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Princesses are rulers native to either Etheria or Eternia bearing unique powers, abilities, connection to nature, runestone connection, or Kingdom connection [1].


All Princesses so far seen in the show have elemental magic except for Entrapta, who has trichokinesis. The Princesses that have magical powers like photokinesis, electrokinesis or cyrokinesis get those powers from the naturally occurring magic of Etheria.

There appear to be fourteen Princesses currently on Etheria. Most are named as of Season Four. They are the She-Ra, currently Adora, and formerly Mara); Queen Angella, whose whereabouts are unknown, and perhaps deceased; Queen Glimmer; Netossa; Spinnerella; Perfuma; Scorpia; Mermista; Frosta; and one unnamed Princess. One born into royalty to inherit the title of queen once necessary is titled princess, as shown in the case of Queen Glimmer.

Runestone connection

The Elemental Princesses are connected to Runestones. They are Adora, Mara, Queen Angella, Queen Glimmer, Perfuma, Scorpia, Mermista, and Frosta.

The non-elemental princesses do not have connections to Runestones. They are Netossa, Spinnerella, Entrapta, and an unnamed Princess. Elemental abilities do not make one an elemental princess, unless the ability is powered by a runestone.

Other characteristics

Five princesses are leaders of Kingdoms. The Princesses with kingdoms are: Queen Glimmer, Mermista, Entrapta, Perfuma and Frosta.

When the Princesses, elemental or non-elemental, work intensely and cooperatively, they produce the rare aura generation which increases their power and causes them to glow. Entrapta seems to be the exception to this, but she has never been near the other Princesses when they had an aura generation.


  • Because only Princesses are invited to Princess Prom, and Sweet Bee, the Star Sisters, Peekablue were shown to be invited to it, it is possible that they are either princesses or consorts to princesses. Peekablue was addressed to as a Prince, but it is unknown if the title bears any actual meaning, and if so, what kind of power it alludes to.