Octavia was a member of the Horde and holds the rank of Force Captain.


Octavia has green cyan skin, two arms, two legs, four limbs and a very muscular build. She wears an orange and brown uniform with brown below-the-knee boots. Octavia has her left eye bandaged, since it was scratched out by young Catra.


She seems to be short-tempered and is quick to anger, especially when being insulted or provoked by others.


She had an argumentative relationship with young Catra and Adora. We currently don't know her friendship status within the Horde.


She was already a Horde officer when Catra and Adora were being trained as young girls. On at least one occasion, Catra scratched Octavia's right eye and called her a "dumb face". After being hurt and scared by Octavia, Adora comforted her. The blonde also called Octavia a "dumb face", which greatly angered her and caused her to chase after the pair.

Season One

Several years later, she is present when Hordak scolded Shadow Weaver and gave her a dressing down for losing the captured princess Glimmer and hiding She-Ra's true identity from him.

Season Three

She was seen in the alternate reality.

Season Four

She piloted the Horde ship that took custody of Swift Wind, Bow and Sea Hawk after they were captured by pirates. She and her crew were defeated when Adora, Glimmer and Mermista arrived to save the three boys.

Origin of a Hero

In the book Origin of a Hero by Tracey West more of Octavia's history and personality is revealed.


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