Razzle Dazzle!
— Razz when beating a Horde soldier and when dropping little fruits to escape with She-Ra.

Madame Razz, most commonly known as Razz, is a mysterious crone hermit that lives in the Whispering Woods. She reveals to Adora the exact location of the Crystal Castle and has knowledge of the Sword of Protection and of She-Ra.

Raz was close friends with Mara, and was the first Etherian that Mara met.


Madame Razz is strange more than a thousand years old woman without teeth, with a broomstick and butterflies or moths fluttering about her head. She has giant glasses and a mop of gray hair and wears a lime green neck wrap and purple robes. She has multiple rings and bangles. She uses her broom for walking though she's very agile (she was climbing on the Crystal Castle).


Razz's most notable attributes are her reclusive attitute, her senility and her apparent lack of mental clarity. She is always confused about what is happening around her and almost never acts with reasonable behavior. Despite this, Razz has proved to be a very wise person, having a deep knowledge about magic, Etheria, the First Ones and She-Ra. It appears that Razz's lack of mental clarity comes from her being caught in some kind of time distortion where she continually shifts from past to present and back again. This causes her to become very confused as she addressed Adora as Mara and Mara as Adora and got the events surrounding them both mixed up.



Madame Razz was good friends with the previous She-Ra, Mara. She taught Mara that she was a part of Etheria, her magic, the power of She-Ra was from the planet itself. Through an encounter with one of Etheria's animals she helped Mara connect with the magic of Etheria. Razz grieved the loss of Mara for centuries and rejoiced when she thought Mara had returned in the form of Adora. When they found Mara's Ship she placed a pie on the seat as a sign of respect to her dearly departed friend.


Confusing her with Mara, Razz insisted Adora help her pick berries. During their outing, Razz provides her with some vague, yet helpful, information about She-Ra's role. Together with Swift Wind, Razz and She-Ra took on Grizzlor and his Horde soldiers at an outpost. She has continued to give Adora great advice throughout the series while continually affirming Adora's intelligence and morality.

When Hordak's portal machine ripped apart the fabric of reality she guided Adora through the chaos so that She-Ra could save the planet.

Swift Wind

Madame Razz befriended Swift Wind soon after his transformation from a horse and re-introduced him and Adora. He later revealed that he visits Razz all the time, noting that you need to check up on old people who live alone.

Light Hope

Razz had a brief and contentious interaction with the A.I. thinking that Light Hope was a ghost. Mara quietly convinced the crone that the computer projection was not a threat to her.

Powers and abilities

  • Longevity: Razz personally knew Mara who lived a thousand years ago. This implies that Razz has some form of longevity or perhaps immortality.
  • Chronosthesia: Razz seems to have the power to mentally travel back and forth through time, which is shown in the past and present in which she continuously finds herself in moments of the past and confuses both Mara and Adora with the other (despite Mara living thousands of years ago way before Adora).
  • Telekinesis: Razz can summon her broom over a distance of several feet. Seen in Season One, episode 3 "Razz".


  • Madame Razz mentions Broom and Loo-Kee from the original She-Ra Princess of Power. She carries Broom around with her, and Loo-Kee is the character that always used to hide in the background of episodes. A picture of Loo-Kee is briefly seen on the fan Razz packs into her basket.
  • Razz initially mistook Adora for Mara, the She-Ra who came before her. We later learn from Light Hope that Mara had existed a thousand years ago.
  • Ironically, just like how she mistakenly swicthes both She-Ra users' names by calling "Mara" to Adora, and "Adora" to Mara.
  • Madame Razz is very in tune with nature, she knows how to make exploding berries which she uses to distract soldiers and escape from them.
  • Razz seems to live in some kind of time warp, as evident by the fact that she mistook Mara for Adora, noted that she's been through multiple situations many times, and doesn't seem to be bothered by any paradoxical time shifts.
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