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Boom! Nets!
— Netossa

Princess Netossa was a member of the original Princess Alliance and is a member of the current Princess Alliance. She hails from the far reaches of Etheria with net tossing magic that can capture or entrap enemies. She does not rule a kingdom; instead, she allies with Bright Moon.

Similar to her wife, Spinnerella, she is one of the Non-Elemental Princesses present during the show.


Netossa has black eyes and dark skin, with fluffy, wavy, silver-blue toned hair, cut shaved on the left side and on the right side a thick fringe falling over her forehead. She wears a short-sleeved, fully white shawl that covers her otherwise exposed shoulders. On her fore-arms, Netossa has on grey metal vambraces with blue stars that match her chest plate and boots. She also wears tight blue leggings with belts or black rope decorators around the hips, and a magenta choker band around her neck that matches the theme of Spinnerella's outfit.


Netossa came off rather annoyed with Bow when he made it obvious he did not know what she did, despite the fact that her ability is stated in her name. However, up to that point she had not done much, or been very vocal. The interaction shows that she is proud of what she does and wants to be recognized for it.

Netossa is jokingly but determinedly competitive and keeps score with Spinnerella on how many Horde bots they can take down. In contrast, she is also gentle and affectionate, as is obvious whenever she and Spinnerella are together. She deeply cares about her wife, and will do anything to ensure her safety.

In Season Five, she inherits a more leader-like role, stepping up when Mermista had been defeated. Furthermore, she is rather perceptive, as she identified the weaknesses of all the other princesses, mystical, physical, and psychological. She even figured out a way to find Catra's fear, arguably the most fought-against Horde general portrayed.

Powers and abilities


  • Ergokinesis (energy manipulation): Netossa has been shown with the to ability manipulate energy, primarily in the form of nets. She has been displayed to form a net-ball which, when thrown, generates a net around the target. This has been used to both incapacitate enemies but also to shield herself and her allies. Netossa can also generate shields and nets without forming them in a ball, as shown during the Battle of Bright Moon. Her nets can also trap enemy explosions, which she can throw back at the enemy, effectively using the enemy's weapons against them.
  • Aura Generation: When united with the other princesses Netossa can generate an aura that greatly amplifies her powers. Her aura manifests in indigo.



Spinnerella and Netossa

Netossa captures her chipped wife

Netossa is married to Princess Spinnerella. They are rarely seen apart. In the Season Four episode 'Mer-Mysteries', during an interrogation scene, Spinnerella and Netossa are shown on what looks like a date. In a later episode, they argued about why no one comes to their game night anymore. Netossa seemed to think it was the vegetable platters that repelled their guests, and Spinerella argued that it was Netossa's temperament. This shows that the two are somewhat competitive but they care deeply for each other nonetheless. In Season Five, their relationship was expanded on.

Spinnerella was chipped during the fight in Elberon, and as a result fell to Horde Prime’s mind control. Netossa noticed Spinnerella acting strangely but dismissed it at first. Netossa then realized it was her and Spinnerella’s anniversary, and, to make it up to her, tried to follow her and plan a surprise for her. Unfortunately, she soon discovered that her wife was under the influence of Horde Prime, and was forced to fight her. After Horde Prime fell, the two were joyously reunited.


Netossa and Bow were members of the Rebellion prior to Adora finding the Sword. He admittedly did not know what she or her wife did. As the show progressed, they worked together multiple times to defeat the Horde and later repel Prime's invasion of Etheria.

Queen Angella

The Queen had a longstanding alliance with Netossa and her wife. The pair were seen regularly attending planning meetings in Bright Moon to defend themselves from the Horde.


Adora became friends with Netossa early in Season One. They worked together from time to time in the first half of the show. In Season Four, they worked to retake Dryl, root out Double Trouble and defeat Hordak and Catra. After Adora returned to Etheria, the two helped the Rebellion defeat Prime and liberate the planet.


Netossa and Catra had limited interaction until Season Five. Netossa was hostile towards Catra and subdued her when the heroes returned from their space adventure, only for Adora to inform her that Catra was with the rebellion now. A skeptical Netossa then released Catra from her energy net. After they saved Erelandia, Catra comforted Netossa by saying her wife Spinnerella would be alright. Netossa smiled at her words, proving that they had begun to trust each other.



It is only known that Netossa was a member of the previous Princess Alliance.

Season One

In the episode "Flowers for She-Ra", the Best Friends Squad meet Spinnerella and Netossa at a war council to answer Perfuma's call for aid, as Plumeria was under attack by the Horde.

In the Battle of Bright Moon, she and the other elemental princesses drove back the Horde's assault on Bright Moon. Bow confessed that he does not know, "what they do." Netossa exasperatedly responded that with, "It's in the name. 'Net-tossa'... I toss nets."

