I wanna help fight them. Plus your friend over there can transform into a, like, eight-foot-tall lady with a sword and I want her on my side.
— Mermista, about joining the Rebellion in The Sea Gate

Mermista is the princess of Salineas and a member of the Princess Alliance in The Rebellion. She is one of the Elemental Princesses.


Mermista is a dark-skinned girl with a thicker body type, black-painted nails, brown eyes, and deep teal hair with a pattern that resembles a wave, referencing her powers and kingdom. She wears a tracksuit with teal and turquoise scales and a gold collar, gold and turquoise pauldrons, golden bracelets, golden ear cuffs, and gold, teal, turquoise, and blue high-top sneakers.


Sarcastic and blunt, Mermista keeps a stony face and a cool head most of the time. That doesn't mean she's emotionless; she just finds it hard to express her true feelings. She's stoic and has no problem speaking her mind, but often shies away from verbally expressing her feelings (particularly about Sea Hawk).

Mermista does not back away from hard or difficult work. She bravely travelled the sewers of The Fright Zone to free Glimmer and Bow. She can be very dramatic when she gets into the role. ("Mer-Mysteries").

Despite this, Mermista has begun to develop a more proactive role, including leading the rebellion in Adora's absence.

Powers and abilities


  • Pearl connection: Mermista is connected to The Pearl, one of the five Runestones, making her one of the Elemental Princesses. Her connection grants her a variety of abilities, many revolving around water.
    • Hydrokinesis: Mermista is able to manipulate and control water. She is seen multiple times controlling vast quantities of water, a notable example is her arrival to the The Battle of Bright Moon. She manipulates a giant wave of water with enough force to lift her boat and enough precision to shield Adora, Bow, Spinnerella and Netossa from the wave. In Season Two she uses her power to help overwhelm a Horde castle near a river.
    • Mermaid Transformation: Mermista is able to switch between two forms, one with legs and one with a mermaid's scaly tail. While it isn't made explicitly clear if this power derives from The Pearl or not, in all likelihood, it does.
    • Aura generation: When united with the other princesses, Mermista can generate an aura that greatly amplifies her powers. Her aura manifests in the color cyan.


  • Trident proficiency: Mermista is shown to be proficient in using her trident during battle.


Sea Hawk

Mermista has been implied to have a romantic history with Sea Hawk and it is referenced that the two were quite close. While she claims to dislike him and often behaves apathetically or annoyed by his presence, she invites him to the Princess Prom (despite her claims that he's "just her ride") showing that she does carry affection for him despite her constant remarks claiming otherwise. It is also mentioned that they've gone on dates in the past, but Sea Hawk often messed them up, such as challenging the doorman to a duel at the Dolphin Social and setting their gondola on fire in a Tunnel of Love. Often when claiming that he's not her "plus one" but simply "her ride", she is seen blushing and looking off, as if she doesn't believe what she's saying.

Sea Hawk distracts a controlled Mermista

Their friendship remains strong, but mostly with Sea Hawk trying to hang out with her and her friends. They also team up from time to time with the rest of the Heroes.

At the end of Season Five, Sea Hawk proposed his love for Mermista during their battle. Mermista seems to imply these feelings as well.


Mermista respects Adora and joined The Rebellion because of her. She follows Adora's strategies even to the point of swimming in the sewers to rescue Glimmer and Bow. She named herself Sea-Ra because of Adora. While she leaves the Princess Alliance to protect herself and her kingdom in Season 1 she returned during The Battle of Bright Moon and has since become unquestioningly loyal to Adora and the rest of her friends. She also participates in attacks on Horde targets where she is essential to several Alliance wins. In Season Two, Mermista comments that She Ra's hair is "messy, but beautiful".

Queen Glimmer

Mermista starts off by rebuffing Glimmer's call for aid but pledges her support after She-Ra and the team defeated the Horde at the Sea Gate. They work well together except for that time that Glimmer teleported Mermista out of the war council and back to her lookout post. After Mermista rejoined the planning session the heroes teamed up and defeated the Horde multiple times. When The Horde devastated Salineas, Glimmer welcomed Mermista to Bright Moon.


Usually they get along, although Mermista's acerbic wit sometimes puts a harsh on Perfuma's mellow. They've got each other's back even when they were in disagreement as to whom would be the best flower arranger for Glimmer's coronation.


