Roll With It

Roll With It
April 26, 2019

Roll With It is the fourth episode of Season Two and seventeenth episode overall of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. It was released on Netflix with the rest of the second season on April 26, 2019.


The Rebels gather to plan an assault on a Horde occupied tower. After too much planning, they decide to improvise. There are multiple call-backs to the original She-Ra show of the 80's.


The episode started with the Best Friends Squad planning a stealth attack on the Horde occupied tower. The tower used to be under Rebel control, but the Horde took it over while the Princesses were defending Bright Moon. And during the simulation Tiny Bow, Bow's DnD style figure, plunged to his 'death' causing Bow much consternation. Adora then self-sabotages their plans by saying that “our plans always fail” and Glimmer countered her by saying “we've gotten really good at improvising”; which demonstrated Adora's fear and lack of confidence and Glimmer's more accurate understanding that their strengths are greater than their weaknesses.

A little off

In the tower, while Catra was away on a mission, with Scorpia in charge, general confusion and chaos were abundant. Lonnie and Rogelio were in utter disbelief that Catra put Scorpia in charge when Lonnie was the obvious best choice for leadership. Scorpia then spent valuable preparation time opining about her friendship with Catra while failing to prepare for the Rebel attack.

Lonnie activated a Spy Bot, who became a fan favorite, to go collect info on the princesses. The Spy Bot collected visual and audio from the Princess camp that distressed Scorpia but confirmed to Lonnie that the Princesses were struggling just as much as they were.

Scorpia needs someone with hands

"Yes Please!"

The other Princesses then joined the planning session and 'discussed' several different attack strategies using different motifs; James Bond style, 80's She-Ra style, Attack on Titan style, Sea-Ra style. During the arguing Mermista accidentally poured soda-pop on the Spy Bot, causing it to malfunction and die, making it the first victim of this battle.

Adora then dismissed everyone's suggestions and succumbed to a defeatist attitude before the battle started, all out of fear of what Catra, who was not there, would do. Fortunately, Glimmer reminded the group that they've been in worse situations, with fewer options and did well. To quote the Princess of Bright Moon, “Bad things will happen, that's life...figure out the things you can, and TRUST that your friends have your back for the rest.”

Lonnie and Rogelio aptly prepared the tower and reassured Scorpia that things were under control. However, the Horde could not have prepared for an actual plant golem, the Sea-Ra, Frostbite:Winter's Bane and the rest of The Rebellion which decisively overtook the tower.

The rebels celebrated as the Horde retreated and blamed poor Kyle for everything.


Artifacts and Tech


  • tower located near a river.


See: Roll With It/Transcript


  • In Bow's strategy, some of the characters were wearing the outfits of their counterparts from the original series, She-Ra: Princess of Power.
  • The ending rolls the original 80's them from the "The Secret of the Sword" TV movie from Classical She-Ra.
  • Bow's version of Catra could turn into a panther, which is what 80s Catra could actually do.
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