her issues with the past and encouraged her to embrace her destiny as a princess. The two began to trust each other and Glimmer promised Scorpia that activating her powers would make her able to save everyone on Etheria. Glimmer was also astounded by Scorpia's newly acquired lightning powers.


Frosta likes Scorpia's pincers.

Frosta was angry at her for her role in ruining the Princess Prom, but after she was assigned to guard her, the two started to bond over both not fitting in. Frosta also became very interested in her pincers and found them really cool. Scorpia has shown to have grown quite fond of Frosta in a very short time and called her "Little Buddy" when she tried to rescue her. The pair fought Prime side by side several times in season five. They have a big sister little sister type relationship.

Sea Hawk

They had a brief interaction when the sailor was helping his team infiltrate the Fright Zone to rescue Glimmer and Bow. He tried and failed to beguile her with his charms; she remembered that he was a member of the Rebellion and instantly turned hostile. He was only rescued when Entrapta released a crane that knocked out Scorpia so that they could continue with their mission.

In the Season Two episode "White Out", Scorpia and Sea Hawk briefly speak to one another about relationships because they feel as if they are being ignored and unappreciated by who they love. Their time together is hinting a friendship despite being on opposing sides. Sea Hawk also asks her if she thinks he's cool, and Scorpia replies with "potentially." They have become very good friends since she joined the Rebellion.

Swift Wind

Swift Wind and Scorpia shared a friendship moment where they talked about their love of singing and how they make a good team. Scorpia joined Swift Wind's night's watch. They shared a few friend moments, Scorpia let slip that Kyle had a crush on Rogelio, but that she's really good with secrets. Swifty told her that he's been trying to access his sacred bond with Adora, but to no avail.


Initially, Perfuma and Scorpia did not interact a great deal. The first time they properly met, Scorpia had sneaked into Bright Moon, and Perfuma, instead of attacking her, attempted to befriend and settle things peacefully with her. Unfortunately, Scorpia’s tail instinctively stung and paralyzed Perfuma, much to Scorpia’s dismay. After that particular incident, Perfuma became slightly wary of Scorpia, but was still her friendly self. Despite the fact that Scorpia was still considered an enemy, due to her former allegiance to the Horde, they became better friends while she was being held prisoner, even being given a flower by Perfuma as a symbol of friendship. Their interactions for the rest of the season following that were scarce, hardly being shown, though it can be assumed that they grew closer while Adora, Bow and Swift Wind set out to rescue Entrapta on Beast Island.

In Season Five, their relationship is expanded further. In “Perils of Peekablue”, Perfuma assisted Scorpia in gaining self-confidence to socialize with the other patrons once she noticed how much she was struggling to do so, and encouraged her to do what she loves, to which Scorpia replied that she “always liked singing”. Perfuma urged Scorpia to boost herself by repeating “I can do this” when she feels nervous or afraid. During the party, the two playfully called each other by their code names, hinting at romantic interests in each other.

When Peekablue was revealed to be shapeshifter Double Trouble and half of the party-goers were chipped, Scorpia, realizing she could use her electrokinesis to her advantage in the water-filled cavern, sacrifices herself to fend off the clones, much to Perfuma’s dismay. Scorpia warmly reassured Perfuma that she (Scorpia) “can do this,” while a tearful Perfuma is forced to leave her behind. Unfortunately, Scorpia was chipped during the battle, therefore becoming one of the mind-clones connected to Horde Prime’s hive mind.

Perfuma constantly worried about Scorpia, holding on to the belief that Scorpia’s conscious still existed inside her, and was fighting back the chip‘s mind control. When Netossa listed down everyone’s weaknesses, she acknowledged how Perfuma’s main weakness was her inability to hurt the people she cares about, which proved to be a disadvantage to the Rebellion as half of their members and friends were chipped. Perfuma still believed that Scorpia had some control over herself, hoping the power of friendship would prove to be stronger than the mind-control. Unfortunately, Perfuma had to face Scorpia anyway and seemingly failed to reach out to her. However, Scorpia, instead of aiming directly at Perfuma, aimed in a different direction, allowing Perfuma and Adora to escape. Perfuma realized that her theory was right and was overjoyed to learn this, while Scorpia discovered one of Perfuma’s flowers and showed some recognition of her friend’s lost object, smiling fondly.

