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    • I LUNCH them too :)

      AYGH, if only. 

      Glimmer's great sometimes, but I get what you're saying. With Frosta, as a queen she assumes a strong role to be a great leader--But they also acknowledge that taking that position didn't leave her any room to make friends. She shows a different side around those she trusts/admires and idolizes unnaturally than she those to her subjects/guests as a leader. Idk. I loved her in the RP episode. Then again, everyone ( minus Adora ) was awesome in that episode :)

      Catra is awesome--Huh, I didn't notice. It's such a nice fandom. I don't really watch it for the romantic ships. It's just as awesome to see the Best friend squad as it is to see Catradora....

      ^Well---Personally I'd like an episode on just Catra or something for once.....Maybe a Kyle movie?

      Also did you know Bow's original name when developing the character in the 80s was KYLE????????? *sigh* ComicCon is awesome--I wish I was there. *goes back to livestreams*

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      Also I went to New York Comic Con (not on she-ra day) (Apparently someone I know has connections to someone who has connections to someone...idk--Either way were able to get in :))))

      I got the Keeper poster and a bunch of ARCs.

      And saw She-Ra and Catra cosplayers eating churros...

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