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Princess Rebel Recruitment Shorts are short little videos as a series, directed by Roy Burdine. They are written in a style where the character is talking to the person watching the video. You can see the camera and its red record button flashing in view, in each video.

This article is about the short scenes with minor subplots. You may be looking for show.

Title Gallery Synopsis Characters/Cast and Crew Link Release Date
Bow Begins the Fight [1] Bow begins a series of videos to recruit potential Rebellion members. The Rebellion needs YOU to join in the fight against the Horde! If you're not a Rebel yet, here's some Rebellion inspiration wrapped up in a big shiny Bow!
Bow, Glimmer, Adora
[2] August 29, 2019
Glimmer wants YOU to join [3] Glimmer introduces herself and She-Ra, but is interrupted by Angella. Princess Glimmer of Bright Moon needs YOU to fight alongside her in The Rebellion! *Please ignore her mom who didn't realize she was filming this video and who NEVER KNOCKS.
Glimmer, Bow, Adora and Queen Angella
[4] September 5, 2019
From Adora to She-Ra [5] Adora talks about being She-Ra. If you weren't convinced you should join The Rebellion yet, then perhaps it's time you see The Rebel's secret weapon!!! Of course, she's not REALLY a secret because she's 8 feet tall and VERY noticeable and pretty much everyone knows about her. Ok ok... yes IT'S SHE-RA!!!
Glimmer, Bow and Adora
[6] September 12, 2019
Meditation with Perfuma [7] Perfuma attempts to teach meditation. Princess Perfuma's harmonious approach to fighting the Horde is certainly unorthodox... but this just goes to show there is something for everyone in The Rebellion (even arts and crafts?)! Join the fight today!
Perfuma, Swift Wind, Seneschal, She-Ra and Plumerians
[8] September 19, 2019
Mermista is the Coolest [9] Mermista talks about herself. Look, there's really not much to it. If you're cool, then you'll join The Rebellion. Case. Closed.
Mermista, Adora and Bow
[10] September 26, 2019
Entrapta Stole Bow's Tracker Pad [11] Entrapta records an experiment. So, this was supposed to be Volume 6 of Bow's Rebel Recruitment, but somehow Bow's Tracker Pad ended up at the Horde. Now we have this absolutely POINTLESS recording of Entrapta that really has nothing to do with joining The Rebellion (which you still should do).
insert characters/cast and crew here
[12] October 3, 2019
The Evil Horde is EVIL [13] The Horde faces off against the Rebellion. Luckily Scorpia brought Bow's Tracker Pad to this fight so you can watch The Rebels kick some Horde butt! At this point the choice should be easy! Join The Rebellion which is also much sparklier and has WAYYY better food than the Horde. Do it FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL! Bow recovers his tracker pad.
insert characters/cast and crew here
[14] October 10, 2019






Bow Begins the Fight/Transcript

From Adora to She-Ra/Transcript

Meditation With Perfuma/Transcript

Mermista is the Coolest/Transcript

Entrapta Stole Bow's Tracker Pad/Transcript

The Evil Horde is EVIL/Transcript


  • In "Bow Begins the Fight," Bow displays the very rare occurrence of himself acting embarrassed due to doing something funny by accident, when the goo arrow explodes.
  • In "Mermista is the Coolest," Mermista talks more about herself than she ever did in the show.
  • In "Glimmer Wants YOU To Join," Angella points out that Glimmer is frequently groaning and growling, specifically usually in the morning.
  • Frosta took up at least one third of screen time in "Meditation With Perfuma," and she is portrayed as a childish destroyer. The short video also highlights Perfuma's difficulties.
  • What ARE the waterfalls for? The short clip in "From Adora to She-Ra" brings back that moment, and it highlights the fact that the reason was never technically canonically revealed.
  • Despite the title of "Entrapta Stole Bow's Tracker Pad," Entrapta never stole the tracker pad. Catra was the one to steal it, and Entrapta borrowed it from Catra.
  • In "The Evil Horde is EVIL," Adora is trying to sound cocky to Catra, and her voice has the element of confidence. Slowing the audio down will give something reminiscent of drunk Adora. This shows that at this point, Adora has accepted that Catra is with the Horde and thus against her. This is one of the few times where the Rebels used that aura generation, where all of them have a colored aura.