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[Camera shows life and shows Adora stiffly holding a scroll of questions with Mermista sitting on her throne. Bow can be heard holding the camera.]

[Location: Salineas. Mermista’s throne room.]

[Mermista is sitting down with her head resting on her right hand waiting and bored expression painted on her face.]

Mermista: Are we doing this today, or…?

Bow: Sorry. We’re ready.

Adora: Hi, potential recruits. This is Princess Mermista.

[As Adora spoke as if with fear of public speaking, her one hand held the top of the scroll remained and she is frozen in place with her other hand holding the Bottom.]

[She then pointed to Princess Mermista using her hand that was supporting the bottom of the scroll. The scroll unrolled itself all the way out of shot. While the scroll fell, Adora’s hand was also too close to Mermista’s face who pushed it back.]

Adora: Question 1: What inspired you to…?

[As Adora speaks, her hand keeps going to Mermista’s eyes. Mermista interrupts Adora]

Mermista: Question 1? How many questions are there?

[The camera zooms out to show the scroll rolling to the ground on account of its long length. Adora awkwardly laughs.]

Mermista: Seriously? Okay, hand it over, Tech Boy; we’re doing this my way.

[As Mermista spoke she called on water to ride it over Bow and take the Camera.]

Bow: Wait, what are you-?

[The camera cuts off Now.]

[The camera follows back to Mermista, now holding the camera and showing herself in front of Adora and a cross Bow.]

Mermista: Listen up, recruits. I’ll tell you all about the Rebellion’s most important princess: me.

[Adora looks mildly annoyed at Mermista  while Bow scoffs at Mermista’s last remark.]

[The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 5, Season 1 Episode 13 and Season 1 Episode 9.]

Mermista: Adora recruited me because of how cool I am. Yeah she can turn into a super tall warrior with a sword, which is actually pretty useful. But everyone was like ‘Please Mermista, we can’t do this without you. You have great boots and your tail is so shiny’.

Adora: Your tail is really cool.

Mermista: I think you mean breathtaking, but thanks.

Mermista: Basically I make every mission look good. EVERY mission no matter what!

Mermista: Also, Adora kind of brought the Horde to my doorstep, REALLY appreciated that. But I led the Mermista Friends Squad into battle,

[Bow chips in.]

Bow: It's actually The Best Friends Squad.

[Mermista continues, ignoring Bow.]

Mermista: And thanks to my awe-inspiring abilities, we won! While She-Ra was busy, like, talking to her friend.

[Adora Intervened.]

Adora: It was more complicated than that! But, yeah, we were talking for a while.

Mermista: And then this one time, I took out a monster and saved everyone.

Adora: You weren’t even there!

[The camera goes back to Mermista, Bow and She-Ra.]

Mermista' Anyways, now I fight for the Rebellion with the others.

[The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 4]

Mermista: The Flower One.

[The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 8.]

Mermista: That Small Cold Girl.

[The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 1.]

Mermista: The Glittery One that Yells.

[The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 4.]

Mermista: Spinnerella and Netossa, who do something.

Netossa: I toss nets, okay?

[The camera goes back to Mermista riding water, returning to her throne and posing in front of the camera with Adora and Bow standing beside her.]

Mermista: And thanks to She-Ra bringing us all together, we’re now a super cool team, the Princess Alliance.

[The camera shows Clips of Season 1 Episode 9.]

[The camera then goes to Mermista walking with the camera facing her.]

Mermista: So if you want to hang out with us and be cool, join the Rebellion.

[Adora and Bow come into the shot.]

Adora: That’s actually not a bad tagline.

Mermista: Right. Now if you don’t mind, I’ve actually got plans, so…

[Sea Hawk jumps into the shot.]

Sea Hawk: Plans with Sea Hawk!

[The camera shows Clips of Season 1 Episode 8 and Season 1 Episode 13.]

Mermista: Oh yeah, him.

[The camera goes back to the four, with Mermista pushing Sea Hawk back with a swing of her hips, causing Sea Hawk to make a distress sound and almost fall.]

[Mermista walks away and the camera focuses on Sea Hawk who laughs, slightly embarrassed.]

[She-Ra and the Princesses of Power logo appears]

[A preview of the next short episode]

[While the credits are showing, Perfuma appears on the camera and states:]

Perfuma: The Plumerians, like many in Etheria, want little more than to live a quiet life. And make Green Flower hats!

[The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 4.]

Bow: The hats are great!

[The camera zooms in on Perfuma.]

Perfuma: Right! We’re also good at arts and crafts too.