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Plumeria is one of the main seven Kingdoms of Etheria and is ruled by Princess Perfuma.


Plumeria is a forested agricultural kingdom, replete with plants and trees. The land is ancient and susceptible to damage and attack, as Plumeria has few military defenses.

The kingdom has The Heart-Blossom as its Runestone, which lies at the center of its location and is Perfuma's magic source.

The Plumerians appear to live primarily in tents and yurts while also making use of the abundance of trees by utilizing their branches to support their tents and to hang various other structures. They love to create arts and crafts, as is shown in Flowers for She-Ra.

The people of Plumeria are optimistic, nature-loving, nonviolent, gentile, and peaceful — however their philosophy of non-aggression can be difficult to stay true to in times of war. They are also a family orientated people with many children and family units. They are also great with floral head wear, arts and crafts. They also hold drum circles in celebration for events. In Flowers for She-Ra, a little girl is seen handing a wind chime to She-Ra.

They also thought highly of She-Ra and lowly of themselves, believing that they could depend on She-Ra could do everything for them. An elder even noted. "It is our honor to serve the She-Ra" as she gave her food and a little kid said "Whoa, that's She-Ra."

In Flowers for She-Ra, according to Perfuma, they had been telling tales of the She-Ra for thousands of years, in one of which she was portrayed as "She-Ra, the warrior who tamed the beasts of Beast Island with a single word." According to legend, she also fought the "mantisaur." However, it is unknown whether or not this is true.

Their reliance on She-Ra changed when the people realized they couldn't depend on one fighter. They needed to also help themselves, so everyone marched into battle, including the regular villagers who originally thought they weren't soldiers. Storming into a Horde camp, a child screamed,"For the She-Ra!"



Plumeria was founded thousands of years ago and its people have lived there for just as long.  

Season One

In "Flowers for She-Ra", Glimmer, She-Ra, and Bow venture to Plumeria in order to help restore the power of The Heart-Blossom and heal the land from an unknown sickness. She-Ra is unsure of what to do, but she attempts to live up to the people's expectations which are set by Bow's exaggerated storytelling and Glimmer's confident support.

The Horde set up a machine to pump toxins into the ground near Plumeria, poisoning their land and making it easier to invade. The Trio was ordered by Queen Angella to bring Plumeria supplies, not engage with the enemy, but they rally the people of Plumeria to defend themselves against the Horde's devious plan and restore peace.

Princess Rebel Recruitment Shorts

Plumeria appears in the Princess Rebel Recruitment Short “Meditation With Perfuma”.

Swift Wind Adventures Shorts

The Swift Wind Adventure Short “Unicorn Warrior Training!” is centered in Plumeria.


Plumerians Seneschal Unnamed Caretaker


  • The only Plumerian whose name is listed in the show, other than Perfuma, is Seneschal.