Micah is the former ruler of Bright Moon and a supporting character in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

He is the brother of Castaspella, husband of Queen Angella, and father of Glimmer. He is a powerful sorcerer who trained in Mystacor from a young age as a gifted student of Light Spinner.

During a battle with the Horde, he was captured and sent to Beast Island, presumed to be dead. He was later revealed to be alive and was rescued along with Entrapta by Adora and Bow. Similar to Mermista's father, he does not rule his own kingdom anymore but still retains the title of "King".


According to Castaspella, his only daughter Glimmer favors him quite a bit. When he was younger, young Micah had jet black hair which was kept in a half-up, half-down bun, the back of his hair spilling out just below his neck. He had dark/black eyes and slightly tanned skin. Appearing to be of average height, Micah had a slim build as a young man.

Sometime before his disappearance, Micah is shown to have grown facial hair, more specifically, a Balbo beard with ample mutton chops. He also has a moon-shaped white (possibly bone) necklace. His bangs are neatly parted while the rest of his hair is longer and more evenly draped over his shoulders. His eyebrows are thick, resembling his daughter's as they both have a short, high curve. At some point before adulthood, Micah takes down his bun, instead choosing to wear his hair down.

Micah is tall and strong, having thick, toned arms, a wide chest, and a thin waist - his fit condition is likely because of the hard years he had to endure on Beast Island.


All Micah's family (Castaspella, Angella) and his former master, Shadow Weaver, insist that he and his daughter Glimmer share some similarities in terms of personality, be it brave, headstrong, or powerful.

Through the few flashbacks in 'Light Spinner', his debut episode of 'The Portal', and by mention of the characters who knew him before his passing, Micah is most remembered for his brave and determined personality. As well, he is mentioned several times to have been gifted and exhibited feelings of being stunted by his slow pace lessons.

In Light Spinner, Micah first demonstrates his determination and dedication by performing more advanced magic than what Shadow Weaver had been teaching her students. He mentions wanting to learn more, and Shadow Weaver (then Light Spinner) attempts to manipulate him and feed into his need to grow strong, informing him of the Horde's attack. As well, he is shown to have no problem stating his opinions on matters that are important to him. Best demonstrated again in Light Spinner, as he backs out of using Shadow Weaver's dark magic to gain power, even if it would have defeated the Horde.

As well, he can also be somewhat silly. In his time training in Mystacor, he is shown making a mockery of Norwyn with his magic. Micah giggles frequently throughout his first appearance, sometimes out of embarrassment or guilt, such as Shadow Weaver scolding him or when he is caught fooling around with important crystals. In the Portal, Micah plays a somewhat dangerous game with his daughter, as he has her catch small spells of magic and dissipate them with her own, showing him to be a playful person.

In The Portal, he is shown to be a loving husband and father, as he comments on Glimmer's development with her powers. He has a deep love for his wife Angella, who he refers to as 'Angie', and pleads with her to stay in the Portal dimension with him, stating the three of them can go back to the way it was before. However, Micah is shown to be protective of his daughter, becoming visibly angry and distressed when a guard mentions that somebody attempted to sneak into Glimmer's room.

It can be inferred that he shares some similarities with Adora, as the narrative draws many parallels between the two. Such as, in the Beacon, Angella compares her relationship with Micah to the one between Glimmer and Adora, stating that she can't let her go just because she is afraid. As well, they were both favored by Shadow Weaver / Light Spinner until they realize that her actions are wrong and break free from her cycle of abuse. They're both stated to be gifted and/or special. Shadow Weaver makes this connection in The Price of Power and 'Light Spinner', calling them both gifted children in their own right and refers to molding their power. Also, both of their involvements within the Rebellion lead to major changes, such as Micah's presumed death dissolving the first princess rebellion, and Adora's recruitment as She-Ra reforming it.

Powers and abilities


  • Sorcery: Micah is an incredibly skilled and powerful sorcerer. When he was just a young teen his power began to exceed even that of Light Spinner. Light Spinner admits that she had never met another sorcerer with such talent.
    • Spell Casting: Micah is shown to be proficient in spell-casting, particularly illusions. Using runes, Micah is able to conjure force fields, fire blasts, and energy whips.
    • Umbrakinesis: During Season Five, Micah is able to wield dark magic like Shadow Weaver.