Mermista makes amends with Entrapta

Mermista and Entrapta never really bonded, until the rescue mission where they worked as a team to get rid of Rogelio. They carried out a triumphant high-five after their victory. Mermista made sure that she stayed on track when the Horde spotted them and began to attack. When she revealed that Entrapta was likely dead, she turned her head away in sorrow. She temporally split from the Alliance, saying it was being together that caused Entrapta's supposed death. When they were reunited Mermista showed resentment for her betrayal, but was willing to give Entrapta a second chance, and after a successful mission, she welcomed her back to the rebellion. Mermista is also the first princess from The Rebellion to question Entrapta's relationship with Hordak after witnessing the two together and ask if everyone is okay with their relationship, for which there is no reply from any of the others.


Mermista works well with the youngest princess. It is unclear if they met prior to the Princess Prom. As their friendship grew over the first few seasons they began to work hand-in-glove as Mermista would bring the water to a battle which allowed Frosta to freeze and fire the ice as weapons.


Bow, along with Adora and Queen Glimmer (Princess Glimmer, at the time) saved Mermista and her kingdom of Salineas from The Horde in episode five of Season One (The Sea Gate). They work compatibly together, though occasionally Mermista will tease Bow about his craftsmanship; in Roll With It, Bow said he was not sure he obtained a Mermista "war-table battle figure" for her, and after searching for one, he remarked that he did not have one, however, he did have "a seashell and a happy otter" to use in replacement. Mermista chose to pass up on the offer, which offended Bow.



Mermista is the ruler of the kingdom of Salineas; however, when her father retired he left her a kingdom that was crumbling.

Season One

First seen ruling over an empty kingdom with only one subject, her initial reaction to the arrival of Adora and friends is one of resignation. Glimmer, Bow, Adora and Sea Hawk arrive just before the Horde does. They arrive in Salineas to find that the kingdom is woefully under staffed and in jeopardy of falling to the Horde. And that many residents have fled because The Sea Gate is falling apart. Glimmer offers to help if Salineas joins the Alliance. Mermista and Sea Hawk trade jabs over him getting her kicked out of the Dolphin Social for challenging the doorman to a duel and him setting their gondola on fire in the Tunnel of Love, presumably on a date gone horribly wrong. Adora finds out that the Sea-Gate gets it's power from The Pearl, Salineas' runestone. She deduces that the connection between the gate and Runestone must be damaged. She agrees to let She-Ra fix the broken Sea Gate and joins the alliance after the hero's fix the gate and send the Horde soldiers packing. She then gives Sea Hawk a new ship to replace the one he set on fire telling him not to set on fire him, to which he replied that he won't promise anything.

At the Princess Prom, Adora notices how Sea Hawk is there, singing about his date ― Mermista. Of course, Mermista denies that he's anything but her ride, but her face turns red with embarrassment. Mermista then leaves to find a Kelp bar and Sea Hawk follows just as Bow and Perfuma arrive.

After Bow and Glimmer were abducted by the Horde, Mermista, Perfuma, Sea Hawk and Entrapta volunteered to rescue Glimmer with Adora and mounted a daring escape. Mermista endured more than anyone should to get inside the Horde compound and let the others inside the Fright Zone. After the hero's free Glimmer and Bow and think that Entrapta has died, Mermista insists on going home and leaves the Princess Alliance. Mermista summarized everyone's concerns when she says that she can't risk her kingdom or anyone else's life by staying with The Rebellion. Later Mermista re-joined the Alliance to defend Bright Moon from the Horde attack.

Season Two

Mermista joined the rest to destroy bots and eventually capture one for Bow to study. She helped plan an attack on a Horde held tower, where she accidentally destroyed the Horde's spy-bot. She then harnessed the power of water to help take the tower from the Horde soldiers.

Season Three

In Bright Moon, Bow, Perfuma, Frosta, and Mermista spy on Angella and Glimmer's argument. Glimmer argues for decisive action to save the planet which is imminently in danger. Later, beneath the Moonstone, Shadow Weaver prepares to draw power from it even as Frosta, Perfuma, and Mermista arrive. They insist on going as well and tell Shadow Weaver to "make that thing bigger", referring to her sorcerers glyphs. After teleporting to The Fright Zone and engaging with several Horde soldiers Mermista and Frosta hold them off while Shadow Weaver, Bow, and Glimmer move on.

Season Four

At the coronation Mermista gets the job of flower decorator, much to Perfuma's angst. She then opened the waterfall that allowed Glimmer, Bow and Adora into the caves and hall beneath Bright Moon.

