Rogelio is one of the Horde soldiers we see in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. He is one of the former friends of Adora before she defected to The Rebellion. He is a secondary antagonist in the series. In the Season Four finale, he defected from the Horde with Kyle and Lonnie.


He is a green-scaled well build lizard-man wearing a standard Horde uniform.


It is difficult to know Rogelio's personality as he speaks using guttural speech sounds (grunting), but he has been seen caring for Kyle when he was injured. Rogelio is proficient in hand-to-hand combat.


The Horde


Rogelio always seems to look after Kyle, and he seems to know Kyle from when he was small. He also tends Kyle's many wounds and even protects him from danger. It's noticed in Season 4 when Rogelio is talking to Kyle that Kyle cannot understand what Rogelio is saying as he speaks by growling. Noelle Stevenson confirmed that Kyle, Rogelio, and Lonnie are in a romantic relationship.


Lonnie is the one who tells Scorpia who Rogelio is in "Roll With It". Noelle Stevenson confirmed that Kyle, Rogelio and Lonnie are in a romantic relationship.


In Season Two, Scorpia doesn't even know Rogelio's name or what he does, even wonders out loud, "I wondered what his 'deal' was."

Powers and Abilities

Good in hand-to-hand combat. Also seems to be the only one bandaging wounds. He is also technically proficient, fixing tanks and various other tech.



Virtually nothing is shown of his past, other that showing up in some of Adora's and Catra's flashbacks. There is no proof of it but there is a chance that Rogelio is trans, there is a difference between his teen picture and his current picture.

Season One

We see Rogelio training alongside the other Horde recruits and is frequently near Kyle, bandaging Kyle's wounds. In No Princess Left Behind we see him aggressively attack the heroes as they invaded the Fright Zone.

Season Two

In "Roll With It" we see him defend the tower they had taken control of.

Season Three

Rogelio has some incidental moments.

Season Four

In "Fractures", Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle return after working a double shift, Kyle badly injured, but Catra sends them back out on yet another mission despite their protestations. Later Rogelio, Kyle, and Lonnie are trapped in a Horde transport in the Whispering Woods during an acid snow storm which they barely escape.

While in the Fright ZoneCatra scours the Horde's surveillance systems for any trace of Scorpia, coming up with nothing. Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle return after working multiple double shifts, Kyle badly injured, but Catra sends them back out on yet another mission despite their protestations. 

Later, as Queen Glimmer and Scorpia arrive in the Fright Zone to balance the planet. They are quickly caught by Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle, but they are fed up with Catra's unreasonable demands, and let them in without challenge, as they are themselves leaving the Horde.

Season Five

Rogelio is seen in the final episode alongside with Lonnie, Kyle and Imp, who may have been adopted by him and Kyle.


  • While not directly stated in canon yet, the show's writers have teased a romantic relationship between Rogelio and Kyle[1]. After the series ended, when asked by a fan, Noelle Stevenson confirmed they were in fact a thing and added that in her head Lonnie was part of it too[2]
    • In Season Three, episode 4, the inside of a Horde's locker was shown. The owner was not specified, but it probably belongs to Rogelio by what's inside: a photo of Kyle with a heart and a drawing that said "R ❤️ K" on the bottom.
    • In Season Five, Episode 4, Scorpia reveals to Swift Wind that Kyle had told her about his crush on Rogelio, before cutting herself off.
  • He is the only frequently seen character who doesn't speak in English. However, he can still communicate, as other seem to be able to understand what he says in lizard noises.


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