Queen Angella was King Micah's wife and the former Queen of Bright Moon. Her love for him transcends his presumed death, as she's shown to find comfort in touching his mural. While the two loved each other very dearly, Micah's absence still deeply affects Queen Angella, who surfaces a few negative traits related to his absence. Similar to her anxiety, she is shown to still get upset on his behalf, losing her temper with Adora after she accidentally sits in his seat during a meeting with the rebellion.

Specifically, it's shown that after his banishment by the Horde, Angella eventually ends the princess rebellion, (with the consent of the other princesses) retreating her and her daughter into the castle and becoming more neutral, as mentioned by princess Glimmer in "The Sword: Part 1", It's implied that with Micah's presumed death, Angella became more anxious about her daughter's safety, putting her above all else. This has a negative effect on her relationship with her daughter. In the Portal, Micah was shown to have a very loving relationship with his family and wife, however, this doesn't last long as Angella leaves to deactivate the portal. Before she leaves, Angella tearfully bids Micah farewell, unaware that he was trying to tell her that he's still alive.

While trapped on Beast Island, Micah has stopped at nothing to find out how to get back to his family. When Adora and Bow arrived, he questioned them about the changes of Bright Moon, although the two left Micah in the dark about the events that have recently transpired, such as his wife’s current status. After the island attempts to take over Micah and the group, Adora accidentally reveals that Glimmer is no longer a little girl but the Queen of Bright Moon. Micah then realizes that if Glimmer was now the Queen, it meant that his wife was gone and he had missed out on his daughter’s entire childhood, which resulted in him being overcome with grief and easy prey for the island.


Glimmer is King Micah's only child and heir to Bright Moon. They are shown to have many similarities, not just in appearance but personality as well. She is shown to hold her father in high regard, eventually taking up his staff in "The Battle of Bright Moon", with her mother's blessing. As well, Glimmer is shown to have great respect for her father, feeling the same immense guilt and relating to her mother over her father's passing.

In the portal dimension, Glimmer is shown to have a healthy and very affectionate relationship with her father. In The Portal, although their time together is meant to be idealized, he is quick to lightly tease Glimmer, throwing magic at her with the intent for her to catch it. Likewise, he is portrayed to be very interested in his daughter's training and interests, as he feigns hurt that Portal Glimmer decided to practice teleporting with her mother while he was away. He is also very protective of her, becoming more serious and having the guards escort Glimmer to her room at the mere mention of an intruder in her room.

He was determined to return to his family after being trapped on Beasts Island. When Adora and Bow arrive on Beast Island while trying to find Entrapta, they run into him and promise to return him home. While accompanying the two, Micah questions the two of them about his family, Bright Moon, and their relationship with his daughter. However, the two decide to keep Micah in the dark about Bright Moon and his family, as they don't want to upset him, so Micah still believes that his daughter is still a little girl (as there is no telling of time on the island). Unfortunately, their ruse was discovered when, during an attack from the island‘s inhabitants, Adora slips the fact that Glimmer's not a little girl anymore and is the actually the Queen of Bright Moon, which depresses Micah (since it means that his wife is gone and he missed out on her childhood). After returning to Bright Moon, he rushes to see Glimmer, but she was already gone before he arrived. During the fifth season, Micah was worried about his daughter and was constantly nervous she wouldn’t like him. Glimmer, meanwhile, discovered her father in battle from Prime’s ship and was shocked to discover him alive. In the final episode, the two met face to face, however, Micah was chipped and therefore couldn’t recognize Glimmer. As they fought, Chipped Micah belittled her about being weak, when Glimmer suddenly had a vision of her mother and fought him back, telling him that she loved him. Luckily, Entrapta was able to disable all of the chips on all the mind-controlled citizens, therefor allowing Micah and Glimmer to finally reunite. They officially met each other afterward and shared a loving long-deserved moment together.


