Lord Hordak is the supreme leader of the Horde and the main antagonist of the series.


Lord Hordak is the leader of the Horde. He is shown as the main villain/head of the villains but he only appears in few of the episodes in Season 1, so his true character and personality are unknown. It is presumed that he is evil and we do not know his true intentions.


Lord Hordak has a white skull face, his ears are like the ears of elves. He has red eyes and a little bit of dark blue hair just on the top of his head which is seemed to be combed  back.

Powers and Abilities

Lord Hordak's  Powers and Abilities are unknown in Season 1. It is only shown that he has control over the entire Horde, including Shadow Weaver.



Imp is shown as the pet of Lord Hordak, he is often sent by Lord Hordak to spy on Shadow Weaver and the rest of the Horde memberds.


Past Edit

Not known.

Season 1 Edit



Since the conclusion of season 1, the She-Ra community has unearthed a multitude of theories about the direction and future of this character. While they cannot be confirmed nor denied, these theories and ideas are integral to the design of this character and how they are perceived in the series.

Season 1 Edit

  • Hordak was banished to the same dimension that Mara stranded Etheria, and therefore needs She-Ra to bring Etheria back to its original home beside Eternia. In order to do this, he needs Adora. And to use Adora, he needed leverage. Catra. This is why he was so willing to let Adora go-- he knew that in the end, he could use Catra to get to Adora. This is why he takes Catra under his wing and gives her the attention she craves.