When Entrapta and Bow disabled all the chips in the last episode of the series, Scorpia was freed from her chip and was reunited with Perfuma, the two being overjoyed to see each other. According to a post created by Noelle Stevenson, the two have begun a romantic relationship, meaning they are currently girlfriends.


Scorpia started taking care of the robot as a pet after Entrapta was taken to Beast Island and seeing Emily as her second real friend after Entrapta. She took Emily with her when she left the Horde.


Scorpia's family.

No interaction with her family has been seen on-screen. There is a picture of Scorpia's parents that she keeps near her bed, seen in "Princess Scorpia". We see her female parents holding an infant Scorpia; she also mentioned a grandfather who submitted to the Horde in the same episode. She appears to look up to them, although it is unknown if her thoughts on them changed after her defection.



Scorpia is a princess who was raised by her moms, she also mentions a grandfather she looked up to. She told Catra that "the Horde crash-landed in [her] family's backyard", meaning that Scorpia's family is from the Fright Zone. Her family later made an agreement with the Horde, and their runestone, the Black Garnet, was given to Hordak who then gave it to Shadow Weaver.

However, this is the story she's been told by the Horde, it's quite possible that that is a fabrication designed by the Horde to keep Scorpia in line. Her family is all gone, presumably dead, and she's the only one with the ability to use the Black Garnet, with the exception of Shadow Weaver, who can only make a partial connection. The Horde, specifically Shadow Weaver, has a history of this type of manipulation to control their assets.

Season One

Scorpia is first introduced in the episode "The Sea Gate". She joins Catra on the mission to bring back Adora to keep Catra in line. She seemed confused that Catra didn't attend force captain orientation. Scorpia then fires the laser to try to stop She Ra and destroy the gate. She flings Bow overboard the Horde ship, then she keeps firing the laser at the gate. She jumps overboard with Kyle, Rogelio, and Lonnie after the ship is destroyed.

Catra was shocked by the fact that Scorpia is a princess, then convinced her to accept Frosta's invitation to the Princess Prom so they could capture Glimmer and Bow. Scorpia plants heat bombs and they succeed with the mission.

Scorpia was part of the invasion force during the Battle of Bright Moon, and was targeting Glimmer majority of the time.

Season Two

Scorpia was put in charge of a tower the Horde recently occupied by Catra but she and her subordinates were driven out by the Princess Alliance.

She accompanied Catra and Entrapta to the Northern Reach of Etheria to retrieve First Ones' tech, but a run-in with Adora, Glimmer, Bow and Sea Hawk provoked a jealousy of Adora’s past friendship with Catra. She eventually makes the decision to break a First Ones’ disc that had been corrupting the Northern Reach’s Snow Monsters, to save Catra.

Scopria found Catra contemplating about Shadow Weaver. She was shocked when she learned that Beast Island was real and confused about why Catra cared so much because of Catra and Shadow Weaver's mutual disdain for each other.

Season Three

Tung Lashor with Scorpia and Catra Once Upon a Time in the Waste.png

Scorpia broke into the prison to rescue Catra, but Catra refused her help because she felt that caring for others is what got her in trouble in the first place.

Scorpia accompanied Catra to the Crimson Waste after Catra was sent there on a suicide mission.

After Catra took control of the Crimson Waste, Scorpia suggested that they stay in the desert and rule all the gangs instead of returning to the Fright Zone. While Catra was not against the Idea, they ultimately went back after Catra learned about Shadow Weaver being in Bright Moon.

When Catra ordered Entrapta to be sent to Beast Island, she was against, it but Catra threatened to do the same her if she stepped out of line.

Scorpia appeared in the alternate reality in "The Portal", and was one of the only ones to sense that something was off. Adora realises this, remember Scorpia saying that she didn’t like her in a Force Captain meeting, and seeks for her help. Unfortunately, Scorpia is erased while she ran after Adora.

