April 26, 2019

Reunion is the seventh episode of Season Two and twentieth episode overall of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

It was released on Netflix with the rest of Season Two on April 26, 2019.


Catra searches for Shadow Weaver - Adora and Glimmer follow Bow to a mysterious library and learn that he hasn’t been truthful about his past.


Bow reads these First Ones' words: Serenia, Portal, Mara. While trying to find out what the mysterious message means, Bow leaves Bright Moon and seeks out The Library that is curated by his fathers George and Lance. When Adora and Glimmer track him down, they find out that Bow was supposed to take over his fathers' library, but since the the war against the Horde started, he decided instead to become an freedom fighter without telling them. Following the accidental activation of a First Ones' monster robot elemental in George and Lance's collection, Adora transforms into She-Ra, which blows Bow's cover story. Bow pacifies the robot, and after witnessing his dedication and being told the truth, his fathers give him their approval. George and Lance subsequently decode the message as a star constellation bearing the name Serenia which will soon appear above the Crimson Waste. The trio also learns that First Ones used stars to navigate space using constellations named after mythical heroes, one of whom was named Serenia. The constellation Serenia only appeared in Summer over the Crimson Waste. And the trio then and there decide they must head to the Crimson Waste.

In The Fright Zone, Catra desperately tries to track down the fugitive Shadow Weaver, but Hordak finds out about the escape and punishes Catra after giving her a chance to admit her failure. That same night, Shadow Weaver appears in Bright Moon at Adora's bedside.



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