Melog is a magical being who is from the alien world, Krytis. They are the cat companion of Catra.

They are the sole survivor of an attack by Horde Prime after the First Ones were excavating magic from their planet. They imprinted on Catra later on after their encounter with the Best Friends Squad, finally joining The Rebellion.


Melog human form

First appearance of Melog

Melog is a burgundy-colored creature with blue energy emanating from their head along with their eyes that possess a similar shade with no pupils or iris. The energy emitted resembles a mane. Melog can shapeshift to other forms but retains the same colors. When they first appeared, Melog was in a humanoid form until they found Catra, with whom Melog adopted a cat-like form with a blue, transparent mane and tail as their current appearance.

Defensive melog

Melog on the defense

Melog's mane and tail change shape to resemble puffed up fur, and turn red along with eyes and mouth changing color when they are afraid, defensive, or angry since imprinting on Catra now reflects their real emotions. Melog reveals Catra's feelings for Adora by licking Adora's face affectionately.


Melog lived on their home planet Krytis when Horde Prime attacked. They somehow drove him off with their magic but Melog was the last of its kind. Afterward, they lived alone until the Best Friends Squad befriended them.

Catra is the one who found Melog and figured out quickly that it responded to emotions. The magical creature imprinted on her, becoming her animal companion.

Following the party's subsequent return to Etheria, Melog served the Princesses in covert operations with their cloaking abilities to sneak past the armoda. Melog assisted in the mission to the Fright Zone to rescue Scorpia and helped protect Catra.

Melog helped the crew infiltrate Mystacor and let Adora accept the fail-safe before returning to base.

Powers and Abilities

  • Possible Shape-shifting: Melog is seemingly able to change into different forms, retaining their color scheme. This includes taking the appearance of another individual. It is not clear if this is genuine shapeshifting or illusion magic (see below).
  • Illusion: Melog is able to conjure incredibly vivid illusions, being able to alter their entire surroundings.
  • Invisibility: Melog is able to turn itself and others invisible; as this is done via illusion magic, rather than bending light, anything it turns invisible is typically able to see anything else it has turned invisible.
  • Telekinesis: Melog has at least some telekinetic power, able to levitate an apple from the ground to a tree branch.



Melog trusts Catra very much, they have even imprinted on her after they first met in Krytis. Melog can feel Catra's emotions, and when Catra gets angry, Melog does too. They are very protective of Catra and cares for her a lot. It seems as if since Catra is half-cat it trusts her.


  • "Melog" is golem spelled backwards.
  • In the 1985 TV show, Catra had a pink lion named Clawdeen. Noelle tweeted that because Steven Universe had a very similar pink lion, "we made them more alien-like and merged them with Melog, a shapeshifting one-off monster from the original."
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