Castaspella is King Micah's younger sister. Although not much is known about their relationship, she is shown to respect and care for him deeply. Likewise, she sees much of him in her niece, Glimmer, and isn't afraid to point it out. In the series' finale, they are happily reunited.

Shadow Weaver/Light Spinner

Prior to turning into Shadow Weaver and allying with the Horde, Light Spinner was Micah's teacher while he trained in Mystacor. It's established that Light Spinner, somebody who's distant and manipulative, cares deeply for Micah, and they share a common interest in magic, as well as a goal of ending the Horde's occupation on neighboring countries before it can escalate into a war. With a close student-teacher relationship, Light Spinner chooses to make him her personal pupil and assistant.

They are shown to have a somewhat playful relationship, as Micah freely uses his magic to disrupt her allusions, and she retaliates with more magic, scolding and upstaging him in front of the class. She is continually surprised by his power, such as when he fixed the seal used to cast the spell when she had difficulty with it. Showing respect for Micah's vast powers as a sorcerer, she enlisted a young Micah's help in casting the forbidden Spell of Obtainment which was extremely destructive, disfiguring Light Spinner after Micah fearfully backs down. However, despite his hand in Light Spinner's downfall, she still cares for him deeply, cradling his face as she unmercifully wipes out the other magic users and disappearing without hurting him.

It's unknown how she is made aware of Micah's presumed death, or how she reacts to it. However, during No Princess Left Behind, she is shown to be over it, even using it to mock a contained Glimmer. Later, however, when Catra makes it aware that she will be sent to Beast Island, Shadow Weaver spends her (presumed) last hours remembering Micah, showing that maybe she still holds affection for him. Their relationship intentionally draws many parallels to the current Shadow Weaver and Adora's, such as a prodigy student of hers being manipulated for their power, as well as neglecting her other students in favor of Micah / Adora. In The Price of Power, However, Shadow Weaver is shown to be somewhat bitter about Micah's absence, blaming Angella for it. Upon reuniting with Micah in "Destiny Part 1," she is visibly stunned at seeing her former pupil alive. Micah shows animosity towards Shadow Weaver as his first response to seeing her again in "Destiny, Part 1" is to attack her then calling her a traitor. It's possible that she knew he was sent to Beast Island, as her surprise to see him alive hints that she knew all along but never thought he would survive (due to the fact that Beast Island is considered a suicide mission). Despite his constant animosity towards her, it is evident that Shadow Weaver still holds a place in her heart for him.


When Adora, Swift Wind, and Bow traveled to Beast Island to save Entrpata they forged ahead until they came across an insectoid, metallic monster. Adora attempted to transform into She-Ra but was unable to do so, and they were only saved by the timely arrival of King Micah, who single-handedly drove it away with a volley of powerful sorceries. After meeting up with Entrapta and solving the mystery of Beast Island they returned to Bright Moon.


When Adora, Swift Wind, and Bow traveled to Beast Island to save Entrpata they forged ahead until they came across an insectoid, metallic monster. Adora attempted to transform into She-Ra but was unable to do so, and they were only saved by the timely arrival of King Micah, who single-handedly drove it away with a volley of powerful sorceries. After meeting up with Entrapta and solving the mystery of Beast Island they returned to Bright Moon.

It can be assumed that Micah became Bow’s father-in-law post-series after Bow became Glimmer’s consort.

Swift Wind

When Adora, Swift Wind, and Bow traveled to Beast Island to save Entrapta they forged ahead until they came across an insectoid, metallic monster. Adora attempted to transform into She-Ra but was unable to do so, and they were only saved by the timely arrival of King Micah, who single-handedly drove it away with a volley of powerful sorceries. After meeting up with Entrapta and solving the mystery of Beast Island they returned to Bright Moon.


Micah and Frosta on good terms now

Micah met Frosta after returning from Beast Island. He did his best to befriend her but found himself trying to be a 'cool dad' and embarrassing her. He eventually remembered how to act around kids and she decided that he's okay, before he was chipped. After getting un-chipped, the two are now good friends.



