Mermista is the princess of Salineas and a member of the Princess Alliance in the Rebellion.


Mermista is a dark-skinned girl with a buff build and teal hair, with a pattern that resembles a wave, referencing her powers and kingdom. She wears a teal tracksuit with dark teal scales and a gold collar, gold and teal pauldrons, golden bracelets, golden ear cuffs, and gold and teal high-top sneakers.


Sarcastic and blunt, Mermista keeps a stony face and a cool head most of the time. That doesn't mean she's emotionless; she just finds it hard to express her true feelings. She's stoic and has no problem speaking her mind, but often shies away from verbally expressing her feelings (particularly about Sea Hawk).


Sea Hawk Edit

Mermista has been implied to have a romantic history with Sea Hawk and it is referenced that the two were quite close. While she claims to dislike the man and often behaves apathetically or annoyed by his presence, she invites him to the Princess Prom (despite her claims that he's "just her ride") showing that she does carry affection for the man despite her claims otherwise. It is also said that they've gone on dates in the past, but Sea Hawk often messed them up, such as challenging someone to a duel at dinner and setting their boat on fire in a Tunnel of Love. Often when claiming that he's not her "plus one" but simply "her ride", she is seen blushing and looking off, as if she doesn't believe what she's saying.

Powers and Abilities

Mermista can control water and manipulate waves. She also fights using her trident.


Past Edit

Mermista is presented as the ruler of the kingdom of Salineas; however, she is addressed as "Princess Mermista," not Queen, leaving questions about her the rest of her family.

Season 1 Edit

The Sea Gate Edit

First seen ruling over an empty kingdom with only one subject, her initial reaction to the arrival of Adora and friends is one of resignation.