Mystacor is one of the main seven Kingdoms of Etheria, and is the realm where most of Etheria’s sorcerers are known to reside.


Mystacor is a floating island among the clouds with a light violet color that is home to all known sorcerers of Etheria, which is seemingly ruled by Castaspella the head sorcerer. This kingdom remains a secret from most Etherians except for a select few. Glimmer's family knew of its location since her father trained in Mystacor. It is unknown how they elect their headmaster, but it is likely that their magical abilities would have to be proven to be superior to those of other candidates.

The Lunarium and the Hall of Sorcerers are inside Mystacor. Mystacor also boasts peaceful cloud beaches, healing thermal springs, and tranquil gardens.


The kingdom was built upon a First Ones' citadel ruin called Arxia. It is the training hub for all magic learning and sorcery. Mystacor is hidden and shielded by magic attained from performing a monthly eclipse ritual in the Lunarium. Protected by an invisibility spell and other enchantments with the Lunar Lenses, Mystacor is considered one of the safest and most relaxing places within Etheria. Castaspella is currently the head sorceress of Mystacor. Light Spinner/Shadow Weaver was a teacher in Mystacor until she cast the Spell of Obtainment. She then turned to the Horde because she lusted for power.

In Season Five, after being chipped by the Horde Armada, a mind-controlled Micah had captured Mystacor and held it for Horde Prime. This kingdom was vital for the final battle for She-Ra to held against Prime since the Crystal of Arxia, the container of the failsafe code to the Heart of Etheria, was located beneath Mystacor.


(Ruler; Head Sorceress)
Light Spinner/Shadow Weaver
(formerly; exiled)
King Micah
(formerly; in S5 only)
Norwyn (former ruler) All Etherian sorcerers



  • Mystacor is one of two kingdoms not to be ruled by a queen or one of the Princesses; the other is the Fright Zone.
  • "Arxia" was the ancient name used for Mystacor.
  • Mystacor is kept hidden above the clouds and has a protective force field surrounding it.


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