Micah was a student of Mystacor alongside his sister, home to Etheria's sorcerers, when he was younger, learning magic under the tutelage of Shadow Weaver, then known as Light Spinner. Sometime later Micah met and married Angella, the queen of Bright Moon. Together they had a daughter, Glimmer. He fought in the Rebellion and was ordered by his wife to a battle where he tragically lost his life.

Season One

Micah was mentioned but not seen.

season Two

Micah is seen as a child being taught by Light Spinner and Master Norwyn in Mystacor.

Season Three

In the alternate "Perfect World" version of Bright Moon, Micah exists. He was still alive since being captured by the Horde. However, Angella comes to believe Micah is simply a construct of this Perfect World, as she remembers the real world because she is still alive whereas she believes he is long gone. Then she resolves to sacrifice herself to close the portal. However, just as Angella is leaving, Micah appears to realize something and frantically tries to tell Angella he's not dead, only to then disappear.

Season Four

Micah's fate is finally revealed in "Beast Island": he wasn't killed by the Horde, but exiled to Beast Island, where he has learned to fend for himself and live off bugs. Sometime before Adora, Bow, and Swift Wind found him he encountered Entrapta, who stole his food (mostly the tiny food). Upon meeting them he has some issues communicating due to his time in isolation but warms up to them upon learning they are friends with Glimmer. However, he is left crestfallen upon learning how long he has been gone and of his wife's fate. After reuniting with Entrapta, the group takes him back to Bright Moon where he has a tense reunion with Shadow Weaver. He subsequently remains at Bright Moon under the protection of the Sorcerers Guild while the heroes rush to try to stop Light Hope from activating the Heart of Etheria.

Season Five

Micah helped with the refugees and argued with Shadow Weaver over the wisdom of abandoning Bright Moon. When the base was attacked by bots he defended the base and later went with everyone when they retreated to the deepest part of the Whispering Woods.

With the Horde bearing down Micah used magic to disguise himself as She-Ra and drew the bots away from Mara's ship while Bow, Adora, and Entrapta left in Mara's ship.

Later, Micah tried to befriend Frosta in an inadequate manner and, by calling her "kiddo", which offended the ruler of the Kingdom of Snows. He turned to Spinnerella and Netossa for advice, but the news that the Horde was spotted near Elberon captured their attention. Frosta, Micah, Swift Wind, Netossa, and Spinnerella went to check things out. When they arrived all the villagers were inside and acting really weird. Netossa chided Spinnerella for leaving her alone at the "party" and Spinnerella complained that "something weird" just happened to her. The villagers then closed the doors and strongly suggested the hero's stay and wait for the honored guest, Horde Prime. Then the villagers attacked their eyes turning green, revealing that they've been chipped in the same way Catra was. He encouraged Frosta to use her powers to keep the hero's safe from the villagers, which she did. Only when Swift Wind felt his sacred connection to She-Ra were they able to escape.

Later, the chipped Spinnerella attacked Netossa and was joined by a chipped Micah who, in turn, attacked Frosta and Swift Wind. Netossa threw a net over her attackers and fled with Frosta on Swift Wind. At some point, Micah had been chipped and took control of Mystacor and the sorcerers there.

Glimmer and Micah reunited S5E13.PNG

When the rebels infiltrated Mystacor he found them in the chamber that held the Crystal of Arxia. Micah used dark magic to entrap the heroes and he tried to interrupt Adora's accepting of the fail-safe. Seeing her friends in distress, she summoned She-Ra, accepted the fail-safe, and bound Micah and the two sorcerers. The rebels then escaped.

By the end of the series, Micah happily reunites with his daughter, Glimmer.


  • For the final season, Micah is added to the opening theme.
  • In an interview for EW after Season Five premiered, Noelle Stevenson says that "Micah’s return was not originally planned, but now looking back, it’s impossible for me to imagine it any other way." Micah's return came about because of the line "Angella, I'm not--" written by Josie Campbell, a story editor, the last time we see Micah in the portal reality in "The Portal". Stevenson admits that after Daniel Dae Kim voices the full line Josie Campbell intended ("I'm not dead!"), that because it was "the best read of the line", she was convinced to bring him back. She goes on to say that while she is hesitant to bring back dead characters, but "he was a character I feel like we really needed." (Read the article for more).
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