After suffering several defeats at the hands of the Horde the heroes suspect a Horde spy in their midst. Mermista attempts to sleuth them out, using tactics from "Mer-Mystery" novels to question nearly everyone in Bright Moon. As Mermista's "investigation" continues, they uncover contradictory testimonials from officers and Princesses about receiving orders from different Princesses when they were ostensibly somewhere else, who had no recollection of giving such orders, but Mermista promptly discards this. At the same time, Bow becomes convinced that he is actually the spy, to everyone's consternation.

Double Trouble, who'd been caught as the spy, outright gloated about how the entire exercise was merely to stall the Princesses until the battle was over. Distraught over the loss of Salineas, Glimmer quickly teleported directly there, where Mermista broke down at the sight of her fallen and ruined kingdom.

Mermista after her kingdom was conquered.

During the aftermath of the loss of Salineas, Sea Hawk decides to take Bow and Swift Wind out to have a night out, where they get captured by pirates who turn them over to the Horde. Sea Hawk then sends a seagull to Mermista to call for help. After receiving the seagull's message she barges into the hallway yelling "The boys are in trouble, a seagull told me!" Moments later, Glimmer teleports onto the ship with Mermista and Adora in tow. Adora transforms into She-Ra, bowling the Horde sailors over, and everyone works together to fight off the outpouring Horde sailors, singing together in glee-styled rock anthem. Mermista is glad to be back in the fight now that her depression has past and Bright Moon's ice cream stores are empty.

A dark shadow has been cast over the planet

After the Heart of Etheria is activated the Princesses all surge with newfound power. Mermista easily batters entire fleets with tidal waves while Frosta and Perfuma lay waste to legions of Horde robots around themselves with blasts of ice and vegetation. As princesses all across Etheria came under the Heart of Etheria's control. First Ones' writing appeared on each princess and Runestone. Mermista fell from her vortex that she was using to destroy a Horde ship, and collapsed as did the other princesses. While this happens, light and power surges up from the planet into the skies. She-Ra shattered the Sword of Protection releasing her and all the princesses from its control. Only to see the stars and Horde Prime's Fleet surround Etheria.

Season Five

Mermista tries to reason with Adora

Mermista helped evacuate refugees while defending them from bot attacks. She had to rescue Adora who had recklessly attacked way too many bots on her own. Later she defended their base when it fell under attack and helped repel the bots. Then after the rebels abandoned the base she helped guide the refugees to the deepest part of the Whispering Woods.

While Adora took her well earned rest, the Princesses held a planning session to save Glimmer. Most of the Princesses were hesitant to welcome Entrapta back into the group but Scorpia vouched for her, saying that she has a good heart. Mermista offered to let Entrapta go to space if she helped save Glimmer, which Entrapta enthusiastically accepted. With Mermista in charge, Entrapta led several other Princesses to one of Prime's spires where she believed that they could discover Glimmer's location by hacking into the spire's computer. The Princesses sneaked past many of the bots but Entrapta wondered off and walked into a bot which activated the spires defenses. This created a heated exchange where Entrapta realized that people were mad at her for joining the Horde and her perceived lack of empathy. Entrapta apologized and with reckless abandon rushed toward the spire to get the signal and find Glimmer's location. Mermista blessed her plan and sent Scorpia and Frosta as Entrapta's back-up while she and Perfuma distracted the rest of the bots. Entrapta hacked the spire, discovered Glimmer's whereabouts and found out that Prime was sending reinforcements to Etheria. Then via video link Mermista told Adora and her team to leave to rescue Glimmer quickly.

Sea Hawk formulated a plan to contact Prince Peekablue by sneaking into the Enchanted Grotto's underwater soiree. He is hoping to get Peekablue to use his farsight to help the Rebellion. Mermista gave everyone secret aliases Scorpia is Lynda D'Ream, Perfuma is Tara. Sea Hawk and company bluffed their way into the soiree where they found out that most of the guests had a grudge against him, so he had to keep hiding, and binding up his frenemies with Mermista. Still hiding behind the bar with Sea Hawk, Mermista reluctantly told the sailor that she may have set a boat on fire, just a tiny bit, to see what it felt like. Mermista got chipped off screen by the Etherians that Horde Prime had control over. She then joined the gang questioning Double Trouble and broke the glass that kept the sea out of the Enchanted Grotto and fought with Scorpia as the place collapsed. Perfuma, Sea Hawk and Double Trouble escaped as Scorpia stayed behind.

Chipped Mermista Vs. Invisible Catra

While the heroes tried to rescue Scorpia, Mermista attacked them, separated Catra from the group and tried to drown her. Catra escaped by calling Bow on the communications pad and asking for help. Glimmer teleported to and rescued Catra.

