Mara's Ship (also known as Darla) is a spaceship that once belonged to Mara. The ship has autopilot ability.



Mara and Light Hope arrive into Etheria a thousand years ago in this ship.

After Mara sacrificed herself to stop the Heart of Etheria, the ship crashed landed in the Crimson Waste.

Season Two

At the very end of "Signals", we see the inside of Mara's ship.

Season Three

In "Once Upon a Time in the Waste", Adora found the ship and Mara's recorded message inside it.

Season Four

In "The Valley of the Lost", the Horde tried to take the ship but Adora, Bow, Huntara, and Perfuma managed to stop them.

With the help of Madame Razz, Adora manged to get the rest of the message and learn of the First Ones' plan. After getting closure, Razz placed a pie on Mara's seat as a way of paying her respects.

It was later used by Adora, Bow and Swift Wind to save Entrapta and King Micah from Beast Island. Furthermore, in addition to simple transportation, the fact that it is a working artifact of First Ones' technology was enough to get Entrapta out of a suicidal moment of despair by She-Ra offering her the chance to examine it.

Season Five

In Season Five, the ship takes a vital importance in the story: Adora, Bow and Entrapta use the ship to go on a mission to save Glimmer from Horde Prime.

In "Corridors", Entrapta announces that she has named the ship Darla, and the ship's interface responds to that name. In the same episode, Catra saved Glimmer and teleported her near the ship where Bow and Adora picked her up and brought her on board.

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