Lonnie is one of the Horde soldiers we see hanging out with Adora.

Adora and her were formerly friends until Adora defected to The Rebellion and became She-Ra. She is a secondary antagonist in She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. In "Destiny Part 2", she defected from the Horde with Kyle and Rogelio.


Lonnie is seen wearing The Horde uniform. She wears a white and red shirt, along with white and dark grey pants and red and black shoes. She has shoulder-length brown dreadlocks and hazel eyes.


She is shown as a tough and fair Horde soldier. She didn't like it when Catra played dirty against Adora and decided to attack her during the battle simulation when they were teenagers. She used to be friendly toward Adora until she defected because Adora worked hard.

Despite her tough exterior, Lonnie has a softer side in that she sincerely cares about her friends, even if she doesn't show it all that much, which is why she resented Adora for leaving and grew to hold Catra in contempt for the way she treated Lonnie and the others to the point that they defected from The Horde entirely.

In many ways, Lonnie is meant to be the face of the average Horde soldier. She is loud, aggressive, commanding, but fair. In her first true appearance, she straight up threatens Catra, says that Adora isn't there to protect her anymore. When she says this, two other unnamed recruits step up to her side. As Catra starts showing her skill and competence as a commander, while she never quite befriends her, she shows less issue with her in command and assist's her with her operations. However, she begins to show irritation with Catra's mental breakdown and increasingly aggressive treatment, ultimately prompting her to leave.



Catra and Lonnie have not liked each other as far back as when they were children. She thinks Catra is unmotivated and useless in battle, often coming into the simulations at the last second. She isn't happy when she finds out that Catra is made Force Captain at Adora's defection from the Horde, but listens without argument when in battle. In Season Four, their relationship worsens when Catra continuously sends Lonnie and her team out on the field and refuses to let them rest. Lonnie vents out her frustrations about Catra during the spore storm, and appeared to consider leaving the Horde due to Catra’s attitude, but decided against it. Ultimately, Catra’s obsession with winning finally drove Lonnie to the point where she decided to defect from the Horde with Kyle and Rogelio.


Lonnie often blames Kyle when he gets taken down by the enemy. She can be seen alongside him in battle many times, getting taken down at nearly the same time as him. During a spore storm, Lonnie, Kyle, and Rogelio began arguing over who to go out and fix their ship. She constantly berated Kyle, however, she still did care about him. When Kyle goes out and gets hurt, Lonnie and Rogelio step up and save him, strengthening their relationship. In later episodes, she was continuously sent out on missions by Catra and constantly asked Catra to let her and the team rest. She ultimately leaves the Horde with Kyle and Rogelio after Catra drives them to the edge. Noelle Stevenson confirmed that Kyle, Rogelio, and Lonnie are in a romantic relationship.


They can be seen together, but typically not unless Kyle is around as well. Rogelio doesn't have any speaking lines in the show as of season 1, but they work well together and don't get in one another's way. During a spore storm, she fights with Rogelio and Kyle about who would be the leader. After Kyle gets injured from the spores, Lonnie and Rogelio work together to save him and fix their transport, strengthening their relationship. Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle were constantly sent out on missions by Catra without any sleep, so Lonnie often pleaded with Catra to let them rest. She ultimately leaves the Horde with Rogelio and Kyle after she becomes fed up with Catra and the Horde. Noelle Stevenson confirmed that Kyle, Rogelio, and Lonnie are in a romantic relationship.


Scorpia hugs fellow Horde deserters

Lonnie may have a crush on Scorpia. In "Roll With It", she blushes after Scorpia thanks her. While at the same time Lonnie was frustrated that Catra put Scorpia in charge of the defense of the stronghold rather than having someone more competent take charge. When she defected from the Horde she let Scorpia pass saying that she was "one of them." This causes Scorpia to give them all a big hug and she then asks Glimmer to look after her.


Lonnie is furious with Adora and attacked her on sight after Adora's defection. At one point during a battle, Lonnie yelled, "We used to be your friends. You left us!"

