Lonnie is one of The Horde soldiers we see hanging out with Adora. She was formerly friends with Adora until she defected. She is a secondary character in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.



Lonnie is seen wearing The Horde uniform. She wears a white and red shirt, along with white and dark grey pants and red and black shoes. She has shoulder length brown dreadlocks and light brown eyes.


She is shown as a tough and fair Horde soldier. She didn't like it when Catra played dirty against Adora and decided to attack her during the battle simulation when they were teenagers. She used to be friendly toward Adora until she defected, because Adora worked hard.


Catra Edit

Catra and Lonnie have not liked each other as far back as when they were teenagers. She thinks Catra is unmotivated and useless in battle, often coming into the simulations at the last second. She isn't happy when she finds out that Catra is made Force Captain at Adora's defection from The Horde, but listens without verbal argument when in battle.

Kyle Edit

Lonnie often blames Kyle when he gets taken down by the enemy. She can be seen alongside him in battle many times, getting taken down at nearly the same time as him.

Rogelio Edit

They can be seen together, but typically not unless Kyle is around as well. Rogelio doesn't have any speaking lines in the show as of season 1, but they work well together and don't get in one another's way.

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