Season Four

In the episode "Pulse", Adora, Bow, Spinnerella, Netossa, and several other rebels attacked what they thought was a Horde transport carrying a special weapon. It turned out to be empty, and when several robots emerged to surround them it became clear that it was an ambush. They managed to make it out, but Spinnerella and Netossa were both seriously injured in the process.

Adora, Spinnerella, and Netossa became bogged down in yet another ambush in the ongoing war with the Horde. Glimmer then teleported to Adora's location, where they were beleaguered by numerous pulse bots and protected only by a weakening Netossa. Glimmer quickly dispatched the majority of the bots, with Spinnerella destroying one that nearly detonated in front of them, becoming injured in the process.

Season Five

Frosta, Micah, Swift Wind, Netossa and Spinnerella decided to check things out in Elberon, where the Horde had been detected. When they arrived, all the villagers were inside and acting quite strange. Netossa chided Spinnerella for leaving her alone at the "party" and Spinnerella complained that, "something weird" had just happened to her. The villagers then closed the doors and strongly suggested the heroes stay and wait for the honored guest, Horde Prime. The villagers then attacked, their eyes turning green, revealing that they have been chipped in the same way Catra was. They managed to escape after Swift Wind felt his sacred connection to She-Ra activate. They all returned back to base.

The chipped Spinnerella went to Netossa to try and chip her, but she was too busy to be bothered. Both Netossa and Swift Wind commented on Spinny's strange behaviour. Later Netossa found her wife having a secret discussion with an unnamed minotaur. Netossa confronted Spinnerella about her strange behaviour and Spinny responded by telling her beloved that she was under Prime's control as was everyone else in the village. Spinnerella attacked Netossa and was joined by a chipped Micah who attacked Frosta and Swift Wind. Netossa threw a net over her attackers and fled with Frosta on Swift Wind.


As the heroes tried to question the village folk of Erelandia, Spinnerella landed in the village and attacked the heroes. After trading blows and pleas to stop the attack, Netossa joined and began defending the town from Spinnerella. Rather than taking the risk of hurting their chipped friend, Glimmer teleported everyone away from the fight. Netossa saw Catra and instantly attacked, trapping her in a net. She had the same reaction to Wrong Hordak. She then explained the amount of damage done, all the Princesses and friends who were now under Prime's control. Glimmer and the rest returned to Erelandia, and using Wrong Hordak to draw out two clones defeating them. Next they began an assault on the enemies inside the village. She-Ra and Netossa attacked Spinnerella while the rest handled the bots. While fighting her wife, the conflict became too great for Spinnerella and the chip grew in strength, hurting her and she fled. With the Horde purged from the village, the citizens pledged themselves to the Rebellion. Netossa led everyone to the hideout, where there was a joyous reunion. Unfortunately Frosta saw Catra and downed her with an ice-haymaker before being told that she'd switched sides. Adora pledged to free all their friends and defeat Prime.

Inside the Rebel base Adora leads a planning session on how to stop the chipped Princesses. Netossa revealed everyone's weaknesses in an effort to do that. They lost track of Spinnerella but found out that Scorpia returned to the Fright Zone. Catra pointed out the best way to save their friends is to first damage the chip. Adora made a plan to sneak into Scorpia's home. Netossa, Perfuma, Adora, Catra sneaked into the Fright Zone, cloaked by Melog. Perfuma walked in calling out to Scorpia, forgetting what stealth means. This got her attention and she attacked her friends. Catra got separated from the group and Mermista attacked her. Then, a chipped Spinnerella joined Scorpia and attacked. On the roof, Netossa broke Spinnerella's ankle and damaged her chip, rendering her unconscious. Glimmer teleported to Netossa's location and brought the pair back to their base, joining Catra and the rest.


"Nets! I toss nets!"

"No one comes to game night anymore because YOU insist on serving vegetable platters. NO ONE likes vegetable platters!"

"It's in the name. Net-toss-a."

"So the only person I'm fighting own wife?"-An Ill Wind

"Uh-huh? Nice try. Spinnerella refuses to accept that I busted two more bots than she did, so I'm winning."-Pulse


  • Her name is a pun of "toss a net".
  • Spinnerella, along with Netossa, are the first confirmed LGBTQ+ characters in the series, followed by Bow's fathers. Also, both Spinnerella and Netossa are rarely seen without the other onscreen.
  • She knows everybody's weakness in the Rebellion:
    • Spinnerella: An old ankle injury she never recovered from.
    • Mermista: Fire
    • Frosta: Also Fire
    • Perfuma: Fire; psychological inability to unleash all her power due to fear of hurting those she cares about.
    • Glimmer: Crippling self-doubt and overwhelming hubris
    • Adora: Can't act to save her life, fear that she won't be able to protect those she cares about.
    • Bow: Dependable on his bow
    • Entrapta: Tech
    • Catra: Water
    • Herself: Spinnerella.
  • She says "boom, nets" a lot, especially once she uses her power.
  • She and Spinnerella are the only married princesses.
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