During the battle outside the spire, a wave of clones from Horde Prime's ship beam down to the surface to engage the princesses in combat. However, they hold back and do nothing, their arrival distracting them long enough for Mermista to flood the battlefield and Scorpia to electrocute the princesses through it. With the battle briefly halted, a massive hologram of Horde Prime coalesces over the spire, who gloats over them all and reveals Entrapta in captivity, assuring them that eternal night awaits them before disappearing again. On the battlefield, the princesses are beleaguered by Mermista, Scorpia, and the rest of Horde Prime's forces. Perfuma suggests retreat, but they are totally surrounded by clones powering up their ray guns. Before they can fire and end the battle however, Glimmer arrives with a sorcerous pulse that knocks the clones aside. Mermista takes the opportunity to flood the field with a tidal wave, but Glimmer uses a sigil to keep the waters at bay. Castaspella then joins her, and together they reshape the magic to completely encapsulate the rushing waters in a sorcerous bubble, which they launch at Mermista and the clones, briefly halting the fight once more.

Seizing the opportunity, Sea Hawk stands before Mermista and begins to talk to her, and although she sends blasts of water in return, he is able to deftly dodge them all. He charmingly compares the attempts to when she tried to kill him at their first meeting, and although she eventually manages to grab ahold of his ankle and overbalance him, he suavely turns the fall into a lounge. His irritations finally get through to the real Mermista, who complains, "why are you like this?" Sea Hawk says it's because he loves her, briefly bringing Mermista's old, brown-colored eyes back, but the entire episode was ultimately just a distraction to allow Perfuma to incapacitate her. One of her vines strikes the chip on Mermista's neck, leaving her to fall floppily into Sea Hawk's arms, who asks her to forgive him when she returns to her normal self.

Mermista is unsure about Entrapta's relationship with Hordak

While under the cloak of Melog's invisibility, Bow continues the deployment Entrapta's program to deactivate all the chips on Etheria. Light surges from the Horde outpost, and all around the planet the chips fail and detach from the necks of their hosts. Mermista is freed in Sea Hawk's arms. She is happy to be reunited with Sea Hawk, but questions Entrapta and Hordak's relationship.


"I'm sorry, Mermista will WHAT?"-No Princess Left Behind

"The boys are in trouble! A seagull told me."-Boys' Night Out

"I practice at HOME!"-Mer-Mysteries, in response to Frosta's "How do you keep doing that?" about shouting at the exact strike of thunder.

"[A dolphin whinnies and passes by to transition out of Mermista's view of the plan, Mermista makes hand motions; deadpans] Then it's like sparkle, sparkle, dolphin, sparkle. [...] [continues deadpanning] I get shoes that are slightly better than my normal shoes, there's probably another dolphin. [...] Then, like, I twirl and my hair does this thing [brushes her ponytail] where it looks all messy, but it's actually, like, really super-beautiful..."-Roll With It, about "Sea-Ra"

"If there's one thing I know in the Freight Zone, it's the sewer system."

"There's a Horde Spy in Bright Moon, and no one is going anywhere until we figure out who it is."-Mer-Mysteries

"WHY did you bring him here? He is SO annoying!"

"You can... probably do it. Ra, ra."-[Sarcastically], Arm Wrestling Revenge!/Transcript

"Ugh, please get to the point."-Arm Wrestling Revenge!/Transcript

"Ugh, say things that make sense!"

"Oh look, more ice cream. Because I'm the princess of ice cream now."

"Uhh, wow! Rude much?"

"I'm done moping in a bathtub. I'm ready to fight, to destroy the Horde and get my kingdom back!"

Mermista: "There might be someone here that I absolutely cannot deal with right now."
Sea Hawk: "What? Who?"
Mermista: "Someone, whose boat I maybe, sort of, set on fire."
Sea Hawk: "WHAT?"
Mermista: "Shhh! I just wanted to know what it was like."
—Mermista and Sea Hawk ', minute 3:29

"Why are you playing with dolls?"-Roll With It


  • Mermista's astrological sign is a Libra/Scorpio cusp.
  • She's shown to possibly have a crush on She-Ra.
  • Mermista revealed she once set a boat on fire to see what it felt like when Sea Hawk does it.
  • She seems to be the only member of The Rebellion to question Entrapta and Hordak's relationship whereas Sea Hawk seemed rather stunned by it.
  • As "Sea-Ra", Mermista quotes the 1985 TV Series' Adora's opening lines of the original series.
  • She's confirmed to be an adult by the end of the series.
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