Powers and abilities

She appears to be strong and well trained in hand to hand combat. Also, she has some tech expertise as she deploys the spy-bot in "Roll with it". She does not display any magical abilities or sorcery skills.



Nothing is known about her past, nor where she comes from nor how she joined The Horde.

Season One

We saw Lonnie training in The Fright Zone with Adora and the other recruits. She joined the attack on Salineas along with Scorpia and Catra. Later she helped kidnap Glimmer and Bow from Princess Prom and later defended The Fright Zone from the hero's attack and rescue. And she participated in the attack on Bright Moon.

Season Two

Lonnie and several other Horde Soldiers rescued Catra from Glimmer and Bow's custody after they accidentally captured Catra while trying to rescue Entrapta from The Fright Zone.

In a Horde controlled tower, while Catra was away on a mission, with Scorpia in charge, general confusion and chaos were abundant. Lonnie and Rogelio were in utter disbelief that Catra put Scorpia in charge when Lonnie was the obvious best choice for leadership. Scorpia then spent valuable preparation time opining about her friendship with Catra while failing to prepare for the Rebel attack.

Lonnie activated a Spy-bot, who became a fan favorite, to go collect info on The Princesses. The Spy Bot collected visual and audio from the Princess camp that distressed Scorpia but confirmed to Lonnie that the Princesses were struggling just as much as they were. Lonnie and Rogelio aptly prepared the tower and reassured Scorpia that things were under control. However, the Horde could not have prepared for an actual plant golem, the Sea-Ra, Frost-bight: Winter's Bane, and the rest of the Rebellion which decisively overtook the tower.

Season Three

When the hero's invaded the Fright Zone to free Adora they had a brief altercation with Lonnie and Rogelio.

In an alternate reality when Adora is freaking out and going through time-shifts  Lonnie and Rogelio arrive, saying they have big news, and again Adora ends up at her destination (next to them) without remembering actually traveling the distance to get there. They say they are being deployed to Salineas, saying it has already been a week when Adora does not remember the time passing. 

Season Four

Kyle, Lonnie, and Rogelio are en route back to the Fright Zone in a Horde transport, bringing a special armor plating for Catra. As they pass through the Whispering Woods an Acid rain eats through the metal of their transport and damages the wiring, bringing it to a halt.  Lonnie and company fail to decide who to send into the spore storm to fix the transport, and tensions rise to a boiling point until Lonnie yells at Kyle that Catra doesn't care about them, that it's everyone for themselves. Despondent about not having the friendships he thought he had, Kyle goes out into the storm alone and soon succumbs to the corrosive spores. Lonnie and Rogelio use the armor plating as an umbrella to rescue Kyle, Lonnie carrying him to safety while Rogelio sees that Kyle has already fixed the transport. They then flee the forest, in friendship.

After Catra tasks Scorpia with finding them Entrapta's recordings for Hordak, Scorpia sets out to find the recordings, encountering Lonnie on the way, who tells her to wake up and realize that Catra doesn't care about any of them.

While in the Fright Zone, Catra scours the Horde's surveillance systems for any trace of Scorpia, coming up with nothing. Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle return after working multiple double shifts, Kyle badly injured, but Catra sends them back out on yet another mission despite their protestations. Catra continues searching in vain until she hears laughter. She initially mistakes it for Scorpia, but it was actually just some Horde soldiers, so she pulls Lonnie in to question why they're laughing. When Lonnie explains that they just need sleep to be "ok", Catra breaks down over Scorpia's absence. She dismisses Lonnie angrily.

Later, as Glimmer and Scorpia arrive in the Fright Zone to balance the planet. They are quickly found by Lonnie, Rogelio, and Kyle, but they are fed up with Catra's irrational orders, and let them in without challenge, as they are themselves leaving the Horde.

Season Five

The trio is shown in "Heart Part 2", the series finale, residing in the Crimson Waste, and taking care of Imp.


"Seriously, Kyle?"
—Lonnie to Kyle in a training The Sword: Part 1, minute 2:40
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