Season Four

Scorpia leaves the Horde.

Scorpia was tasked with finding an Entrapta's notes. She later found out that the recordings were in Emily but could not extract without disassembling her robotic friend. She went into some ruins that used to belong to their family before the Horde conquered her kingdom as she again tried to defend Catra, but then Emily showed her the recording of Catra sending Entapta to Beast Island and Scorpia doing nothing because she was afraid. It was then she finally realized how cruel and selfish Catra is and resolved to fix her mistake. Scorpia presents a piece of junk tech to Catra, saying she "accidentally" damaged the recordings when she supposedly extracted them from Emily. After Catra's spiteful comments she walks away from her "bad friend" and gathers the courage to finally leave the Horde with Emily so that she can save Entrapta.

Scorpia accidentally stinging Perfuma.

When she arrived at Bright Moon she was attacked by the princesses but managed to ask their help. After tying her up, they were willing to listen to her. She then told them about Entrapta's predicament; Scorpia was horrified to learn from Shadow Weaver that Beast Island was actually worse then the stories told in the Horde. Adora and Bow wanted to rescue Entrapta immediately but Glimmer ordered that Scorpia be guarded instead. She stats bonding with Perfuma and Frosta and starts to tear up from feeling like she belongs.

Scorpia claims her birthright.

Glimmer goes to Scorpia for help by forming a connection to the Black Garnet so the princesses can use the power of the Heart of Etheria. Scorpia is uncertain because of getting rejected a lot in the past, but after Glimmer tells how she relates to her and explaining how Horde Prime is a danger to everyone on Etheria, she agrees. Scorpia hugs Glimmer, then pulls back apologizing, but realizing that Glimmer is hugging her back returns to her hugging.

The real battle has just begun.

Glimmer and her travel to the Fright Zone where they encounter Kyle, Rogelio, and Lonnie. Upon learning that they defected from the Horde too, Scorpia gives them all a hug before continuing to the Black Garnet. When they reach her family Runestone she is still filled with doubts, but Glimmer encourages her, and Scorpia connects to the Black Garnet; gaining the power over red lightning. Glimmer orders her to go help the other princesses. As she is about to leave, Scorpia goes on that even though Catra has done terrible things she cares about her, Glimmer tells her to relax because "we're the good guys." When Perfuma and Frosta started feeling harmed from the Heart's activation Scorpia rushes to help them only to fall to the effects of the superweapon herself. After Adora stopped the Heart, Scorpia and her fellow princesses watched as the Horde Armada has finally arrived on Etheria.

Season Five

Scorpia joined in the relocation and protection of Etherian people. She worked happily with the rebels, often commenting on how kind everyone is. She had to sting Adora unconscious to save her life when she got outmatched by three clones she attacked, alone. After retreating from the three clones the group temporarily captured a single clone and tried to interrogate him without success. They abandoned the clone when their base was overrun and had to retreat to the deepest part of the Whispering Woods.

Other princesses listening to Entrapta

While most of the Princesses were hesitant to welcome Entrapta back into the group, Scorpia vouched for her, stating that she has a good heart. With Mermista in charge, Entrapta led Scorpia and Frosta to one of Prime's spires where she believed that they could discover Glimmer's location by hacking into the spire's computer. The four Princesses sneaked past many of the bots but Entrapta wondered off and walked into a bot that activated the spires defenses. This created a heated exchange where Entrapta realized that people were mad at her for joining the Horde and her perceived lack of empathy. Entrapta apologized and with reckless abandon rushed toward the spire to get the signal and find Glimmer's location. Mermista blessed her plan and sent Scorpia and Frosta as Entrapta's back-up while she and Perfuma distracted the rest of the bots. Entrapta hacked the spire, discovered Glimmer's whereabouts, and found out that Prime was sending reinforcements to Etheria. They then informed Adora and told her to leave immediately.

Scorpia joined Swift Wind's night's watch. They shared a few friend moments, Scorpia let slip that Kyle apparently told her that he had a crush on Rogelio, but that she's really good with secrets. Swift Wind told her that he's been trying to access his sacred bond with Adora, but to no avail.

