"...I´ve got Broom here, and my friend Loo-Kee..."

Madame Razz telling Adora that she is not lonely at the Whispering Woods.Razz
Loo-Kee is a small creature who resembles a pixie with pointy ears, blue hair and a long bushy tail of the same color. He has not had any dialogue yet, and remains a secondary character in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.

Loo-Kee´s face can be seen briefly in the decoration of a fan that Madame Razz is packing in her nest.

He is always hidden, blending himself with the scenery, be it among a crowd, or even as an ornamental motif in items, so you have to pay attention and look carefully to identify the spot where he hid himself. He can be first seen in the third episode and also is mentioned by Madame Razz as her friend, although one is led to interprete this information as just a fragment of her imagination. Leaving aside this affinity with the Whispering Woods where Madame Razz lives, he can also be spotted at some other places in Etheria. But for most of the episodes, he is nowhere in sight.

Unlike this series, in the original show Loo-Kee did always talk and it was to the audiences at the end of every episode, thus making this game more implicit throughout the show. He would appear again at the place where he had concealed himself, and then procceeded to teach the corresponding moral to the audience. Apart from this, he did not partake any role in the argument of any story, with the only exception being two episodes.