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Meditation with Perfuma

[The Camera Statics to life in background and shows Perfuma sitting cross legged and meditating with Bow, who can be heard but not shown, holding the camera from behind.]

[Location: Plumeria.]

Bow: And. Action.

Perfuma: Welcome to Mediation with Perfuma. I’m your Host Perfuma. Let’s start wit-

[Bow interrupts Perfuma and comes into the shot while holding the Camera.]

Bow: Ahh meditation is not really the point of these Videos.

[The camera shifts position and shows a close up of Perfuma.]

Perfuma: We’ll begin with a deep cleansing breath. (Breaths deeply)

Bow: Seriously, this is supposed to be used for new recruits.

Perfuma: But it is. The Plumerians, like many in Etheria, want little more than to live a quiet life. And make green flower hats!

[The camera changes and shows clips of Season 1 Episode 4.]

Bow: The hats are great!

[The camera zooms in on Perfuma.]

Perfuma: Right! And we’re really good at arts and crafts too.

[The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 4.]

Perfuma: So I’m here to save the gifts of peace and floral headwear with The Rebellion.

[Adora and Frosta interrupt the shooting and comes into the shot causing the camera to zoom out by hitting Perfuma with a Snowball, by Frosta, knocking off her floral hat.]

Frosta: Take that imaginary Horde Soldier.

Adora: Oh are you filming again?

Perfuma: Would you like to join me? I’m sharing my gift of meditation.

Frosta: Mmmm no thanks. My favorite way to relax, is TO SMASH THINGS!

[The camera shows clips of Season 2 Episode 1, Season 1 Episode 13 and Season 2 Episode 4.]

[The camera goes back to Frosta destroying an ice sculpture she presumably made.]

Frosta: Hehe Yeah!

[The camera zooms in on Adora.]

Adora: Yeah, sorry Perfuma. The whole relaxing thing isn’t really for me either.

[The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 7.]

Adora: Besides it’s not like meditation really Works, right?

[Perfuma interjects.]

Perfuma: Of course it does!  Take me for example. Because of meditation, I’m extremely calm and at peace all day long.

[The camera chows clips of Perfuma losing her Harmony in Season 1 Episode 9 and Perfuma enthusiastically fighting in Season 1 Episode 4.]

[Adora speaks dubiously.]

Adora: Sure, sure. Whatever you say. Very calm.

[Frosta, upon hearing Perfuma’s claim, plays a prank on Perfuma.]

Frosta: Wait, is that a Horde Bot!?

[Perfuma looks and charges giving out a battle cry and saying out of the shot.]

Perfuma: For the She-Ra!

[Adora and Frosta laugh at Perfuma charging into a fight.]

[Bow turns the camera to himself.]

Bow: Okay then? Join The Rebellion and, Uh, Meditation, Over?

[She-Ra and The Princesses of Power logo comes in.]

[As for Credits Place, She-Ra appears on the camera and states, as a clip of the From Adora to She-Ra Short.]

Adora: Good thing She-Ra has powers. Which I have totally mastered.

[The camera shows clips of Season 1 Episode 4]