Plumeria is one of the main seven Kingdoms of Etheria. Plumeria is ruled over by Princess Perfuma.

Its Runestone is the Heart-Blossom.


Plumeria appears to be a primarily agricultural kingdom, replete with plants and trees, the kingdom has no military defense and nature is very sensitive and old and can be easily destroyed. The kingdom has The Heart Blossom as its Runestone, which lies at the center of the kingdom. The Plumerians appear to live primarily in tents and yurts whilst also making use of the abundance of trees in their infrastructure with fixtures on branches and in trees.

The people of Plumeria are optimistic, nature-loving, nonviolent, peaceful, gentle, and pacifistic. Their policy of general non-combat can cause problems for them. They are also a family orientated people with many children and family units.



Plumeria was founded thousands of years ago and its people have lived there for just as long. 

Season One

In "Flowers for She-Ra", Glimmer, She-Ra, and Bow venture to Plumeria in order to help restore the power of The Heart Blossom. She-Ra attempts to live up to the people's expectations, which are set by Bow's exaggerated storytelling and Glimmer's confidence as well as her own. The Horde set up a machine that pumped toxins into the ground near Plumeria, poisoning their land. The Trio was ordered by Queen Angella to bring them supplies, not engage with the enemy, but there are complications in which they do engage with the Horde and restore peace.


  • No other Plumeria inhabitants' name are known.
  • In real life the plumeria flower is also a symbol of new life or birth.
  • There is a carving of Mara in her She-Ra form on the tree that houses The Heart Blossom; Perfuma shows it to The Trio when meeting them for the first time.
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