Sea Hawk formulated a plan to contact Prince Peekablue by sneaking into the Enchanted Grotto's underwater soiree. He is hoping to get Peekablue to use his farsight to help the Rebellion. Mermista gave everyone secret aliases Scorpia is Lynda D'Ream, Perfuma is Tara. Sea Hawk and the company bluffed their way into the soiree. Perfuma and Scorpia had a heart-to-heart where Perfuma encouraged Scorpia to not let her dreams be dreams; this led Scorpia to sing a song beautifully. After her number, she went backstage and started to talk the Prince into helping them. But as they talked the Princess realized something was amiss and after questioning them, she stung them unconscious. The gang questioned Double Trouble until a chipped Mermista entered the room and broke the glass protecting them from the sea around them. While everyone else escaped Scorpia stayed behind holding the structure together. She was then captured and chipped.

An apologetic Scorpia cradles Bow

Adora made a plan to sneak into Scorpia's home, having figured out where she was. As the Princesses fought in the Fright Zone, Scorpia forced Adora and Perfuma into Hordak's throne room that Prime had taken over and remade in his image. Scorpia bound the two Princesses while Prime explained that he had to come and see Etheria for himself. He revealed that he no longer needed She-Ra to activate the Heart of Etheria; building upon Hordak's research and his personal knowledge of the First Ones he said that he could access the Heart on his own. Horde Prime ordered Scorpia to end Adora and Perfuma, and she powered up her lightning and devastated the platform that Adora and Perfuma were on. But that only released the Princesses and angered Prime.

During a battle outside the spire a wave of clones from Horde Prime's ship beam down to the surface to engage the princesses in combat. However, they hold back and do nothing, their arrival distracting them long enough for Mermista to flood the battlefield and Scorpia to electrocute the princesses through it. With the battle briefly halted, a massive hologram of Horde Prime coalesces over the spire, who gloats over them all and reveals Entrapta in captivity, assuring them that eternal night awaits them before disappearing again. Melog and Bow fight their way through the clones in the spire, swiftly cutting a path to Entrapta's setup from before he was abducted. Before they can quite reach it however, a bolt of electricity shot from Scorpia nearly kills them both. Glimmer intends to go help him, but when she turns around she finds all of her allies ensnared in dark magic; her father, King Micah, single-handily overcame the entire Princess Alliance and holds them motionless with his overpowering magic.

In the Horde outpost itself, Scorpia unleashes her own electrical magic at Bow until Melog enshrouds him in invisibility to keep him safe. While under the cloak of Melog's invisibility, Bow continues the deployment Entrapta's program to deactivate all the chips on Etheria. Scorpia is unable to detect him until he shouts out in glee when the program activates, allowing her to blast him and Melog away from the terminal and back into visibility. He talks to Scorpia and absolves her of guilt for anything she did while under Horde Prime's influence, to the point where she is able to resist fighting him for just a second, time enough for him to finally deploy the program and deactivate all of the chips. And finally Scorpia herself is freed along with everyone else. She, Melog, and Bow all hug in joy. The princesses are beleaguered by a hail of green blasts from Horde Prime's clones. Netossa holds them at bay with a net while the rest of the princesses return fire, until Scorpia and Bow arrive to help. They rejoice in being together until Horde Prime appears on a cliff above them, foretelling the destruction of the planet when the Heart of Etheria is used.

She-Ra then comes before Horde Prime, who vows he will return only for She-Ra to correct him saying his reign is over and banishes him from Hordak's body with a surge of magic, killing him, ending the threat of the Horde once and for all. Hordak is restored, remembering the day when he first found Adora as a baby, and seeing this Entrapta rushes to him and embraces him. Glimmer and her father embrace, Netossa and Spinnerella share a kiss out of joy, Scorpia forgives and hugs Catra.


"Force Captain Scorpia reporting for duty!" -Princess Scorpia

"The Horde always told me I was different, that I wouldn't fit in with you all, but you're making me feel the opposite of not belonging, which I guess is belonging?"-Fractures

"Hey, you can't touch another woman's tail without asking!"-White Out

"You're a bad friend." -Princess Scorpia

Scorpia: "[annoyed, ruefully] Just wanted a moment alone with Catra, but, no, I'm stuck babysitting her ex-best friend."
Adora: "[a silhouette of Adora runs past, then a crash is heard; Adora yells out as she slaps Scorpia in the face with a mop which makes a wet, gushing noise; Adora then laughs and falls to the ground]"
Scorpia: "[confused] okay, there, Adora?"
Adora: "[happily, loudly] Wow. You...are a big bug. [falls back against the floor]"
Scorpia: "[sighs] Whew, yep. That is the truth. Glad you're seeing clearly. Now, come on. [begins to drag Adora by the hand, her body squeaking across the floor as she hums happily] I'm taking you back to the lab. [groans slightly] Aw, now what was the code again? ...Uh, maybe--[taps at the keypad with a claw]"
[Adora reaches up and presses a button, mimicking beep noises by saying boop; she does this several times as Scorpia attempts to stop her]: "[Adora reaches up and presses a button, mimicking beep noises by saying boop; she does this several times as Scorpia attempts to stop her]"
Scorpia: "Stop that."
Adora: "[Adora appears on Scorpia's back and boops the buttons again until Scorpia grabs and throws her away with a thud]"
—Scorpia and Corrupted Adora White Out, minute 4:30

"Good, good, yeah. I was just testing you on whether you knew how to do that. And, you passed. So, kudos."-Roll With It

"Move those big weapon-y things! Flap those banners! Oh... keep doing whatever it is you're doing, guy I'm pointing at! now do a different thing! And look sharp, force captain's orders!"-Roll With It

"Beautiful and brilliant."-Signals

"Catra, you beautiful genius, I'm coming!" -Ties That Bind

"All in favor of blaming this on Kyle? [...] Yep that's unanimous."-Roll With It

"See, I thought I was being a good friend to Catra, but it turns out Catra wasn't being a good friend to me, and also that I have no idea what friendship is. Man, I think Entrapta's the only real friend I've ever had."-Fractures

"I just... wish she could see me as worth her time."-White Out, about her relationship with Catra.

"I'm great with secrets! Like one time, Kyle said he had a crush on Rogeli--- nevermind! I didn't say anything."

"Hey, everybody. How are you? Gosh, I am so sorry for popping in unannounced. I didn't wanna interrupt. You all seemed really busy, so I snuck past the guards and was just waiting for you guys to notice I was here-- [...] No. Do-- hold on! Hold on! I don't wanna fight you. [...] [gasps] [shouting] No, wait! Wait, wait, wait! No. Please! I don't wanna hurt you. [...] I am so sorry. I did not mean to do that. It's instinct. It-- uh-oh."-Fractures

"I'm the muscle, remember? I can do this."-Perils of Peekablue


  • In Season Two and beyond, it is heavily implied that Scorpia is romantically interested in women, and in the episode "White Out" she even tries to ask Catra on a date. After the show had finished, it was confirmed that Scorpia got into a relationship with Perfuma.
  • Scorpia's astrological sign is Cancer, also known as the crab.
  • Lauren Ash confirmed in a 2019 interview that Scorpia grew up in the Horde and has never considered a life outside the Horde.
  • Scorpia coined the word terifunfying in Season 4, after getting her lightning powers.
  • Noelle Stevenson claimed that if Scorpia had a favorite band it would be Fleetwood Mac.
  • Scorpia revealed that Kyle apparently told her that he had a crush on Rogelio a while back.
  • Noelle Stevenson created a playlist called "Scorpia" on Spotify, along with a few other of the main characters. These playlists seem to have songs that Stevenson identifies with the characters, or about their feelings throughout the show.
  • In the episode White Out, Scorpia said to Sea Hawk that Catra once used her rock hard exoskeleton as a nail file.

See also

  1. Stevenson confirmed Scorpia and Perfuma are in a relationship in a Collider article
  2. S4:E6 "Princess Scorpia" – Scorpia's lips are black even before she wakes up.
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